Motorcyclist Ejected Over Median On 101 Freeway

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — A motorcyclist was ejected over the median of the 101 freeway west of Laurel Canyon shortly before 4 p.m. Thursday.

Traffic on the 101 was backed up for miles in the eastbound and westbound directions as the California Highway patrol conducted an investigation.

CHP could not confirm whether the accident was a hit-and-run.

The condition of the victim was unclear.

  • joe donald

    maybe if motorcyclists would stop driving between cars while traffic is going full speed, there wouldn’t be numerous motorcycle accidents every day!

    • TheWindrunner

      I think Cali is the only state where that insanity exists. Been in 46 states, and never saw it anywhere else. It’s sooooo nuts, that I, as a cyclist cringe when I see it, and do so just when I think about it.

    • Astonished

      Aw, come on! What would be the thrill in that!!

  • Samuel

    … there is something mighty peculiar, always stuff flying, back and forth, in that particular place of the 101. I’d just had a new windshield installed, in my vintage Supercharged MR2. Driving by that exact spot, someone threw a pipe from the other side of the freeway. BANG, right into my windshield. I count myself lucky to be alive — QED, asj.

  • Michael J. McDermott

    Well, ya know, blah blah blah, and, blah blah blah, and blih blih blih, then, blah blah blah, and, ya know, ya better get over in the right lane, and, blih blih blih, and, blah blah blah, and this things wrong, then blah blah blah, then, this things that thing, and blah blah blah, but, the guy was wearin’ a helmet, and blah blah blah, and you don’t know you’re supposed to get over in the left lane, and blah blah blah, and this things that thing and. . . well, you know what the law is. . .

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