Rodney King Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Charges

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Rodney King has pleaded not guilty to DUI charges stemming from his arrest in July.

King pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor charges in a Riverside courtroom Monday afternoon.

King, whose police beating triggered the 1992 Los Angeles riots, is due back in court later this month.

He gained unwelcome fame back in 1991 when he was beaten by four white LAPD officers. A year later, the officers’ acquittals triggered days of rioting that killed 55 people.

  • Rankin1

    Does he have a job? any kind of skills , education etc?

  • FFL

    Shocking, just shocking (LOL) Why are we NOT surprised by this? What goes around comes around.. fate has a way for those who wait.

  • Aron N

    GD! Did the popo do this to you or are you just stupid? Probably stupid, despite 5 0 being lame. Man, you deserve another beating.

  • Christina39

    I am so glad that I don’t live in California any longer. Now I realize why I left when I read your posts. Don’t respond because I won’t be reading posts any longer or subscribing. I hope you have the same fate in Fullerton only worse.

    • wgaf

      Don’t go. I will miss you.

    • Frank

      Good riddance!

  • charlie

    Rodney is doing his regular job, just driving around DUI, hoping for another HUGE PAYDAY.

  • r. kotzen

    it’s time for another beating

  • Fred

    Yo Honor, I wuzzn’t drunk, High maybe, but I waz goin to get my drink when I waz stopped bye the popo, they just picken on a poor black man iz all yohonor.

  • Ray

    Some people never learn time for round two

  • Ray

    I hope my family is not one of his victims if this guy ever kills someone in a auto accident the only ones to blame is the JUSTICE SYSTEM and then it will cost the taxpayers again put this clown in jail this has to be his 5th or 6th offense time to lock him up no room send him to Arizona they can house theses people cheaper in fact instead of releasing these clowns that the state is thinking of releasing make a deal with other states Nevada, Arizona would be happy to keep these guys and it would save the taxpayers more they house them cheaper than we can any way.

  • Jon

    Is the Rodney King special still in use today. Rodney King special is the flashlights the cops used to beat him up.

  • yes massa

    yes massa fred you so right suh are you gone eat yo con bread lol you racist mutha lol

  • Carlys


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