LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation, which stemmed from DUI and theft cases.

Lohan Wednesday admitted that she violated the terms of her sentence to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner, who revoked Lohan’s probation at a hearing nearly two weeks ago.

Pick-A-Side: Choose Your Favorite Lohan Mugshot

Lohan will have to serve 30 days in jail in addition to completing 53 days of community service at the county morgue and 18 45-minute psychotherapy sessions by March 29, 2012. Officials say Lohan will likely be released from her 30-day sentence almost immediately due to overcrowding at the jail.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports.

However, if Lohan violates the terms of her new probation, a warrant will be issued for her arrest and she will be forced to serve another 270 days in jail.

“You need a structure, and this is a structure,” Sautner told Lohan before the actress accepted the terms of her new probation.

Lohan, who will also have a new probation officer, was ordered to turn herself into the Lynwood Correctional Facility by Nov. 9.

Sautner had sentenced Lohan to 120 hours of community service back in April, but she was dropped from the downtown women’s shelter after she failed to show up nine times.

Lohan told the probation officer it wasn’t fulfilling. Since then, she has volunteered several times at the county morgue, despite being turned away when she arrived late on her first day.

Sautner also advised Lohan to stop Tweeting about her community service at the morgue and asked officials there to no longer hold news conferences about her.

Lohan is not allowed to leave the country and can only leave the state for work or family-related purposes.

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  1. Sick and Tired of Professor-Laden Gossip says:


    1. David says:

      Lohan was convicted of a DUI, not selling drugs. And her recent jail time is not punishment for the DUI or drugs or anything of the sort. It is punishment for failing to observe her probagtion requirements. I’m not suggesting that a DUI isn’t serious, but to be in jail so many times for probation violations for an offense that typically does not result in jail time itself is a little silly.

      1. vintageport says:

        Silly, unless you are the judge who doesn’t want to be the last one to release her on probation before she head-ons a van with a family of 6 inside. This is a tragedy just waiting to be revealed to the rest of the world.

      2. SKD says:

        I have nothing new to add. So many people replied to these first comments I just didn’t want to be left out……..

        Join the conga line!!

      3. Richard says:

        You are wrong. Her recent problems stem from having a auto wreck while on a suspended license……DRUNK!

      4. ditchdigger2 says:

        She also stole, that an ethical problem, the lowest of lowlives, she was not hungry, she did it because she is a dirtbag.

    2. vavie says:

      Two words: De-port

      1. Brett Oncale says:

        I think thats one word…but the sentiments are the same…

    3. Mike Alright says:

      American women are of the highest quality,

      1. Jim says:

        My wife is an American as I am. Why you would paint all American women with the same brush I just don’t understand. Perhaps you have issues with women in general.

    4. Fair Justice says:

      Agreed! I personally am tired of hearing about Lindsey Lohan and I don’t even know what she’s famous for, besides being some spoiled, rich lady who avoids the consequences of the law. Any “regular” person on probation, would NOT have been given this many chances to keep f****ng up. MAYBE one or 2 chances, as long as u didn’t commit ANOTHER crime and just failed to complete community service or counseling.

      A “regular” common person’s probation would have been immediately revoked as soon as they were found guilty of committing a 2nd crime while already on probation and they would have been sent to prison or jail!!!! The California judicial system is not fair, just or uncorrupted, money talks very loud, it’s what determines what you’re charged with and how you’re sentenced. Send the b**ch to jail like everybody else would have been sent by now.

  2. Josh Butts says:

    If she goes to jail she will do less than half the time because of over crowding. They really need to make an exception for LiLo and have her do the whole sentence.

    1. djm159 says:

      Why don’t they just turn her loose and let her kill herself which will be the ultimate end result and a blessing for us all and stop wasting honest, hard-working people’s tax money on this pseudo-justice system. In California justice is not blind. The more money and celebrity you have the easier the sentence. Let some poor inner-city young person try this and see what they get. The old adage is alive and well in La La land “any publicity is good publicity if you spell the name right.” What a joke the California justice system is. A collective group of wealthy worshiping, celebrity worshiping racists.

      1. Astonished says:

        Because if they did that, and she killed or injured others the courts could be held liable. Besides if she’s drunk or high when she ultimately tries to kill herself, she wont get hurt. Drunks and druggies never do, only their innocent victims suffer.

        Personally, I think she should be made to volunteer for ten years in some program where they travel to some third world country and help the natives grow crops.

      2. Get over it says:

        Uh oh, there’s that “inner city” thing again. And to Josh, why exactly should they make an example of her, if everyone else is getting out of jail early because of over crowding? Because she’s famous? I’ve never seen one of her movies, and don’t have an opinion one way or another, but I think it’s funny that people want her thrown away for minor infractions which get no one else real time.

      3. catinpvbcat says:

        IIf she kills herself; they will find someone else to blame; like the person who sold her the last bottle of booze or pills. IMHO; Michael Jackson was a ‘walking suicide’. He paid his Doctor to make his walk easier. Had he totally ‘self-medicated’; he probably would have been gone, much sooner; rather than later. . . .but actions have consequences; as does one’s own ‘will power’. . .or lack thereof. In the negative; there was plenty of ‘WILL ‘power’ manfiesting in Jackson’s life; specifically; his own; just as there is, in Lindsay’s life and choices.

      4. ditchdigger2 says:

        She may take honest folks with her, thats the only problem.

