SANTA ANA (CBS) — The Crystal Cathedral is under fire again after Pastor Jim Kok sent an e-mail to congregants asking for meals for Rev. Robert Schuller and his wife, who is recovering from a bout with pneumonia.

The e-mail says Arvella Schuller has been “very weak” and that the couple “would appreciate meals over the next 3-4 weeks.”

In the note, Kok asks for food to be taken to the Tower Lobby of the church, where it will be picked up and delivered to the couple in a limo.

Some parishioners are upset the couple is using a limousine service when the debt-saddled mega-church owes creditors $50 million.

On Nov. 14, U.S. District Judge Robert Kwan will determine whether Chapman University, board members’ preferred buyer, will be able to buy the church and pay off its debts.

Schuller founded the Crystal Cathedral in 1955, but it fell on hard times in 2008 when the economy collapsed.

Bob Canfield, a member of the church, said at a court hearing two months ago that in-fighting among Schuller’s daughters, who have taken over the church since their father retired, is to blame for the congregation’s misfortunes.

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  1. Red meador says:

    So what the heck cant the wonderful daughter cook? My next door neighbor has the flu and i dont see any limo pulling up over there. This is just more waste associated with big time churches.

    1. Pamela Tomashek says:

      I think I will pray for God to give you a heart.

      1. Tested says:

        What’s heartless is using a limo to deliver a meal. Sell the limo, cook up some top ramen and pay your creditors. Remember: pride/gluttony/sloth are all deadly sins.

  2. Korky says:

    Oh give me a break. I worked at the cemetery at the CC. Schuller doesn’t use a limo service, he has his own car and a gentleman on the payroll. I know cause he sat at a desk in front of me, waiting for Dr. Schuller to call him. I was told Orange Police Dept. didn’t want him on the road. Also I was told not to approach him unless he spoke to me. What a crock. People in glass houses shouldn’t lie to the little people.

  3. Robert says:

    Back a few years ago, I took a tour of the CC, and was very impressed. I did not get a chance to meet with Reverend Schueller, as he was not at the church at the time. We watched him on tv in Dallas all the time, and he had a lot of good messages, and always seemed to cheer my mother, as they were always positive. Glad I got to see the church, as it was a marvel to look at, with all that glass and steel. Say what you will, but the Reverend gave many hope of a great salvation, as their lives were comeing to an end. I miss the good ole days when our country was a more positive place to be. God bless the house of God, and all that reside within.

    1. Pamela Tomashek says:

      Dr. Schuller has helped millions of souls into the kingdom of God. He also gave 100% of his book proceeds to the church .He is my pastor, and I thank you for this positive comment. He has ministered to me for 22 years.

  4. larrylove1948 says:

    The Governator’s marriage collapses and so does his church how come neither can be saved. Oh ye of little faith. Send the limos, send the collection plates, but without a new movie up your sleeve or your term expiring or a Govt. bail out not much left but the truth crystal clear now.

  5. Pamela Tomashek says:

    This request is not about food or money. Arvella is too sick and elderly to cook for herself right now. As a pastor’s wife, she has personally cooked and delivered 100’s of meals to people in need. Those limos were a gift given to them 15 years ago. They need a driver now, because they are in their 80’s and too old to drive. To all the critics out there: Where is your heart?

    1. Red Meador says:

      As I saidbefore let the wonderful daughter get her butt over there and cook and clean just like the rest of us do, whadda ya think?

    2. Red Meador says:

      As I said before let the wonderful daughter get her butt over there and cook and clean just like the rest of us do, whadda ya think?

      1. Korky says:

        LMAO, that’s what I did until the day my dad died.

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