Hiker Sexually Assaulted In Elysian Park

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a sexual predator who sexually assaulted a female hiker in Elysian Park.

The woman was hiking by herself on Oct. 31 near Academy Drive and Stadium Way when she was assaulted around 1 p.m., Los Angeles police said.

The victim was nearing the end of the trail, about 25 feet from her vehicle, when the suspect came out of the bushes and grabbed her from behind, officials said. The suspect put one hand over her mouth and sexually assaulted her with his other hand.

The woman was able to break free from her attacker before he fled on foot into the park.

The suspect is described as a male, Hispanic with black hair and brown eyes. He is about 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing approximately 210 pounds and is in his early to mid 30s. The suspect was wearing a white T-shirt and light blue basketball shorts, with white tennis shoes.

Anyone with information should call LAPD detectives at (213) 847-5454.


    Are Bryan Stow’s beating suspects still in custody? They should check on their status & make sure it’s not the same guys.. I mean this is Elysian Park correct? Home of the Dodgers..

  • surfbum

    What the heck was he doing away from the grill? Go back and make my tacos!!

  • Protect & Serve

    How can that happen just down the street from the Police Academy? That pervert has huevos!!!

  • JOe Dutra

    Did he look exactly like Herman Cain?

    • Sharah Jane

      Hey JERK, Cain was proven INNOCENT. And the perv was HISPANIC. SO take your lies and shove it up your LYING BUTT!

      • Justin Nguyen

        LOOKS LIKE HERMAN CAIN………….On top of that, he was never proven INNOCENT….They settled out of court so he wouldn’t be incriminated!…………..4 different women all claiming the same thing is NOT A COINCIDENCE stupid!

  • ditchdigger2

    Why are most of these guyes hispanic, the Mexican Gov dumping their crimminals, like Cuba, 50+ yrs. ago?

  • jovinated

    I’m surprised they didn’t blame the attack on an Occupy protester.

    • Sharah Jane

      No need the Occupy Protestors are doing enough CRIME on their own with destroying single owner vending (SOCAL) carts and all.

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