    2. Calvin says:

      She will only do 20% of her time by state standards and less if local standards require it. According to Fox news she will be in jail overnight and then be released. So why doesn’t the judge just send her to jail for 300 days and that will get her 60 days in real time.

  3. RALPH says:


  4. tina says:

    This is to much, how many times does she get a pass? What happen to the tough judge over her case. I agree with the first poster, if she were not a celebrity her ass would be in jail already. When will it end she has been doing this since 2007. Sick of hearing about her simple ass.

    1. LOHANFAN says:

      What happened to Freedom and Liberty? You should learn what thoes words mean before you make an ignorant comment again.

      1. ThinksLOHANFANisstupid says:

        Your name proves you are the ignorant one in this conversation.

      2. Michael R. McPherson Pierotti says:

        Freedom and Liberty is for people that lead a normal law abiding life. Not for people that snub their noses at it.

      3. Rob says:

        With a name like that, you must be the second stupidest person in the country right behind ms jail bird. Please tell me you dont vote or drive on the same road i have to drive my kids on. Its because of totally dumb ass people like yourself that everyone else has to carry the load. Find a nice highway with heavy 65mph traffic..and play in it..save us all the problem of having to at some point pay for someone like YOU!

      4. James says:

        I’m about as freedom-loving and government-despising as people get, but even I know that a person’s personal freedom doesn’t include such actions as shoplifting or getting into car accidents while driving drunk. When you commit real, actual crimes against your fellow citizens, such as these, society has every right to see you punished.

        Lindsay could make things much better on herself if she actually did her community service like she was supposed to, but she obviously doesn’t care and clearly isn’t getting any sound advice from the people around her–or, at least, won’t listen to it.

    2. Crystal says:

      I agree SCC. Add in your and you’re and a few others. The weather is really nice where I live.

    3. Not Chicken Little says:

      But you yourself wrote “inadvertenetly”. You should end your exhaustion by committing suicide, or at least by stopping your silly posts about spelling and grammar errors…

    4. TroyG says:

      Perhaps you need to be less anal!
      Lord, who appointed you the grammar police?
      Get a copy of Pinckert’s Practical Grammar and relax.

      Lord help us, obviously someone needs to feel superior.

    5. thertuthwillalwaysrise says:

      SCC… I hoep uyo kan reed htis… oyu cee iM dislecksic aNd a sloe lerner… but at leest eye cAn tel whyn peeplo aree xpressing hwat theey thynk abut an ishoe thaat iz mor imortent thn sspelling!!! lussen uup!! Putt htat ovr privalegged schkank en JAYOL!!!!

    6. Lindsay says:

      What does repsonding mean?

    7. RoBoTech says:

      Maybe you should stop trying to justify your pathetic existence by being the UNOFFICIAL spelling/grammar police. on an INTERNET BLOG!
      Luk a dis. I kin type und spiel enny ways I wants.
      Too bad, so sad for a pathetic creep like you.

    8. Speelmaaster says:

      mabe du shud gest giv upp.

    9. James says:

      You seem to have just used the word “repsonding,” in your comment above, which is, of course, a misspelling. You live in a glass house, pal.

      Also, it is impossible to differentiate BETWEEN more than two things. You might, however, differentiate AMONG to, too, and two, if you must.

      I’m only pointing it out because you seem to think you are the English police, and have to respond to all misspellings. You don’t.

  5. gp says:

    Put her in with the general population. NO SPECIAL TREATMENT!

  6. CuteTPye2 says:






    1. SCC says:

      Is there (their) anyone on this message board who knows (nose) how to (too/two) spell?

      1. J. Mayer says:

        From your previous “replies” – I would say you’re lumped into the “moron” category yourself.

      2. SCC says:

        And I would say you are unaware of how to appropriately use quotation marks.

      3. djm159 says:

        What is your problem? Are you the word police? This is a comments page, not the NY Times. If you are so offended by the content of the posts don’t read them. Not everyone has a baccalaureate degree from Podunk University. You excel at rudeness, now try a little humility and compassion – did I spell those words right?

  7. Pathos 11 says:

    Poor girl, she is a product of a dysfunctional family and you are witnessing the results of a failed marriage and off spring. What are the chances of one developing a normal persona from an environment such as that?

    1. Pam says:

      Blaming it on her upbringing is lame. She needs to put on her big girl pan ties and grow up. We all have challenges to overcome, but we’re all responsible for our own choices.

      1. Liloishot says:

        I’ll help her with her big girl panties!

    2. arhooley says:

      Agreed. Very few people can overcome an “upbringing” like that.

      If it weren’t for her drunk driving charges, I’d say just let her go. She’s a deeply dysfunctional person and a month in jail here and a week in rehab there isn’t going to change her.

      Sadly, at some point you must abandon her to her self-destruction.

    3. Michael R. McPherson Pierotti says:

      Wow. Liberals at their finest! When will you persons learn that personal responsibility is the ONLY thing that will save her. I could care less how someone was raised. I didn’t live in an exactly Emily Post house and turned out JUST fine.

  8. Joey says:

    Structure is put her @$$ in jail and the pansy @$$ judge too.

    1. Cap'n J says:

      That, or boot camp – now THAT is structure!

  9. CuteTPye2 says:


  10. CAINTRAIN says:

    Since you wrote you reply at 11:01, I assume you are no longer school age, since you are not in school. So, I suggest you go back to school and get your GED. They have some some good English programs out there to help you learn how to write using correct grammar.

    Secondly, SHE BROKE THE LAW!. Freedom is for law abiding citizens! What is your solution? Do away with jails?

