LAKEWOOD (CBS) — An off-duty Santa Ana police officer fatally shot a man in Lakewood Monday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported.

The shooting occurred about 6:30 a.m. in the 20700 block of Studebaker Road, said sheriff’s Deputy Lillian Peck.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports.

The officer saw two suspects breaking into a vehicle and chased one of them in his car, resulting in a confrontation between the suspect and the officer.

“That suspect got into the driver’s seat of the car, the officer gave him commands to stop,” Lt. Eddie Hernandez said.

Instead of complying with the orders, the suspect reached into his waistband and the officer fired four shots, killing the suspect, Lt. Hernandez said.

The suspect, whose identity was not released, died at the scene, said coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter.

The second suspect remains at large.

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Comments (19)
  1. maury says:

    ….did not immediately reveal what prompted the shooting.

    Of course not. These pigs are trying to come up with some b-s excuse to justify another trigger happy cops mistake.

  2. Again says:

    Normally when someone dies from an officer-involved shooting, they at least say the person was armed. This absolutely says nothing. Given the trouble that California law enforcement seems to be getting into on a weekly basis, something smells fishy. Probably the case of an off-duty officer who lost his cool, and of course, pulled out his gun.

  3. Jason Martinez says:

    Wouldn’t that be something if it happens to be Officer Brandon Sontag the same cop caught ramming a guy with his car about 4 years ago and shooting an unarmed man to death.

    This officer has cost Santa Ana tax payers over 2 million dollars in settlements so far. Just google Officer Brandon Sontag.

  4. FFL says:

    Sure not much more explanation of the ID of victim or anything else! Way to go CBS “journalism 101” class money down the drain again…

  5. Puzzled says:

    Most of the morons above act like pedofiles at a cub scout sleep over, whenever there is ANY officer involved shooting…..hilarious & pathetic.

  6. bullet in the gun says:

    well it comes to no surprise these ppl usually like hanging out on the other side of life.. eating bullets and thinking about guns/knifes becomes the usual breakfast..

  7. Paul Castillo says:

    Nothing more dangerous than an off duty policeman trying to juggle his alcohol inebriation while coming down from his most recent steroid injection.

  8. 2 funny says:

    Nothing more dangerous than an idiot (paul castillo) juggling his non-existent humor with his job at McDonalds…..

    1. Paul Castillo says:

      Is this too close to home for you? Do you think it’s normal for people to act the way they do in and out of uniform? Enlighten yourself and look up side effects of steroidal therapy. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that just about every police officer today looks like he can play linebacker in the NFL? Do you find it odd that you are the only commenter supporting the policeman? And by the way. When you press the reply button, it is usually implied that you are responding to that person. That was kind of a cop move wasn’t it. Hey Barney Fife. My name was already my screen name for all to see.

      1. 2 Funny says:

        What I find it Moronic on your part is that you dont even know anything about that officer, nothing, yet you spout of like an idiot procaliming steroids as a possible reasoin for the shooting. Perhaps you need to finish third grade and learn how to read, I never mentioned any support of anyone in this story. Do you want to know why Paul Moron, the facts are not out yet. Go back to flipping burgers.

      2. 2 Funny says:

        Thats right I dont know anything about you! The irony! Yet, you type chitt about an incident you know nothing about. Maybe the cop was on steroids?, maybe he was drunk? Now, slowly read my previous messages and tell me where I supported anyone from the story, I’ll be waiting.

    2. Paul Castillo says:

      Do you know what is actually 2 funny? The fact that you insist insist I am a hamburger maker of some kind when you haven’t a clue as to who I am. Even funnier though is your finish the third grade and learn how to read zingers when you are displaying the punctuation and grammer of a person who was never taught the finer points of basic composition. I am just guessing but something tells me that if there was a legitimate reason for this guy to pull the trigger, he would have let it be known right then and there.

    3. Paul Castillo says:

      Hey 2 funny. Turns out to be legit so far. But all the steroid allegations are no joke. Our community is actually working on a program to institue steroid testing for all officers due to the fact that most of them show a marked difference in their behavior from what we are used to in our civil servants. So instead of just calling people names and other childish things., Learn and include some facts. It really makes a difference between making a valid point and making no sense.

      1. 2 Funny says:

        well again perhaps before making childish comments, you should wait until the facts are brought up. As far as your assumption about including facts, I would if the news article had any. Ive seen many of our local deputy sheriff’s (San Bernardino) and have not seen any that fit the “steroid profile”.

  9. Johny Chingas says:

    Well “2funny”….These two jobs have a relationship.. and a difference..
    Neither of these jobs have prestige…
    The difference… McDonald’s is a family and peaceful place
    Police Departments: Brainless and lifeless people..

  10. 2 Funny says:

    Johnny, too bad you’re UNEMPLOYED and don’t kmow the diffrence between McDonalds and any other job….

  11. chris says:

    whatever the story with the officer, he was off duty. Why the heck is a santa ana police officer(off duty) doing in that area first of all to seee this happen. Why didnt he just call 911 like any other citizen would of done and just follow the car the “victim” had “stolen” and just waited for a dressed police officer in a black and white to show up…hell if i know i was breaking in a car and some normal dressed person following me and if they “claimed there were an officer or not” i would of reached in my waistband too come on now people its halloween now anyone could of been impersonating a cop

  12. Tony F. says:

    The thinning of the herd continues.

  13. el chingon says:

    Paul Castillo! You are a moron. When you become a victim of a crime, “Don’t Call the Police”. if you do, you’ll be acting like a little B(*&^%$!! because you wouldn’t have the balls to deal with it yourself.

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