Brazen Thief Snatches Gold Necklace From 93-Year-Old Woman Using A Walker

NORWALK (CBS) — Norwalk police confirm to KCAL9 that the latest victim in a rash of snatch-and-run gold chain robberies was a 93-year-old woman.

A 14k gold necklace with a gold pendant —  priceless to the victim because of its sentimental value — was stolen from the elderly woman’s neck as she walked near her home Thursday evening.

The pendant contained a picture of the victim and her late husband Anthony. Her husband of seventy years, who recently died.

Rose Veiga told KCAL9’s Serene Branson that the necklace obviously “meant a lot.”

The theft occurred, around 5 p.m., at the cross streets of Excelsior Drive and Corby Avenue. Veiga was taking a leisurely stroll — using her walker “so I’m slow” — near the house she has called home for sixty years.

She told Branson, “This guy comes so quick he didn’t yank the chain off my neck or he would have hurt me. He took it over [my] head.”

The pendant was given to her by the mortuary who conducted the funeral services for her husband. On one side there was a picture of the couple, on the other the words, “Always in my heart.”

Branson also spoke to a neighbor who was out walking his dog. Said Frankie, “All of a sudden I hear this scream and this guy was taking something from our neighbor.”

The teen says he gave chase but the thief hopped into the passenger side of a black sedan (possibly a Lexus) and sped off.  He walked Veiga home and he said “she seemed scared. It was hard for her to walk back home.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating. They are also trying to establish if this robbery matches a recent pattern with other strong-arm robberies that have targeted the elderly.

The suspects are two men in their twenties.

Veiga told Branson she wants the necklace back, of course. But says the memories in her heart can “never” be stolen.

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  • moe

    i grew up in Norwalk. if i still lived there i’d find the loser, bend him over, and spank the living hell out of him. i guarantee he would never ever do something so f’d up again.

    • Mike Notsaying

      id walk around with gold chains and a legally concieled 357 let em try it with me

      • DividedAmerica


        One free and dedicated to the Rule of Law and the other like North Korea. Lets begin to work to this end. Its going to happen because its must happen. The USSR broke up into over 50 sovereign nations without a fight. Its America’s turn.

        Only TEA can save you now.

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      How about building into that walker a shotgun that can eliminate these degenerates? —

  • FFL

    Again CBS fails to ID any perps- wonder why? What are we looking for? Males females or green aliens from Mars.. More journalism 101 money down the drain again but never the less they are hired by our state run media..

    • Duh

      Now now, they could be Hispanic.

    • aaron

      I am amazed by the # of people who respond to these articles by being critical of the author. You may be right, but it’s a fascinating trend…All of the sudden, we have all become editors in our own right?

      • tv

        yes, we call it critical thinking, holding people to a higher standard, and calling out BS.

        Join Us.

    • JoeG

      Networks hire Valley girls like Serene Branson who think it’s just so bogus to notice race. But only if the suspect is non-white. If the suspect was white, she would have mentioned it several times. I’m sure Serene Branson lives in the whitest neighborhood she can afford. This is why I don’t get my news from the State run media. The same people that own and control the Federal government also own the major media.

    • sharp_pain

      Because there black if you mention that in your story its called profiling.

  • Johnny Popp

    If she has another photo, we can ALL chip in a little and get Her another one made for Her ~ Just like it!
    I’m 63 and on Social Security but I’ll Pitch In the first $100.00!

    • teaisstronger


      $100 so the Taker can take it again. That necklace is as we write being pushed into a vain in some black dude. In a few hours when the dose wears off, he will be looking for some other white women to attack. Remember what Vice President Biden said the GOP stole that women’s Gold necklace.

      Only TEA can save us now.

      • Alice Ramirez

        You are probably right…the poor lady’s neckless got sold so that some junkie with the IQ of a lizard can pump himself full of dope or crack. Even if there WERE a lot of available jobs, losers like this punk wouldn’t be trying to get one of them. So much easier to steal from old ladies. These dirt-bags are completely worthless!

      • davis


      • poorhardworker

        @Miguel: Thanks…your comment gives me heart that there are people who really understand what is going on!

      • Miguel

        As a once-life-long democrat, I say the democrats have run this state for far too long, in that they and they alone have destroyed our economy. When I was young we ALL could get a job w/o walking for even a mile.

        Now the progressive weasels (who’ve infiltrated and co-opted our democrat party) who’ve killed our timber, forestry, trucking, mining, fishing, oil drilling/exploration and retail industries, to name a few, with their elitist environmentalism.

        No one can overstate how much more and more of us hate these monsters, these elitist, monstrous betrayers of The American Workers.

      • Roland

        you’re a idiot… so is Biden

      • mephistofan

        Spanky failed to understand the sarcasm

      • Spanky T Smackme

        You are so full of it your eyes are brown……It is not the Republicans, but the fault of the DemocRATS for not passing a meaningfull jobs bill with true cost restraints on the ever rising budget…

        Remember, ONLY private sector jobs can stimulate the economy to grow, NOT public sector leeches sucking offf our tax dollars.

  • Filomena Macedo

    She would love that, I’m her niece and I know how much this necklace meant to her.

  • matt

    In almost every case when a major news network does not put out a witness profile of the perp it’s because he/she is black or hispanic. If the perp was white they nearly always say ‘white male’.