  11. MBP says:

    NO regular person would go to jail for any of the things Lindsey has done. DUI’s come in three to six incidents until a regular person does any time. Lindsey has been sold to some of you very jealous people as a threat to society. Though she may be a threat to herself she puts no one else in danger. The judge has severely over stepped her authority in this case to appease morons like Ralph. This ruined her career, her income and the jobs of hundreds of other people who make living on the back of Lohan. CuteType it is really sad that you care so little for the economy and working people but feel the need to comment on what she probably does. You probably never worked or accomplished anything in your own miserable life. It is also likely that you never will make anything of yourself. Congrats on reaching your high point on being able to post on the internet

    1. Get over it says:

      Finally someone with a sane look at this matter. Also, I find it ironic how many people took the time to read the article and then post about how much they don’t care. Say whaaaaaaat? Yeah, I’ve known a person with FIVE DUI’s who hasn’t done more than a 48 hour stay. And I knew another guy who took almost two years to complete 60 hours of community service. So you’re right.

      1. SCC says:

        Hooray for both of you and your proper use of to and two!! I feel as though I can now retire.

    2. ChrisS says:

      I have to say that I think you are 100% incorrect about anyone else not doing jail time. Lindsay did not have to do any jail time in the beginning. All she had to do was follow the court mandated probation. She failed to respect the court time and time again. Nobody gets to do that and remain free. A regular person would have completed their probation and been done with all of this LONG ago. Lindsay is 100% responsible for everything that is happening to her right now.

      The girl needs YEARS in a structured environment. even if she serves her complete sentence it is not going to change the spoiled brat one bit.

    3. phil says:

      Sorry MBP. You are incorrect. Time and length of sentence varies by State across The U.S. Ms. Lohans’ statement that she did not complete her first community service assignment..because it “Wasn’t fulfilling!”, would land her backside in lockup pronto, in Tennessee. (a very strict anti-DUI state)
      Ms. Lohan ruined her own career, not the Judicial system. Until she takes responsibility for her actions, she can not change her future. Ms. Lohans career, her income, and the employees who work for her, are all SECONDARY to Ms. Lohans health! Please realize that you would do her no favors by attempting to remove the consequences of her actions. This is how we grow, and how we get educated when we are in the narcissistic grip of addiction.

    4. djm159 says:

      You don’t consider people who drive drunk and under the influence a threat to society? The innocent drivers who happen to be in the wrong place when the inebriated moron is on the road are the ones who pay the ultimate price. Lindsay Lohan has thumbed her nose at the entire judicial system, as we know it doesn’t apply to her. Generally, when on probation you do as you are told, not as you please. I say again, release and let her kill herself – who cares? She will OD soon enough. She is above any law ever written for mankind. After all she is a B-rated actress in a state that applauds it. She has no redeeming value – her skin could be better used to help burn victims once she ODs. Let it happen and pray that she takes no one else with her.

    5. Idiot. says:

      Please explain to us how DUI’s do not put the public in danger?

    6. Caligula says:

      Easy to defeat your idiotic statement…

      In Florida you can go to jail for up to 6 months for your first DUI. And grand theft (LiLo stole a $2,500 necklace and got caught) can net you up to 5 years in prison as it’s a third degree felony.

      But hey, quit your day job and become a lawyer…LULZ

    7. TroyG says:

      Oh, one moment!
      Who cares about the DUIs?
      Didn’t I see that she shoplifted some high buck jewelry recently?
      Felony Grand Larceny?

    8. dannydoggydoit@hotmail.com says:

      yeah, most of the people on here are just “screaming for vengenance”, to borrow from an old rock n roll album title…let it go.

    9. Ralph says:

      The judge over stepped her authority – are you kidding. This women broke the law – no ifs, buts or whens. The judge has been more than generous in handing out an olive branch to this person, and all she has done is flip off the judge ( I know you’ve seen that picture ) and play her games with the courts and the probation department. This judge has not appeased anyone, the judge is there to do their job, you break the law, you do the time ( we hope ). Ok if I’m a moron in your eyes, but I’m not the one that broke the law and then disrespected the courts. But if you fell more comfortable calling me a moron I’m good with that. But remember I’m still out here and the real moron is in there.

      1. MBP says:

        wow Ralph, You’ve accomplished freedom in the outside world! The facts of the matter easily show Lohan has been singled out by a judge looking at a political future and ignoring how these types of crimes are typically handled in LA. I’m fairly sure Lindsey would have won the case of shoplifting at trial but she could not afford a lawyer and taking a public defender would have allowed the world to know that she is broke. In LA the typical punishment is ten hours or community service at any one of dozens of approved facilities, a ten thousand (usually less but commonly 10k) fine and alcohol education until the educational program agrees you completed their course. Many people argue that the education is private and has no reason to allow you to complete so they are allowed to take a 6 month suspension of driving license. Failure to complete probation usually increases the probation and community service is often then put to a certain agency or other non profit. People who may be in danger for any reason (including celebrity) are usually allowed to community service in place away from the general public.

        You may be quite intelligent in your world but you certainly have a perverted sense of justice and a deep hatred of Lohan’s success.

