Kim Kardashian Warned Her Family Before Filing For Divorce

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Kim Kardashian reportedly warned her family before she filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage.

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The 31-year-old reality TV star sent an e-mail to her extended family Monday morning hours before she filed court documents here in Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

kim kardashian Kim Kardashian Warned Her Family Before Filing For Divorce

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“I know this seems crazy … I’ve spent the last few months struggling with my marriage,” she explains in the letter, which was obtained by TMZ.

“Kris is a great guy but we come from such different worlds and he isn’t what I thought when we 1st met.”

“I’m embarrassed that I took everyone on this journey with me and had this huge wedding. But I have to be happy, so I have to let this relationship go.”

Kardashian canceled her appearances in Australia Thursday and is reportedly flying home to the U.S.

  • valley Girl Dosent buy her act

    I am so sick of seeing her in the headlines!
    I hope they cancel her show.
    She is a nothing and has no character.
    She is laughing to herself all the way to the bank on all these suckers that believe in her BS!

    • Surprise lady

      join me at my ignorekimKardashian at

      • Joe Jones

        Block the E! channel on your cable box. Eventually they will get the message.

  • Ed

    “I know this seems crazy … I’ve spent the last few months struggling with my marriage,” she explains in the letter, which was obtained by TMZ.

    Ummmmm….you weren’t even married for a TOTAL of “a few” months Kim.

  • Whattaload

    Wait, she spent the last FEW months struggling with her marriage that didn’t last a few months? I’m confused.

    • JAP

      she was confused because his account was not fat enough. No she is just all about her.

      • jap

        Kim, if you truly did love Kris, you would have least tried and work on the issues. Instead you took the easy way out. Money is not eveything…. your actions will make any other guy think twice about having a relationship with you and your family. WORK ON YOUR MARRIAGE, GIVE HIM A CHANCE; it not all about you. It takes two to tango.

  • shawnnie

    If you knew he wasn’t what you thought why in the hell did you marry him? Do you know how long it takes a PERSON to know another person? It takes time, effort and patience. Never should you rush into marriage. Sometime in life when you want something so bad in your life because you see others around you have it you do not rush and make it happen for you. Its not your time.. You are in the public eye 24hrs a day you have made yourself look foolish, stupid and greedy.. Your already known in the public eyes as being easy.. Now what do you think people think of you.. So sad girl you need to pull yourself together.. Your Khole.. She has true love…

  • KeithS

    Anyone remember an episode of “Twilight Zone” where a guy is an actor in a TV show and forgets it is just make-believe because his real life is so miserable? So he decides to make his TV world his real one. Rod Serling predicted this whole Kardashian thing 50 years ago.

    The ladies have gotten caught up in living a make-believe life in an effort to get ratings. So they embarked on this calculated, but miscalculated, move to create the dream wedding and life for Kim so ratings would skyrocket. Then Kim woke up to re-discover the fact she is the one and only Kim Kardashian who is way above anyone else and knows that getting married would result in her losing the image that made her so famous. So now all you fans can sleep well knowing Kim has accepted that her real world, which is fantasy to most people, wasn’t so bad after all. Rod got it right, didn’t he? .

  • Johnny

    Thank your blessing Kris Humpries that you were able to get out of that family , mostly unscathed

  • LM

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we go one day without these worthless Kartrashians being shoved down our throats everyday????

  • Frankie

    Who in their right mind gives a rats a__ about Kim Kardashian and her money grubbin g, fame seeking, will do anything for 15 minutes of fame, facelifting family!!!!!! That whole family is pathetic and it’s about time the American Public complain about these British tabloid exploiting production companies who produce these shows. I pray that the whole family disappears, the show is canceled and that they lose their jobs (being on tv and nothing esle) and get real jobs like most of real America. Who gets botox in their thirties- idiots!!!! They deserve all the ridicule they get because Americans don’t live like them, nor want to and we aren’t obsessed with facelifts the way Bruce Jenner and his wife are- sad pathetic people

  • AJ Morgan

    Was anyone really stupid enough to tghink this was anything other than a publicity stunt by an attention wh*re?

