LOS ANGELES (CBS) — State budget cuts may wipe out a 200-member elite security detail that has been keeping a close eye on Gov. Jerry Brown since he became attorney general.

The unit was formed due to credible death threats from Mexican drug cartels.

A special agent says the unit is too important to eliminate, but pink slips could go out as early as next month.

Brown recently unveiled a controversial new pension plan that would affect state workers.

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  1. We Are Doomed says:

    This would be so wrong. Look at all the killing of politicians in Mexico by the drug cartels. Drug cartels have already killed three politicians in Mexico this week. There is a credible threat and his security detail is going to be removed!@#$%^&*() What are people thinking? Obviously someone is on drugs.

    1. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

      Typical liberal hypocrite, Gov Brown works tirelessly to take away everyone right to own a gun, he releases thousands on convicted criminals onto the streets, he turns California into a sanctuary State for millions of illegal immigrants and he has the comfort of around the clock security.

  2. DAVE says:

    The budget cut I’d like to see is “discretionary spending”. That would help our budget greatly, 1 cut that no citizen would feel the effects of. Our legislator’s won’t cut their own, they want us to pay. Make the cut …keep your security detail, but, for gods sake make our lives better, that’s why we elected you..

  3. pepe le pew says:

    maybe el mayorosso villa rat go so will lose his too?

  4. Rudy says:

    So many grammar and spelling errors

    1. Rudy says:

      i guess someone did their job and reviewed it again.

  5. Reality check says:

    The Mexican Cartels arent going take out Jerry Brown! He does to much for them.

  6. FFL says:

    This may be the only way we can get this 1960s Frankenstein monster removed!

  7. Al says:

    Unfortunately, this game of budget cuts at all costs has become like trying to get a traffic light at an intersection – – someone is going to have to either get seriously injured or killed before something is actually done to fix the problem correctly. I just hope Sutter doesn’t get hurt in the process, as he seems to be the only truly innocent one in the Brown family . . .

  8. JP says:

    Hey, we need to fund the college education of Illegals.

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