    10. CuteTPye2 says:

      MBP, I have been employed on the same job for 45 years, and I have accomplished just about everything that I wanted in my life, WITHOUT committing any crimes. I have never had a DUI, and I don’t make any excuse for any error that I have made.
      Lindsay Lohan is a grown woman, who is immature, who does not have any respect for the law, for the courts, and most important, for herself. There are great people in this country who have came from nothing, and have accomplished a great deal in life without stepping on anyone toes. THE TRUTH HURTS and it is obvious that you have issues just as she does, she is a woman who needs to GROW up and accept responsibility for herself, short comings and all, WE ALL FALL DOWN, BUT, WE DO GET UP. This is nothing about the economy and working people, this is about LINDSAY LOHAN, and if she cared so damn much about the people who were working for her, she would not be where she is today, she would be trying to make an example for her peers. So along with Lindsay Lohan, you need to grow up as well.

  12. JIM says:

    Being judged by a system that is full of Thievin (she is 1 LOL..)BACK STABBIN,LYIN,CROOKED,SLEAZY people that only care about their salary and 401 K and THE FACT that if they decriminallize DOPE,it would put them out of a job makes ME SICK TOO MY STOMACH……WHEN???? Are we going too get real about the SO CALLED WAR on DRUGS,it’s a JOKE!!!

    1. SCC says:

      Wow! You spell so poorly. When are we going to get serious about education? You invalidate any point you might inadvertenetly make by such a display of ignorance.

    2. I.M.Educated says:

      @SCC – Moron, check your own spelling and punctuation before slinging your own mud.

    3. CD says:

      haha SCC misspelled “inadvertently” while trying to look so smart. hahahaha idiot.

    4. Alex says:

      I.M. Educated: You forgot the comma after “punctuation.”
      CD: You forgot a comma after “inadvertently.” It should go between the “y” and the close quotes. You don’t “look so smart,” yourself.

      Ooo… ooo… NOW DO ME! My turn!!! 😀

    5. Sheesh already says:

      Alex, commas do not belong where you say they do. Might want to check with a good English teacher yourself.

    6. info_bomber says:

      LOL, first just because someone can’t spell does not automatically invalidate an argument. The idea is that the criminality created by the prohibition on drugs is creating the problems that we are trying to prevent, this is true, for an example see the passage of the 18th amendment and its subsequent repeal in the 21st amendment. The mafia grew stronger with the passage of prohibition because the mafia controlled the underground (black) market. This is no different from the drug war trade mafia for cartel and you have the same situation and most of the sheeple sit idly by and blame the cartel see the corruption for what it is, drug dealers get put in jail to learn how to be better drug dealers and get on the government payroll to deal drugs for the central bank when they leave their hardened criminal training camp (prison).

    7. thertuthwillalwaysrise says:

      Sooo… SCC, did you inadvertently misspell inadvertently?

      in·ad·vert·ent·ly, adverb Synonyms 2.inattentive. 3.thoughtless, careless, negligent.

    8. Dr. AJ Faye says:

      Huh…..Spit it out boy!

  13. Gee Wang says:

    She is definitely getting special treatment. Any one of us would be in jail already.

  14. Big "D" says:

    This is a joke now,, any time she violates her probation, she gets a slap on the hand, and gets more probation.. “If you violate it again” you will get more probation,. If u do go to jail u do 25% of the time and then u get more probation.. Our Justice system is a JOKE,, I know cuz I work in it,,

  15. Cole Campbell says:

    When she finally crashes and dies watch the orgy of over the top sentimentality.She is NOT a victim-she is a victimizer.If her name was Akeisha and wore a bad wig she’d be thrown UNDER the jail.The courts are enabling this idiot’s self-destruction.Jail her ass for a year.

    1. Get over it says:

      Akeisha? Let me guess, you’re working that tired black angle, right? I guess you missed the part where R Kelly was on film p*$$ing on and underage girl and walked away? And I’m SURE you’ve heard of this former NFL star named OJ? Or maybe this thankfully DEAD pervert Michael Jackson? Give it a rest already.

  16. The Quags.... says:


    1. Dan DrHardcrab Poe says:

      GOO!!!! ;-]

  17. COREY says:


  18. The Man from Scene 24 says:

    She needs to just flee the country, she will never be left alone.

  19. lee says:

    To MBP,

    The judge did not ruin her life, SHE did.

  20. Rob Roi says:

    This woman needs Jesus. Only He can change her within. This will result
    in an outward change. She will be a new creation. Perhaps someone
    in the jail will be able to witness to her and share God’s Word with her.
    Romans 10: 9 & 10.

  21. Bruce_Almty says:

    This is like the 5th time she has been “severely” reprimanded and threatened with jail time. Next time she skates on rehab/restitution I’m sure she’ll be threatened again. Wonder how much of the peoples’ time and money she has wasted?

  22. Lance burton says:

    She will be in special holding for 6 days then carry on with her life and dead career. Lets hope she doesnt kill anyone on her way down to hell.

  23. Johnny d says:

    I can’t wait for playboy to hit the stand

  24. Cisco says:

    No one in Hollywood with touch her now so the inevitable is coming. She will be offered $1 Million dollars to do an adult film and she will accept. You wait and see.

  25. incoherent says:

    Well, Art is Art, isn’t it? Still, on the other hand, water is water. And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does.

  26. Curly Bill says:

    Well . . . . bye.

  27. linux geek says:

    LiLo will always mean LInux LOader to me.

