ANAHEIM (CBS) — Anaheim police are searching for a 14-year-old girl who went missing after agreeing to meet a boy she communicated with on Facebook.

Jacqueline Martinez has been missing for nearly two weeks. She was last known to be walking toward a Jack in the Box near Dale Street and Ball Road in Anaheim.

According to police, the boy 15-year-old boy Martinez had spoken to on Facebook says the pair never met up.

Investigators have some leads Martinez may now be with another boy.

Martinez’ family believes she left voluntarily for a few hours without telling anyone, but police are concerned that she has not been heard from for 12 days.

“If a person runs away, typically we’ll get some indications after a few days they may return home,” says Sergeant Rick Martinez of the Anaheim Police Department.

“However, this is an extremely lengthy amount of time that this girl has not been accounted for,” says Martinez. “And that’s what causes us concern.”

Martinez’ sister Cristal believes Jackie is being held against her will.

“This is not Jackie’s behavior,” said Cristal. “So I think whoever has her is brainwashing her. Or they don’t want to let her go because now they’re scared.”

A community vigil will be held Friday night at 6 p.m. at Twila Reid Park on Orange Avenue.

Comments (4)
  1. joe says:

    IMPORTANT RULE TO ALL CHILDREN: Stay away from strangers–this includes strangers in the facebook. Even if the stranger looks “harmless, friendly, has a nice smile and has a halo above his head”. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

  2. N2X says:

    it’s a shame ppl can’t include a picture in BOLO articles

  3. Consuelo Martinez says:

    Photos can be found on Find Jackie Martinez (Facebook page). Here’s the link. Thank you for your support and prayers to find Jackie.

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