End Of The Traveling Circus? Activists, Celebs Say Animals Overworked

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Animal rights activists  who want to put an end to the traditional traveling circus are getting some support from a few Hollywood celebrities.

Under a bill set to go before Congress, Ringling Bros. and other big-top organizers would no longer be allowed to force its lion, tigers and elephants to travel and perform at the same time.

Democratic lawmakers behind the measure pointed to the additional economic benefits of keeping the circus in one city for an extended period of time, suggesting more humans would have to be hired to compensate for the lack of large, exotic animals.

Longtime “Price is Right” game show host and animal rights Bob Barker and “CSI” actress Jorja Fox are among the big-name supporters of the bill.

“What this would essentially do, if it passes, is kind of restrict and limit and put much better regulations on these wild and exotic large land mammals that spend their life traveling across the country, particularly in traveling circuses,” said Fox.

The bill would not affect zoos or circuses in popular tourist destinations such as Las Vegas that stay permanently in one location.


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