  28. Willie says:

    this is total harrassment. when i was her age A LONG TIME AGO i got poped a total of 8 times for DUI NEVER went to jail NEVER was on probation NEVER had community service NEVER had to go to detox NEVER had to go through all the junk she is going through. OH YA and i managed to hit and cripple a woman on DUI #6 i did not stop drinking till i got married and my wife beat me stupid for wrecking the car lol so i guess my wife is tougher then the courts lol point is they are useing Lohan as an EXAMPLE tryin to fool the public into thinking that the law is equal for stars and regular people IT IS NOT

  29. John Ashton says:

    Please allow Ms. Lohan to pay a fine and move on; when and if she goes to jail it will only be for a few hours. This is beginning to frustrate most citizens,and it’s silly. The court doesn’t fumble around with the average citizen this way. Please give her a fine and leave her alone.

  30. T. JENSEN says:

    what gets me about this is that she got nailed for actual DUI years ago and all this subsequent junk is over probation stuff LET IT GO COURTS you have not caught her behind the wheel of a car drunk in how long?? all you have is that she missed a few court appts and has not finished her community service MOVE ON TO REAL CRIMINALS THAT ARE ACTUALLY HURTING SOMEONE OTHER THEN THEM SELFS

  31. the Dude says:

    String her up.

    1. The Quags.... says:

      Tie her down.

  32. Caligula says:

    if this were a POOR white girl, she would be in jail for YEARS.

  33. Caligula says:


  34. Monk says:

    Whoa buddy, it’s not like she killed or affected any other person. There are so many other people who have done far more destruction to human life than her and walk free, but instead they try to make an example of her.

    For all of you that want to crucify her, how many of you have DUI’s? Second, How many of you have just not been caught. It is time for the Judges to stop judging and for people to start worrying about themselves and not others.

    1. TroyG says:

      Hilarious Monk!
      The job of a Judge is to judge.
      Using other bad behavior to justify someone else’s bad behavior is totally invalid thinking.
      Throw her in jail, quit wasting the taxpayer’s money.
      If you want to pay for her stupidity, then write the checks…I don’t.

    2. Armed Texan says:

      She took valuable things that belonged to other people. Taking other people’s things causes them harm. Are you seriously too stupid to understand that concept? Heck, three year olds have more brains than you.

    3. catinpvb says:

      When you live – and determinedly so – in the ‘public eye’ – your ‘make’ yourSELF an example. Better for Lindsay; that it be a good one. Alas. . .she is fine with the headlines; for sure not; with the consequences. Would wish for Linsdsay that she could – just would – grow up. Her ‘time-table’ and choices; indicates a negative probablility that she will ever have the luxury of time. She is in a ‘chicke/egg’ spiral. . .though still breathing. . .for now. What a great story she might have; should she turn her life around for the better. Indeed. . .

    4. Jeff H says:

      I agree with Monk. this Judge is trying to prove a point with her, but no one is listening… not even LL.

  35. billcrawford says:

    “Officials say Lohan will likely be released from her 30-day sentence almost immediately due to overcrowding at the jail.”

    The court system is a joke, the judges are a joke and the jail is a joke. How do you exepct anyone to follow anything the court hands out if it cannot be enforced and all know it. Maybe it is time to get some Sheria law in this country only for those that work in and for the judicial systems.

    It is very apparent no one is held accountable on any level.

  36. Armed Texan says:

    Honey Badger would rip this dumb bimbo’s head off and eat her before the toxins made him pass out.

  37. Fred Garvin MP says:

    the press carries water for obama.
    he orders them to cover lohan, or any other story
    that diverts the public attention away from him,
    while he destroys our country.
    did you know he has a stolen SSN ?
    the press doesn’t report this.

    1. Otto says:

      Wow, Fred, you are SO informed! And all this was kept SECRET from us?
      Thank God we have highly informed folks like yourself to save us from our own stupidity!

    2. Lindsay says:

      Saturday Night Live, Dan Akroyd, right?

  38. Sparky2 says:

    I honestly can’t figure her out. She’s got the world by the ass, yet she does such stupid things. Is she just dumb, doesn’t she have anyone advising her? It’s like these gifted athletes who get themselves in trouble when they have all the money and glory anyone could ask for. What.s the deal with these people?

  39. Ralph Ayala says:

    Doesn’t the news media have anything better to report? I’m sick of seeing this women. Just throw her *** in jail and be done with it. The justice system is to fault. Had they done there job the first time by putting her away, she wouldn’t be wasting tax payers money. The city should go after her to make her pay back all court cost.

  40. Mitchell Kent says:


  41. Rick Simm says:

    Hey Judge Stephanie Sautner, we have plenty of room in our prisons in Michigan. GEO’s prison in Baldwin, Michigan would welcome Lindsey.

    I cannot wait to buy a Playboy magazine with an airbrushed Lindsey. It will be so sexy. NOT!

    This train wreck should be deported.

  42. MBP says:

    The law is supposed to be fair and equitable for everyone. We are even guaranteed equal protection under the law. in this case, as is proven by these posts, the law is something people of lesser means get to jump and down about and pressure a media hungry judge to do more damage than is necessary. We are not being protected from Lohan nor is she being served by any of this charade of justice. No good comes of her going to prison for something none of us would be punished for doing. She is the poster child of needing help and getting punished absurdly. The foregotten fact is the Lohan did show up to serve the community service part of her probation and was turned away by the shelter where the judge ordered her to work. Lohan then reported to the Red Cross to serve her sentence. The judge decided the Red Cross was not worthy of Lohan’s help and decided that the shelter was under control of the judge and had no choice in the matter.

    Caintrain, freedom is not for law abiding people only, Freedom is a right that can only be taken by due process. This judge is ignoring the rights of all of us by not allowing due process and arbitrarily taking freedom. You should pray that you never end up as a celebrity in front of this unethical judge because you too might be judged unfairly.