  • Burt

    A scam is a scam is a scam no matter what she says

  • Cinna

    I have watched a couple of episodes of their reality show and I know that Kim is getting most of the heat right now but Humphries is to blame also. This is a guy who is very immature and who is loving the camera too. Things to learn: NEVER come in bet. the person you “love” and her family. You have to blend in, NOT take her away from them. Things like “I’m supposed to be your best friend” ain’t going to cut it. Always remember that BLOOD is thicker than water. Your way is not going to be her way esp. with this very strong family. Next time, do not rush into marriage. Love has its stages.

  • Moosey

    What a stupid girl. She rushed into this marriage. No wonder it failed.

  • Mark

    Go home and stay home and crawl into a hole and I hope we don’t see you for the next 5 years.

  • shelly

    If she had put half the amount of time, effort, and energy into her relationship as she did the wedding she would not be such a quitter. I think Kris H. should run like hell!

  • debs

    I think Khloe also had something to do with this breakup. Khloe said she hated Kris, even hated his voice and made fun of Kim for being in love with love.. Yet she married her husband in a shorter period of time…What a hypocrite Khole turned out to be!!! Now they all make me sick….. What kind of person does what Kim is doing? She hasn’t tried to work on her marriage to Kris at all. She’s materialistic and he wasn’t and thats the problem.. So she kicked him to the curb like a dog… If you don’t play that families way, then you are out… but I know Khloe was behind much of this breakup..Kim is weak and money hungry.

  • Roger

    Cinna, you must be a relative to the K’s…get real, the K”s are nothing but money grubbing people. They have no morals, the mother is tryiing to turn back the hands of time to look like her 14 year old daughter. The best thing “E’ can do is drop the show..What a joke..

  • Roger

    Few months? are you kidding me?..did she ever graduate from high school?..she got married for ratings, for money and for more face time. I know trailer trash when i see it…

  • Roger

    Khloe married the first guy she could get her fat hooks in…at least her fat a## will probably stay married because no one wants a fat A##

  • Joe Jones

    Are you sick of them too? Here’s a suggestion. Block the E! channel on your cable box. You can do it under the “Parental Controls” menu on your box. Don’t just block their show, block the channel. If enough of us do it, they will take notice. You can also go to the E! website and send them an email telling them why you are blocking them.

  • shalt

    For what I’ve readied, Kim H did not inform her then husband Kris H impending divorce, but she inform her family. It seems to me Kim K may not be the women Kim H thought he married.

  • Sandie

    This was a setup for Kim’s tarnished image. She had slept with so many men and tried to woo the football guy Reggie into marriage and couldn’t. I mean she went through the Jacksons, Ray J, NBA and NFL and any other Black guy with money. She has no morals and her handlers wanted to make her untarnished. Hey, she is spoiled goods and Black men and all men need to wake up.

  • rankin1

    Daddy loved oj, big sister who looks like Janet Reno marries a black BB player, Kim does Black pornos, how can that white boy be so stupid?


    struggling a few months, I have struggle for the past 11 years, even knowing that my wife comes from a different culture and I am from a different culture, we have always work things out, it hasn’t been easy, its been really heard from day one, but when you are ready to take that commitment, your are. but this goes for every one outer, how cares about her personal life or anyones personal life, at the end the only 2 people who deal with it to the end is you and her/he. everyone worry about your own life.

  • Kardashian = clown

    Boycott the Kardashians and they WILL go away!!
    Sorry Kim K., your 15 mins is about to be up… I bet you weren’t expecting this much bad publicity, were you??
    Has anyone seen recent pics of her “trying” to look sad, trying to get people to feel sorry for her? No one is buying it and you’re not a very good actress, just a scam artist, now go away! Time to throw the trash out already!

  • John Estrada

    Why the heck does CBS file her stories under “Entertainment” when there’s nothing entertaining about her? Perhaps CBS should begin an “Annoyance” section? Turn the page people, turn the page.

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