LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  Approximately 50 protesters from the group ReFund California occupied the lobby of a Bank of America building in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday, refusing to leave until staffers faxed a demand letter to a B of A board member.

Around 2,000 protesters swarmed the downtown LA area to make a statement about major banks and their impact on the economic climate.

“Big banks crashed the economy,” said rally participant Amy Schur. “It’s time to make them pay up.”

The smaller group of demonstrators who entered the Bank of America plaza building set up tents and hoisted signs with sayings such as “make banks pay.” The group occupied the lobby for around one and a half hours.

Schur said after some back and forth with staff members, the ReFund America demand letter was faxed to B of A board member Monica Lozano.

The protest group, supported by dozens of labor unions held two major rallies in Los Angeles Wednesday as part of a statewide effort. Other protests were held across California to demand banks give back to communities in order to assist with layoffs, government program cuts, and tuition increases.

An earlier demonstration held near the campus of UCLA resulted in a dozen arrests after protesters chained themselves together and blocked traffic at a major intersection at Wilshire and Westwood Boulevards.

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  1. JOHN says:

    NO, the economy crashed the banks. What they are not saying is capitalism is a pyramid system and everyone that knows the pyramid system knows the problem is keeping the bottom filled. When the bottom falls, it works its way up the pyramid to the top. Although the top is not the banks that we see, balling them out is a way to Band-Aid on the system.

  2. Scott says:

    They were trespassing!!!! Arrest them.
    If they resist, tasers will help them move.

    1. JOHN says:

      Yes, you can arrest them, but what you do not get is you are creating a terrorist situation by not addressing their concerns. Remember “WE THE PEOPLE” rule, not “WE THE RICH.” The one thing about 9/11 was they knew who was raping the world and it was the world bankers and their trade. The fact is we the people kill more every year because of the Zionist religion that we have to believe in or we are just not an American. Freedom does not mean we have to be a capitalist.

  3. TJ says:

    I do wish that all of the protesters would take a day to educate themselves on all of the events that led us to this point in time. Their anger is misguided, but trying to reason with them is impossible. Start with the Community Reinvestment Act, throw in a little Graham-Leach-Bliley, and ultimately, you have to conclude that the fault lies on our failed legislation and goverment. As far as giving back to communities, well, clearly they have not done their homework here either. Banks are very philanthropic. Bank of America for example: http://www.bankofamerica.com/foundation/ I spent a day on a Habitat for Humanity build with about 50 Bank of America employees recently…where were all the protesters? Certainly not there trying to better the lives of someone else….

    1. John McMahan says:

      I agree, education is what is holding them back. but there is one more thing that is not helping. that is the cops will bring the homeless, the drunks and i would not be surprised if they drooped off prisoners when they get out of jailed to this camp.

  4. Crooked Banks says:

    As much as I think the occupy movemnt is aimless, these people do have a point. Remember, it was the banks that made $400,000.00 home loans to people who wouldn’t even qualify for 25% of that…They knew they could never afford to pay back the loans but felt they could fall back on mortgage insurance.

    The number one thing that destroyed our economy was the housing market and the banks played a major role.

    The second thing was the 200% increase in the price of gas…but thats another story.

  5. MIKE says:


  6. jim says:

    i’m for the occupy movement, but targeting banks lobby’s is only attacking the symptom. the movement needs to start occupying voting booths.

    bankers are like dogs, they’ll do whatever unless given boundaries. And they are super aggressive unless they’re neutered. It’s time for bankers to be neutered.

  7. ILLEGALS says:

    LoL @ people demanding their refunds from Banks..


    They’ve better chances applying for welfare & foodstamps from the Government than getting $$$ back from the banks.

    Here’s a better idea, they’ve better chances breaking down the vault & stealing cash from the banks vault than getting $$ back from banks.




    1. Roger Thornhill says:

      No riots will occur, because a small amount of people are involved in this, and other than the media, interest in their cause has diminished. Many are sympathetic, but that’s the extent of it. You may want a riot, but none will occur.

  10. TT says:

    I watched a nightly news program after the occupy groups said to take your money out of the big banks…. The bank reaction was “we dont care” they said it effected some where in the range of 1% of their business…. It was pretty dissapointing to know that our banks, and the people that work there, that smile at you and TAKE your money dont give a darn about the people that put their hard earned money into them – gave me a realistic idea of how they operate….

    1. John McMahan says:

      Is communist China taking us over or what? I thought we were fighting for democracy but the truth is we have been going around the world pushing capitalism. What a lying government we have. Al-Qaeda may have had good reason to attack the world trade center. For if the USA does not knows what the capitalist will do for wealth no one does. We will all be enslaved if we do not fight for our rights. Remember “WE THE PEOPLE RULE” not “We the RICH.”

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