  43. Mary says:

    I think Lindsey’s punishment is enough. It won’t be long before she violates and finally does the three years she should have done in the first place. All your opinions are valid – the treatment she receives is unfair. Unfortunately, it will not last forever. If you do not believe me, read all the recent news on her dad. I just hope Lindsey does not jump out of a window and gets the help she needs before then.

  44. Julian B Duron says:

    No special treatment throw this skank in general poplulation of county jail let the homegirls teach her the social graces of lock up. She will never want to go back after this schooling.

  45. Vince says:

    lol she’s Greece and the judges are the EU 😉

  46. Dennis says:

    Just force her into the military !

    That’ll give her some structure !

    1. Daniel Cooper USMC (ret) says:

      The military does not accept deranged crack addicts.

      1. T. JENSEN says:

        you have got to be kidding i served with more drug users in the military (all branches) then i ever have on the outside

      2. Daniel Cooper USMC (ret) says:


        Not since after Nam when full drug testing and random testing started.

      3. T. JENSEN says:

        i got out 2 years ago and i would est. that 25% of my unit was using SOMETHING on a reg basis in fact my capt often seemed like he was on coke maybe its not as bad as it was during Nam but it is still going on several of my buddies JOINED to get out of petty charges with drugs on the outside

    2. Sandra says:

      You really think the military would take that skank with her criminal and drug abuse record?

    3. Dennis says:

      She could supply some entertainment for the troops
      and more importantly
      see what its like for people to lay down their lives for her to enjoy her carefree and irresponsible lifestyle

      ie, she needs shock and awe therapy
      and there’s nothing rehab or California can do to really help her

      I was being serious..let her tour with the troops for one year

      And, if she survives that and comes clean, I bet her career and her life would skyrocket – honest! book deals, movies, for a person that bounced back and became human.

      1. willie says:

        all i know is this when i got poped for EIGHT DUI’s in a 4 year span one of which crippled a woman that i hit I NEVER got this much crud and all this woman did was ONE DUI this probation is ONLY for her DUI she did not even hurt anyone in that dui yes she needs to grow up but all this junk serves no purpose all the time and money spent messing with her over petty violations of her parole could be better spent on criminals that actually HURT SOMEONE

  47. TRE says:

    Lindsay Lohan needs a psychiatric nurse to be her full-time/around the clock assistant to make sure she takes her Lithium and to make sure she stays off of any mind-altering chemical (alcohol or otherwise). She can actually afford to hire this person… and she needs that person… because she can’t seem to stay stable enough to want to be responsible.

    The woman is mentally ill working in an insane Industry and she can afford to figure out how to make it all work.

    1. Skank Azz says:

      Doggy style, wearing two condoms, after I spank her arrogant skank azz.

  48. gymlock says:

    A “no show” nine times? What is this girl doing out of jail anyway, let alone getting yet another slap on the wrist! Lock ‘er a** up for 300 days — forget the overcrowding — she needs to learn a lesson rather than how to beat the system if you’re a celebrity.

  49. Craig B says:

    Here’s to her not completing her community service and getting 300 days in prison.

  50. Thos Weatherby says:

    I’m gttenig scik and terid of ploepe who dnot konw how to selpl. But if you can read and understand it then I communicated to you.

  51. Leonard says:

    ““You need a structure, and this is a structure,” Sautner told Lohan before the actress accepted the terms of her new probation.”

    That is a really idotic thing to say coming from a Judge. Jail is not really structure.

  52. Derick Moore says:

    Aside from the fact that she breaks the law and goes to jail a lot, what is it that she is ‘famous’ for doing?

    I’m 67 and don’t follow pop culture, so forgive my ignorance. Is she an actress, singer, dancer, or like Heidi whats-her-name and Monica, famous for something else?

    1. vicky bennett says:

      Famous for absolutely nothing, just like Paris Hylton, and many other nothing stars who think they really matter.

  53. Crack Skank says:

    Put the little crack ho in jail for a full 270 days. NO early release, no special deals, the crack skank needs hard time.

  54. Stinky McGee says:


  55. skinsrock says:

    If I was her, with her money…. I would say F you America & I would be gone… Nobody coming after you for misdemeanors. I would just roll. There is no need to continually punish ppl for BS.

    1. abbey says:

      The point is…she HASN”T been punished. She is a liar, a thief, a drug addict. Throw her in the slammer and she will surely get over her addition. The lying, the thieving….well, that’s another story.

  56. Fred Sanford says:

    Lindsay, you ugly!

  57. bill.1942 says:

    Why was she ever let out in the first place? Lock her up, pipe the sunshine to her, and throw away the key. Enough of this little bimbo. Nobody cares. Quit pimping for her.

  58. State of California says:

    You need structure and this is structure – another empty threat!

  59. Buck Ofama says:

    P1ss, whine, moan. Always the fault of someone else.

  60. jon says:

    can u really call her an actress when was the last time she was in a movie…
    very sad she was wonderful…

  61. ryan says:

    30 days don’t really get the effect the way 8 months in jail would.

  62. workingman1 says:

    She looked a lot hotter, before the big lip job.
    But she is out of control.

  63. George Nash says:

    Send her out here to Tampa, FL. That way, she can stay with daddy.

  64. Todd Lashley says:

    Sorry judge but serving 30 (5) days in a Sheriffs Dept jail cell is not PRISON. You go girl, rock the vote, still waiting for that Playboy spread, not. Seen your tits on the internet along with pics of that foul pastrami sandwich you flashed, again and again. Not interested in anything from this twit loser. Shes news WHY???

