— The suspect in a deadly attack on a 74-year-old man at a Lakewood Walmart store was charged with murder Thursday.

Richard Lawrence Kalfin, 46, is accused of beating Dave Oakleaf to death with a baseball bat on Tuesday.

oakleaf david ernest 001 Suspect In Deadly Walmart Beating Charged With Murder

(credit: CA Dept. Of Motor Vehicles)

Police are describing the crime as one of the most brutal killings they’ve ever seen.

Witnesses say Kalfin, a transient, approached Oakleaf in the store’s sporting goods section asked if he could spare some change.

Kalfin allegedly became upset with the way the Oakleaf responded, and attacked him with a baseball bat.

Surveillance cameras captured video of Kalfin leaving the store, and he was later arrested.

Oakleaf’s neighbors gathered in Long Beach Wednesday night to remember the man they say loved his dogs and his motorcycle.

“We express our deepest condolences to the family of this man as they grieve the loss of their loved one. We are working closely with law enforcement to offer what information we have such as surveillance video that might help with the investigation,” Walmart said in a statement released Wednesday.

Kalfin is being held on $1 million bail. He will be arraigned Thursday afternoon.


Elderly Man Beaten To Death At Lakewood Walmart

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  1. rankin1 says:

    wal mart security, old convalascent patients, black women texting driving around in the Securtrias car, twice i broke up fights at wal mart as the security observed did nothing.

    1. Dangers at Walmart! says:

      The information you provided is true,

      I was in the check out line near the garden section and a big mean fool was screaming at the checker that she was a dumb !@#$, and twice said he would knock the @$%^ out of her for giving him to small of a bag. There was an old greater sitting at the door 10 feet away and did not make any attempt to call security. I had had it and stepped in when the knuckle head turned on me. It went from bad to worse real quick! Lucky that two off duty cops finaly stepped up. The guy was crazy, think twice before you get involved with someone that seems off there rocker! You might end up like the poor old man.

      Walmart secutrity is not there for your safety, they simply watch. You are on your own in that place!

    2. Chris says:

      The rule of thumb with Security is, they are only allowed to “Observe and Report” Nothing more…They are not allowed to break up fights The only time they can hand cuff anyone is when the client they are working for request it or they themselves are being physically assaulted. If someone is asking for the assistance of a Security officer, and that person wants another person handcuffed, arrested, it’s called, requesting a citizens arrest. Also understand the Law suits involved with being a Security Officer who makes a mistake are worse than the law suits of being a Police Officer. There is very little physical action a Security Guard can take except to Observe and report…thats it, basically.

  2. Edith ESQUIVEL says:


  3. Larson Whipsnade says:

    Maybe with a CCW permit and a Glock 23 this old guy would be still be around.

    1. Chris says:

      Probably true but then again he would most likely be in jail for the bullet that killed the suspect also killed the innocent kid that was at the end of the aisle. Mace or taser much better. Guns are not the answer……

  4. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula says:


  5. Double Standard says:

    Interesting how the media didn’t even mention a possible hate crime. Could you imagine what the media would have printed if the involved parties races would have been reversed? R.I.P. such a sad way to go.

    1. Dave Schuler says:


  6. John Ashton says:

    Perhaps Mr. Oakleaf family should seek legal action against Walmart; this man was beat to death inside the store, sound like a lawsuit to me. Where were the managers/staff and good citizens of this country.This is not the first time someone has been killed at Walmart; stay away from Walmart every dollars they make, fifty cent goes to China. Don’t lose your life trying to save a dollar buying cheap products from Walmart; They treat their workers unfairly and think even less of your securtiy.

    1. Chris says:

      @John Ashton Your name looks American but I can see you are not by your structure and spelling of your words in your comment. This would be the correct way:

      “Perhaps The Oakleaf Family should seek legal action against Walmart. This Man was beaten to death inside the store. This sounds like a lawsuit to me. Where were the managers, staff and all the good citizens of this country? This is not the first time someone has been killed in Walmart. Stay away from Walmart, with every dollar they make, fifty cents goes to China. Don’t lose your life buying cheap products from Walmart. They treat their workers unfairly and think even less of your security.”

      Geez! well for one thing…Walmart had nothing to do with this guys death, so there is no lawsuit. There was nothing managers or staff could do to prevent this as the situation occurred without notice. What Mr. Oakleaf should have done considering people are going nuts, was to inform the manager that there was a guy panhandling in the store or wherever it was, then it would have been up to the store to deal with this freak than taking it on himself. People are going crazy these days and saying something very minor can set someone off in a mad craze! You all know that already….

  7. Lorraine B says:

    I knew Dave Oakleaf very well and he was a fine man and just a give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I have been vey distraught over this with a knife twisting feeling since I found out. I believe that Bats and other sporting items should be put under lock and key with a store employee having to get the item for you. I feel that if this murderer having to ask for assistance to retrieve the bat It seems that the employee would not have gave it to him if he had witnessed the mans demeanor I have no doubt my wonderful friend would still be with us today.. A new bill needs to be put in to society asap and I think it should be in honor of Dave’s memory be called THE DAVE OAKLEAF LAW FOR BATS TO BE UNDER LOCK AND KEY. I don’t wish my sorrow on anyone else because I know in my heart Dave should not be just another random incident and I could not imagine what Dave replied to this begger to instigate his own demise.. As far as Walmart goes I hope Dave’s family lawyers are looking into something It doesn’t bring Dave back but Some responsibility falls on Walmart for allowing this man in the store and given the opportunity to bother the shoppers by begging for money. We love you Dave always

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