SANTA ANA (CBS) — A mother, her niece, and two children were struck by a white Volvo sedan just before 5 p.m. Thursday near the intersection of East Civic Center Drive and North Bush Street in Santa Ana.

Initial reports indicated the vehicle had struck two adults and three children, ranging in age from 1 to 5-years-old. Police now say the eldest child escaped being hit.

The driver struck the victims as the two women pushed the two younger children in strollers.

“I don’t think I’m ever gonna forget what I saw,” said Atzenet Moguel, a witness at the scene. “The babies were crying, and the girl under the car. One of the ladies was twitching and the other one was in shock.”

Investigators are trying to determine why the driver traveling around 40 mph through a residential neighborhood did not appear to have stopped.

A 3-year-old girl suffered severe trauma after being pinned under the vehicle. A 1-year-old boy suffered only minor injuries, and a 5-year-old boy was unhurt.

All victims were transported to local hospitals. The driver was treated at the scene and released.

The adult females and 3-year-old girl are in serious condition, but are expected to survive.

Comments (18)
  1. Alf says:

    Were the victims crossing the pedestrian lane? This accident is unfortunate but I have seen mothers endangering their children by crossing the streets while the red light is on for pedestrian crossing. Others did not even use the pedestrian lane.

    1. jacob sanders says:

      you are so right I hate when ppl cross the street where is not marked and what makes it worst its that the cross walk is like 10 feet away

      1. Tom says:

        I’d hate to be a pedestrian walking in front of you. Not all crosswalks are marked. Do everyone a favor and look up “California Unmarked Crosswalks” on google.

  2. Rick says:

    When there is no respect crossing our borders you cannot expect safety measures being utilized while crossing our streets.
    Simple math.

    1. Simple_Math says:

      the law is the law. Pedestrians always have the right of way!!! Sounds like Rick is trying to hit Mexicans. Sad. We could use someone like Rick in the service on the front lines as harsh as he is. I think ile hold a grudge on all people named Rick from now on. No safety measures will be utilized for all Ricks. If all Mexican are probably illegal then all ricks must be heartless. Simple math!

      1. 2bad says:

        I’m SO sick of the peasant, baby factory, pedestrian, society, that is Mexitrash, invading and destroying our culture at will. Santa Ana is my home town. It has been denigrated to permanent barrio status, due to the influx of illegal Mexitrash. FACT! They no doubt, weren’t paying ANY attention. It’s all about them, returning from a drive by or Mercado, with their ignorant, offspring, anchor brats. SO SICK OF IT! I have a grudge against Mexicans., for OBVIOUS reasons. They sicken me.

    2. YOUR DAD says:

      Lol. at destroying our culture? What culture? Your culture is child molestations, rapes, incest, serial killings, crystal meth, and McDonalds. Sorry to break it to you, but unless your skin is brown, this isn’t your home town.

      On a side not, how the he!! is this relevant to the story? The driver was obviously white. When have you seen a “Mexican” in a Volvo sedan?

  3. MizDarlene says:

    I know this area very well and people are walking all over the street – even with traffic coming! Mother’s toting children and babies in strollers cross Main St. during between cars during high traffic times. I can hardly get through Spurgeon and Bush Streets because pedestrians never stop. Nobody uses the crosswalks and even walk diagonally across the street. If I drive extra slowly and carefully, everyone takes advantage of my slow speed in cross in front of my van! It’s very scary! It’s terrible that kids got hurt, but I wish their parents would be more careful.

  4. abby says:

    It doesn’t matter where they were crossing! Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right away! And why was this car traveling at 40mph on a residential zone with school’s in the AREA! And why do you assume they have to be hispanic?! That’s just racist, if this would have happened in san clemente or lake forest you people would have been outraged!

    1. 2bad says:

      PLEEEEEZE! Of COURSE they were MEXICAN. IT’S SANTA ANA! They’ve successfully run off every other ethnicity, with their gangs and garbage. save it ABBY!

  5. Mehicangeles says:

    Where they jaywalking in a major street? This isn’t Mexico where you can do those things. People really, really need to think about the dangers and risks associated with taking shortcuts.

    1. Tom says:

      Who told you can do that in Mexico? I’d like to see you jaywalk in front of a cop, in Mexico, to see if it’s OK,

      Also, It’s were they jaywalking, not Where they jaywalking. It’s dumb to come in here criticizing people yet you have the grammar skills of a middle school child.

      1. Mehicangeles says:

        I was tired homie. Let me re-write that for you, that first sentence, as I see nothing wrong with rest of what I said.


        “Were they jaywalking through a major street.”

        There. Its easy to attack someone’s “grammar”. I have very little interest in typing out an essay or a perfect grammatically correct sentence as I’ve already realized how much of a waste of time commenting is in the first place. Im not here to impress you, just quickly get my message out and if it comew outs all meseed up you stilll get the pictures.


      2. Mehicangeles says:


        ““Were they jaywalking through a major street?”

        Forgot the question mark Mr. Grammar.

        And I’ll correct myself again for your highness… “I see nothing wrong with the rest of what I WROTE.”

        Oh please forgive my lack of grammatical perfection and spell check accuracy in meaningless comment boxes that will be forgotten in a day or two or three… oh… please….I beg of you…

  6. Obvious says:

    A car going down a street is a lot easier to see than people stepping out in a random spot.

  7. Hispanic Mommy says:

    Ok racist ignorants, zip it! @ Rick, it’s short for Ricardo! Who are you trying to kidd, walk far down your family line, you’ll find you’re mexican too. Fyi, you need to work on your math. @ Mexitrash, just sp you know whitetrash came along way before your tiny little brain forced itself to figure your ‘unique’ term. @obvious, cars were not made to go over people. Who did I miss? Does anyone else want to say something stupid?

    1. Observer says:

      White trash? Mexitrash? You sound like an ignorant racist yourself. Black kettle.

      1. Hispanic Mommy says:

        Observer, you failed to read thoroughly. Work on it, then comment.

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