  65. Lindsay Lohan says:

    But you guys all still love me right?

    1. Dina Lohan says:

      I love you, money!

  66. olde pablo says:

    UGLY WOMAN. enough said

  67. Beattlel juice says:

    And good riddance to bad rubbish. Keep her in jail for life. She’s a menace to society.

  68. Randy Brown says:

    really 30 days that she wont spend in jail because f overcrowding how fricking stupid are these people. the judge and the court in califonicacommie are a waste of taxpayer money

  69. peer89 says:

    “You need a structure, and this is a structure,”

    “You also need support. Here’s a bra. Wear it.”

  70. KILLER KARL KOX says:


  71. vicky bennett says:

    I pray for her soul. She needs to get saved.

  72. jnsesq says:

    “Officials say Lohan will likely be released from her 30-day sentence almost immediately due to overcrowding at the jail.”

    Nope, nuttin’ wrong with our criminal “justice” system.

  73. Alex says:

    Thank the lord. Now our kids can go out on the streets again now that Lohan has beenlocked up. This is a new day for America and indeed the world.

  74. DA says:

    I’m going on a hunger strike until Lindsay is released.

  75. sheisstillhot says:

    I’d be happy to give her house arrest in my apt.

  76. West Headhunter says:


  77. Lindsay says:

    I would say she is troubled. Hopefully jail will help her out. Why wish misery on her? Child star is a horrible profession, Also,after looking at the father who raised her, I would say she is doing remarkably well.

    1. makemyday says:

      Really???? What planet are you living on???

  78. abbey says:

    ooooooo, she’s scared. She’s really scared…..

  79. Bob A says:

    She already looks old and haggared. Charlie Sheen without the charm! LOL

  80. George says:

    What this low life and other Hollywood spoiled brats is a jail sentence 60 miles south of LA. Then for community service, make them visit military hospitals to see who are real men and women whose lives have been to give rather than take,take take.

  81. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 5 or more illegal wars rage on, the dollar is about to vanish as the world reserve currency, the real unemployment rate is over 20%, the price of goods is skyrocketing, the value of homes is dropping and as the 3rd year of the depression carries on … we need to know about some substandard actress that has personal problems that don’t affect any of us. This is why the Old Media is dead as the New Media emerges.

    —————– http://911essentials.com

  82. Jeff H says:

    This Judge is out of F’ing control. Really, sticking her f’ing nose in this girl’s business over and over again. Some DUIs and theft. Bullsh$t. They are wasting tax dollars with this “lynching”. I don’t care if she broke the law. Paris Hilton can throw Cocaine at the cops and get a slap on the hand, leave the girl alone.

  83. Jean Poole says:

    This filthy skank is dirty, I wouldn’t touch her with your hands. Crumbs in her knickers.

  84. SKD says:

    At this point I don’t care if she shoots a place up, drives over a dozen people while drunk, and and starts her own drug lab; as long as she does it quietly out of camera range. I’m not sure that all of this isn’t a farce that’s being filmed on location anyway.

  85. Forward Observer says:

    (Rom. 1:26-28) For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

  86. Rod Anders says:

    One more court appearance. One more dropped sentence. Unbelievable !!!

  87. bubba says:

    She needs the structure of my hard c o c k up her tight a s s h o l e.

  88. Reality says:

    She needs to have her permit to operate as a human being revoked.

  89. MM says:


    Please hurry-up and die.

    Thank you,


  90. jaw0661 says:

    Can someone else be released so she can serve her sentance? Tired of this over crowding excuse

  91. Amy says:

    “Officials say Lohan will likely be released from her 30-day sentence almost immediately due to overcrowding at the jail.”

    Here’s a THOUGHT….release someone and let her take that persons PLACE! She’ll NEVER learn ANYTHING.

  92. TCtheGreat says:

    Well since she’s going to be spending a lot of time at the LA County Morgue, it’s only fitting because that’s where she’ll be ending up next. More important news please?
    yawn zzzzz

  93. Redford says:

    She’s a sick woman. She needs therapy not arbitrary structure.

  94. JM in San Diego CA says:

    Have you really been sent to jail if you don’t actually stay in there? I mean, it’s like throwing a ball up in the air; in an instant it’s back down where it was.

    All Lohan’s judges’ sentences are little jokes.

  95. JM in San Diego CA says:

    Back to talking about Lohan, as opposed to ragging on grammar and diction, has anybody else noticed that this 25 y/o (July 2, 1986) is starting to age really fast?

    I just saw a pic where she looks late 30-ish. Hard-partying is not kind to the old bod’ and it’s not looking too good for the young bod’, either.

    I’m putting LiLo into John and Ken’s “2012 Ghoul Pool” in a few weeks.

  96. steve stone says:

    If she wasn’t a former child star, she would be in Chatsworth, California, taking one of the chin, until the director said Cut.

  97. notright says:

    Send her to a third world country, let them deal with it. Wait we can’t do that, that would be considered an act of war. All we can do is hope she ODs and dies, then the world will be a better place.

  98. whatsyourname.biz says:

    Lindsay’s name is of English origin. It means she is a thoughtful and genuine person. She is creative and hardworking. She’s admired for her speaking ability. And she thinks before she speaks. . . .really?!

    Is this the Lindsay Lo we know?

    Find out more about Lindsay and your name at http://www.WHATSYOURNAME.biz

  99. Larson Whipsnade says:

    She should become a member of the Manson Family while she is doing her time.

