LAPD Warns Granada Hills Seniors About Telephone Scam

GRANADA HILLS (CBS) — The Los Angeles Police Department is warning seniors who live in the Granada Hills area about a telephone scam.

They say some residents are being asked to wire money to callers who claim to be their grandchildren.

Callers usually ask for bail money or financial help to return home from a foreign country. They are usually emotional and ask for their parents not to be contacted.

The money is always asked to be sent using Western Union.

Authorities say money should never be wired without first verifying someone’s identity and story with other family members.


  • alex

    Do we really need CBS to tell us not to send money to strangers? No sheet Sherlock.

  • Edwin Flynn

    don’t trust these people! if you smell scam, hang up. sometimes, these crooks have a way of convincing people to buy their story and once you do, you’re in the trap and it’s usually hard to go back.

    • Edwin Flynn

      by the way, when you get calls like that, i strongly recommend you report the phone number to it’ a free consumer protection site that posts your complaints and gets the word out about scams much faster than the daily newspaper. these people deserve to be exposed.

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