LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Conrad Murray’s defense attorney, Ed Chernoff, is speaking exclusively to CBS2 after losing the Michael Jackson death case.

“I can’t say I was surprised. I mean, look, it was a tough case,” the Houston-based attorney says.

Chernoff says his client held out hope that he would be exonerated until the very end.

“Dr. Murray turned to me and said, ‘I have faith.’ I said, ‘Faith in God is one thing, Dr. Murray, faith in human beings is a whole different ball game.’”

Chernoff, who calls the trial “disgraceful,” had a number of complaints about dealing with the California legal system. He was also upset Murray was handcuffed as Judge Michael Pastor was still giving post-trial instructions.

“I thought it was bad taste. I told him it was going to happen. The whole thing’s a show.”

He also dismisses rumors that Murray is currently on suicide watch in jail.

“Oh, I think that’s overblown. He’s a man of faith. He’s not going to commit suicide.”

Chernoff also took a shot at Jackson’s family and the celebrity-feel of the trial, which had so-called red carpet arrivals.

“The celebrity – if you want to call them celebrities, I suppose you could – it had a reality show atmosphere,” he says.

From the pandemonium outside the courthouse, the people taunting him, he says he felt like he lost a football game.

“Yeah, it was quite an experience. It’s nice to be back in Texas,” he says.

Chernoff will have to return to Southern California for Murray’s sentencing. He says he has no idea what to expect; it could be just probation or the maximum sentence of four years in prison.

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  1. Big H says:

    He hit the nail on the head with the word disgrace and LA courts, anyone who has been through any court here especially family law knows all about it. Ex attorneys who are now judges who decide cases based upon who they like and hate not based upon evidence and on and on. Thank God there is a God and those will pay in that court that is fo sho

  2. Cheri says:

    Wow, so unless he was misquoted, he neither offered or expressed condolences to the family. The later is usually offered by defense attorneys regardless of their trial strategy. And it’s because doing so honors the process and exemplifies equality and justice by first acknowledging humanity. Also Interesting is that this attorney chose to compare the trial to a circus and the public’s reaction to a sporting event. Perhaps he should attend both for lessons on goodwill and good sportsmanship.

    Hopefully, it was not poor legal advice that led Murray to do a “tell- all” tabloid interview. NOW he’s offering up “alleged” personal details on the life & death of a P-A-T-I-E-N-T! Guess as testimony revealed, being overpaid for his services ($150,000 monthly) still wasn’t enough. Again Wow, yet another display of a lack of personal judgment and professional ethics.

  3. gmoney says:

    I wasnt spuprised either he was a horrible attorney and same with the other attorney.. I think atleast twice i watched and they told a witness you never said someting in your deposition calling the person a liar basically then the prosecutor pulled their deposition and read it…. I dont think they even read the depositions… not to mention they were horrible at cross examination

    1. Astonished says:

      I was watching as the verdict was read. None, absolutely NONE of his lawyers reacted to the verdict or the judge’s order to remand Murray to custody immediately. They never looked, spoke to, or consoled Murray. They just sat there, That especially goes for Ed Chernoff. So NOW he’s outraged about how the trial was conducted. Yeah, right. I guess he still hasn’t gotten his fill of his 15-minutes of fame.

      Maybe Chernoff should look in the mirror and be upset at what he sees there.

  4. Karen Krimmer says:

    Chernoff is just a sore loser. His little ego is bruised so he blames it on the publicity. Well duh, he lost because his client is guilty, end of story

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