    • teaisstronger

      Yea, they would claim the taker was an alter boy or a minister’s son.

  • tomas

    Other professional sites reports state black male.

    • JOSE

      shocking just shocking that a black male would do this astounding unbelievable

  • deimos

    so according to the headline (or sloppy editing) the theif useda walker to rip the necklace off the woman?

    • somied

      LOL nice catch

    • Virgin Mother

      Your point is valid. The article is terribly written. However, you might come across a little stronger next time if you spelled a five-letter word (e.g. “thief”) correctly, or could manage such subtle skills as capital letters and…hm, the spacebar (“useda”? Really?).

      • Deflowered

        That all this was, a valid point. So, deimos needs an editor. They aren’t the ones being paid to be correct. Go monitor another tread for spelling and grammatical errors

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    Just another mental deficient incapable of living in society.

  • NYGlenn

    Typical of that breed to pick out the weak and defenseless. Law of the jungle rules the ghetto.

  • Will

    Agree with the above. Which is why I never go in the street with anything more than I need to do my business. Sad, but the way of the world.

  • TJG

    Oh for goodness sakes people, at least they identified the car as black….that is as good as you can expect from this ‘destroy America at all costs’ liberal media.

    • Sammie Jo

      also, they identified the car as possibly a Lexus, Tyrone has to have a nice ride while he’s out ripping off old ladies on a walker.

    • FstEti

      They aren’t black cars, they are cars of color……

  • Dexter Redland

    TRIPLE BUMMER! heinous crime. terrible journalism. racist comments.

    • FstEti

      Why is it racist to point out that the “journalists” actively went out of their way to omit the full description of the suspects? That in itself is racist; favoring one race over another.

  • Bruce

    What race was the perp?

    • JOSE

      take a guess…when they leave out the description its always black

    • TJG

      That’s not important…just be on the look out for two men in their twenties.

  • FstEti

    “The suspects are two men in their twenties”? GREAT job of reporting and/or editing, that really narrows it down. Do these clowns really think that P.C. is so important as to purposely NOT include the fact that they actually were two BLACK men in their twenties (as reported elsewhere) or are they merely incompetent?
    Somebody should be fired.

  • BigBoa

    Not many more times will the mighty Boa tell you. There is but one solution for this. Do NOT wait until YOUR mother, YOUR wife, your father, child, husband or friend is the next victim. We must eradicate the ghettos. The war WILL be fought, in their neighborhood or yours. Your pick……..

  • BigBoa

    Yes, Amish acting badly again no doubt,,,,,

  • JOe Dutra

    • Alice Ramirez

      The innocent are being corrupted. When was this obscenity recorded?’
      DOn’t they go in big for this kind of group think/youth indoctrination in Commununist countries? Also didn’t something like this go on with the Hitler Jugend back in the 1930s. This video is REALLY creepy and obscene! If this is a public school, I’d yank my kid out,

    • Chas
    • Carl Curmudgeon

      Oh, Mighty Obama!

      Thou art their most glorious messiah.

      Can I bum a Newport?

    • Joek

      I don’t quite know what to say except, what in the world have they done to those poor children. Thats child abuse. Now we have to kill them all so they won’t breed when they grow up, it’s the only way to fix it.

  • kwh

    The thug was “brazen”? Really, CBS and “Serene”? Brazen? Do you really mean to say that thugs cruising the streets in a Lexus looking for an old woman to steal from is courageous? Please look up what brazen means you college educated fools.

    Your P.C. perspective is revolting.

    • Sammie Jo

      what’s wrong with you? Brazen doesn’t mean courageous, I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up.
      bra·zen   /ˈbreɪzən/ Show Spelled[brey-zuhn] Show IPA
      1.shameless or impudent: brazen presumption.

    • JOSE

      you said thugs how un pc you are you must also be a racist

  • Ajax

    Just how stupid do you think we are?
    “two men in their twenties”?

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    “The suspects are two men in their twenties.”

    We know for certain the two are not white, else the story would detail this fact.

  • LEL MN

    If you are a ‘have not’ feel free to take from those having more than you. It’s only fair, and you are entitled.

  • LEL MN

    Tis time for all to have a CCP and be pakin.

    • pitter43

      Can’t agree more. I’m 61, paralyzed from a stroke. I’ve got my deposit down on a palm pistol that should be ready next year. It’s small enough to hold in one hand and fires with your thumb. They’ve developed a round that’s, if I remember right, does 45% more damage that a regular .38. It only has one round but that should be enough. I’ll be carrying it with me wherever I go.

  • Vote Consequences

    Harry Reid sitting on 6+ jobs bills in the Senate, passed from the House, that could help folks.

    I mention this because punks like this one could have a job maybe if Reid were not playing the political card and holding up passage/votes on these jobs bills.

    • JOSE

      low life thugs like this dont work never worked and will never work the subsidize their welfare check and food stamps and free housing by robbing the people who make all that free stuff available to them what a nice fair world we live in thanks to democ rat liberals

  • LEL MN

    Lest some spelling/grammar weenie get their knickers all in a twist, I meant to say ‘packin’. Packin a pistole specifically.

  • david davis

    Ob*ma should approve. After all, it’s nothing but intergenerational income redistribution.

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