LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police say they have linked six more murders and one attempted murder to Lonnie Franklin Jr.

Franklin, who has been dubbed the Grim Sleeper, is now accused in 18 different killings.

He was arrested last year for the murders of 10 young women, but police have steadily been identifying more victims.

Among them is 24-year-old Ayellah Marshall, who has been missing since 2005. Marshall’s mother says she expected the news, but it was still hard to accept.

Police say Franklin collected photos, ID cards and personal items from each of his alleged victims.

Roughly 180 photos of women were found in his home and 48 of them remain unidentified.

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  1. Burn says:

    Where’s all the slime that comes out and says “only whites do crimes like this”???

  2. Silly Me says:

    Sorry to contradict you Burn….but, I want to read the first post that will say….This is because of all the ilegals in this country…..

    1. Mike smith says:

      silly me, your are an idiot. I think you need some therapy, you racist trailer park white trash. always attacking the illigals. you probably have no real life. you racist trash. “”””Get a life, get to work and stop asking for money at the corners. it irritates me seen white trash like you, in one corner asking for money and in the other corner and hispanic selling fruits, at least he is not just asking for money you trailer park trash.

      1. CB says:

        Hey Mike, chill a little. The way I read the comment made by Silly Me is that it’s just a “poke” at all the racist remarks about “illegals” that we read in comments on other articles.

      2. jose says:

        Hispanic not asking for money because no one giving him any money

    2. SILLY ME = WHITE TRASH says:

      Gotta love trolls who talk tuff sitting behind a keyboard….come back to reality

  3. Silly Me says:

    CB I think you are the only one who understood my comment….the other 2 just went over the hill….Yikes !! I don’t think they took their Prozac this morning !! Thanks for the laugh !!! HAhahahahaahahahaaa!!

    1. jose says:

      irony is no comprehmde to mehicanos

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