IRVINE (CBS) — Police detectives are reportedly combing through more than 150 parcels and packages they believe were stolen from the front doors of Irvine homes by one man.

Officials say the packages were all found in the car and home of Tien Kim Vu, a 27-year-old Santa Ana man.

Vu was arrested Thursday says Edward Lawrence, reporting for KCAL9 and CBS2.

The alleged thefts date back to early 2010, but the bulk of the theft complaints came in the last three months, say officials.

One detective, in particular, was troubled by what he saw was a pattern in the thefts, mostly occurring in North Irvine. In many of the reported thefts, a suspicious car was seen loitering through neighborhoods.

The unidentified detective spotted a car that fit that description Thursday evening. He watched Vu apparently drive up to a residence, take a package and put it in his passenger seat.

Moreover, police say Vu was driving in a car that had been reported stolen.

Yu has been booked into the Orange County Jail for possession of stolen property as well as petty theft.

Authorities say additional charges are pending.

The packages were delivered by UPS, the US Postal Service and FedEx.

Police say the property ranges from a photo album with pictures from the 70s, as well as a computer server valued over $1,000.

The Irvine police department wants to remind the public of several safety tips involving deliveries this holiday season: to ask neighbors to be on the lookout for deliveries, to insure packages, to have parcels delivered to your place of work (if possible) or to always require a signature.

If you believe Vu may have stolen a package you were waiting for, Edward Lawrence says to contact Detective David Smith of Irvine Police (949) 724-7233.

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  1. John Holmes says:

    It seems that FedEx, UPS and USPS really dropped the ball by not having under cover investigators follow these trucks when deliveries started to dissapear in 2010. That is why most delivery companies make you sign for packages worth a lot of money.

    1. rick says:

      not always john i am an owner of a small business and i often get packages at home some worth well over a grand and even on the times when i was home UPS has NEVER required a signature and the same with fed-ex i dont say they are not SUPPOSE TO ask for or get a signature but i know as fact no package i have EVER recived for my business has EVER been signed for

  2. wgaf says:

    This is why I & deliver all my packages in balloons that are smuggled in my anus.

  3. Tyrone says:

    It’s not UPS Or Fed Ex that needs to get the signature on a high declared valve package but the sender/shippers responsablity to have a signature to assure the recevier got the package for Insurance or billing because the receiver can simply say I never receveied it so there fore I’m not John Holmes UPS and Fed-Ex are only proving the service that was requested.P.S. Both companys have tracking systems to insure the package was received and you can get the copy of the signature on line.

    1. R.J. says:

      Tyrone yes i am sure both companys have some sort of tracking system but with out my signature as the reciever how good can that system really be?? this is what i am thinking. if driver A has a package to deliver and he/she enters it into the system that it was delivered, but it did not require my signature or the signature of someone at my home/business then who is able to prove he/she really delivered it to me? i will admit its not likely a wide spread issue but lets be real there has to be crooked drivers out there who stop off at their home or the home of a friend on the rout and drop stuff off. i simply belive that ALL packages should require the signature of someone at the drop loc. even if the sender does not care if there is a signature UPS and FED-EX AND USPS should all care and require the signature to cover their own tails. many years ago my family sent me a gift from new mexico to los angeles for christmas it was noting greatly expensive just some baked goods and some gifts my mom insured it for the value of the gifts well i NEVER got it but UPS swore they delivered it. my mom challanged it and UPS did a back check and SURE NUFF the driver droped it at the wrong home there was 2 streets in the area with the same name 1ST AVE AND 1ST ST. i lived on 1st st and the package went to 1st ave. simple mistake but because it did not require a signature it never got to the right person and it took a long while to sort it out

      1. Mo says:

        R.J., you can require a signature as the sender for a nominal fee. Pay the fee, the parcel does not get left without a signature. Simple as that. If you want to have to sign for delivery, notify the shipper that you will pay the extra fee and a signature WILL be required. Chances are, you’ll be making a trip to the P.O. or local U.P.S. or Fed-Ex office to pick up. Quit being a jackwagon.

      2. R.J. says:

        Mo i recieve on the avg of 3-7 parcels PER DAY for my business i get them from UPS, FED-EX, USPS i have repeatedly asked both my vendors and the delivery guys to require signatures not only to insure the stuff gets delivered to me but also for my own use to see which of my workers recieved what and when so i can better track my invantory. in 3 years of owning this business i have NEVER signed for anything nor has any of my staff because the driver mearly walks in drops the parcels and walks out when we ask where do we sign they say THERE IS NO NEED FOR THAT and before you say REPORT THE DRIVER it is seldome the same driver 2 times in a row especially with the USPS and FED-EX. SO it is not as simple as you try to make it yes the rules and procedures may be in place to do it as you state but NO ONE ON THE DELIVERY END DOES IT. i asked my vendors who sware they always get a SIGNATURE returned to them, what the signature says, weather it is my name or the name of any of my staff. they tell me its a SCRIBBLE not legible as a name so i am left to assume the driver in order to save time mearly scribbles something across the screen on their gizzmo to get back on the road

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