  100. Raymond Meyers says:

    Frankly, LiLo is a colossal waste of bandwidth. Why does anyone even report this stuff.

  101. SAM says:

    Lohan is a left wing 1%er. Lock her up and take away her earnings. Maybe that will curb her excessive greed while she preaches about the middle class paying more in taxes.

  102. Ossie says:

    I wonder who holds the record for most days served at the LA County Morgue, and what their crime was?

    And DUI’s-was anybody harmed?

    Anybody as wealthy as her should hire a chauffer.

  103. JohnRalph says:

    Lindsey Lohan is a celebrity God (albeit a smalltime drug addicted one), she deserves our money, our praise, and our worship.

    Maybe instead of aborting some babies (she’s worth at least five) we could allow them to be born, and then sacrifice them on an altar to her?

  104. FLOYD IN FLORIDA says:

    Lindsay & Bubette kind of had a ring to it?
    Surly it will last more than 72 days?

  105. twistin says:

    her problem is she is a junkie.

  106. JohnRalph says:

    Lindsey Lohan is a celebrity God (albeit a smalltime drug addicted one), she deserves our money, our praise, and our worship.

    Maybe instead of aborting some babies (she’s worth at least five) we could allow them to be born, and then sacrifice them on an altar to her?

  107. Ray Bradburry says:

    could someone give this piece of s some drugs so she can OD and we can be done with her…could someone be kind enough to shank this stupid c?

  108. Jimbo Limbo says:

    Community service is useless, to everyone. It does nothing to deter crime, or to punish the person who broke the law. May as well sentence her to two weeks working in a temp job. How is that going to help anyone? All this fuss about if she showed up late, etc. There must be a better way. This is a joke. Is the judge playing the part of an inept parent trying to discipline the child who won’t show up to school on time? If so, she’s doing a good job. “I’m gonna take your car away,” but the parent won’t really do it. What good is a jail sentence, when it cannot be served? There are much more serious crimes this judge could be hearing… we need criminal justice reform. Too many people wasting away in jail, while the killers and crooks walk the streets. There’s too much money in trails and jails. I don’t have the solution yet, but what we have now is very broken.

  109. Kev says:

    Poor ‘ol LinLo is only TWO YEARS from that magic age wherin such notable stars such as: Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse have become members of the infamous “27 Club.” No, she’s no musician but her life is certainly spiraling downward.

  110. Willy Brown says:

    So the Judge tickled Lohan with a feather again. WFC!

  111. anon says:

    DUI and petty theft? You gotta be kidding me; all this to do about DUI and petty theft? I'[m not saying she shouldn’t get in trouble for it, but THIS much news over a DUI and petty theft? Absurd. This isn’t news. This isn’t NEWS! But I guess we sheeple have to shown what happens to people who don’t tow the line. It’s a lesson for us all to learn. Like we are all 3rd graders or something. It’s your fault, all of you who have helped them to build this nanny state/media/military/police/industrial complex. You want to be treated like a 3rd grader? You got it!

  112. The Mad Man says:

    This child has shown a blatant attitude for the law, her sentence and her crime. The judge shows, she will give this chile another chance. Now due to overcrowding, she is allowed to walk in spite of her blatant attitude. She should not be treated any differently than any other criminal BUT SHE IS! I should try her crime and see if I get away with it! I will use her excuse and see where that gets me. Wake up justice system!

  113. Brian K says:

    “Out in minutes because of jail overcrowding” that statement is getting old people. Stop coddling this mess of human flesh and find a jail that isn’t full and toss her dumb blond rearend in it. Mark well these words, if you don’t stop with the special treatment of this troubled person you will find her one day lying in her own puke and burying her…

  114. Puddintane says:

    The Judge means “Bone Structure”. That’s what-matters. Bone Structure.

  115. WagTheDog says:

    Lohan may be and probably is mentally ill. But, poison or not, that is still one STEAMY HOT photo of her on Drudge.

  116. Jhon says:

    It’s amazing how many comments are here, talking about some girl that needs to figure her life out before prematurely ending it. The value placed on “celebrity status” is just mortifying. Sadly, most of these people, if pressed, would probably tell you that they can’t WAIT to see her obituary. How EXCITING that would be.

    THE WHOLE WORLD is practically on the verge of implosion and somehow this woman’s latest court appearance holds any meritorious value whatsoever.

  117. Cathy says:

    She is a mess. Her unhealthy lifestyle has aged her way beyond her years. She alone is responsible for her choices, and those choices are heading her straight off a cliff. Remember Amy Winehouse folks? My sympathy for this person ends at the point where she endangers others. She can pickle her insides with all kinds of chemicals– just never get behind the wheel of a car or get into any scenerio where her being drunk or high will hurt anyone else but her.

  118. dixon says:

    Thirty days??? I wish they would lock her up and throw away the keys. I’m sick of hearing about this female monster.

  119. growup says:

    I’m thinking that one of these days those Brat cheerleaders from OC are going to end up with LL in jail. They just as LL all seem to think they are the entitled ones, poor babies. None of these young people will listen to authority. They seem to think they know all, sad.

  120. Mich. State Roller Hockey 6, LB 4 says:

    are we done with this so normal people can watch the news for more importantstuff rather than feeding the egos of blabbermouths and college students looking for a gossip fix to please their professors???

  121. Mich. State Roller Hockey 6, LB 4 says:

    Are we done YET????? Let’s focus on serious issues like the weather that affects everyone.

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