LAS FLORES (CBS) — A group of Orange County cheerleaders say they quit the squad following a dispute with their coaches.

CBS2’s Rob Schmitt spoke to the former cheerleaders who have been a part of the squad at Tesoro High School since their freshman year.

It’s something that they love, they say, but claim their coaches drove them away after asking them at a meeting which one they’d rather do… go to a competition in Florida or a senior year dance.

When they answered that they’d rather go to the dance, the girls say the coaches demoted the team’s two senior captains.

“It’s disappointing that our senior year was basically ruined,” Kelli Massey said. “And it’s disappointing that our coaches are the reason why.”

“It’s sad because we want to be out there and cheering with the team that we’re bonding with but… we’re happy because we don’t have to deal with being put down,” said Marissa Peak.

Parent Bob Peak claims the girls were demoted as captains after being accused of not agreeing to go to the competition.

“And that wasn’t true. They did agree to go to the competition. It’s just that they made their opinion known to the coaches,” he said.

“There’s been a huge migration from this program. It’s always been a lot of girls on the team. The majority of the girls that were eligible to try out this year that were on the team last year choose not to,” said Karen Hyman, a parent.

We tried talking to the athletic director and the head coach of the squad but got nowhere on camera.

The school also declined to comment on the story Friday night. They did, however, tell us that no formal complaint has been filed with the school district.

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  1. Just a Thought says:

    This is news?

    1. Fanny says:

      Hello, I’m looking for a primary school that has cheerleeders for my daughters aged 8 and 5! They are very sporty, make it to the gym approved. I am looking for school in LOS ANGELES. Thank you and good day here is my mail

  2. DJ says:

    What’s the surprise here? The bullies win, as usual.

  3. BW says:

    These are KIDS. They don’t need to compete in a stupid cheerleading competition that will have nothing to do with their eventual career; they need to be kids and go to dances and learn at school. These idiot coaches need to stop living through their cheerleaders’ lives and remember what it was like to be in school.

    1. gb says:

      Yes, but they made the commitment to be on a team that competes. Now they are letting their team down. The other girls on the team are excited to go to Florida and compete. These girls are just seniors who are checked out of the program and thought that if they told the coaches that they weren’t doing it, it would be cancelled.

      1. get overit says:

        you obviosly are one of the 4 who wants to compete. The majority of the girls are not excitied to go to Florida there are just being bullied because they enjoying cheering for their school and want to continue doing that.

      2. gb says:

        dear get overit
        i guess if you mean they are being bullied to fulfill a commitment then you are right. it is too bad the parents didn’t encourage their daughters to fulfill their commitment. i feel that it is the parents job to teach our children that sometimes sacrifices must be made, but you must follow through on your commitments….a life lesson

      3. Excheerleader says:

        We told our coaches that we would give 100% even though we werent thrilled about going to the competition. We were asked for our opinions and we told them and we were punished for it. Anyone who doesnt know the whole story should not be trash talking us because you dont sit in those practices and get put down and leave feeling demoralized and crying.

      4. gb says:

        i heard from one of the girls remaining on the team that the captains were demoted because they were not supportive of the coaches and team’s agenda to compete. when you grow up maybe you will understand that you can’t have leaders that undermine authority. you could have continued and finished out the year and realized that you did not want to participate in a group like this in the future, but you all quit. so just let it go and if the school doesn’t fix the problems and its really that bad, then no one will try out in the future and they will be forced to do something about any problems that exist in the program. ask anyone on any serious sports program and no one really thinks their coaches are the nicest people in the world, they are rule enforcers, disciplinarians, not popular with teenagers

    2. SD says:

      Actually you do learn many important life skills on a competitive team that you will use the rest of your life. These girls learn discipline, team work, responsibility, time management skills, goal setting, and perseverance, just to name a few!! We should not be teaching our kids and students to be quitters. This is what is wrong with our culture today. Everyone just wants to have fun and not work hard. I’m sorry but we should be instilling hard work and perserverance into our youth, not to quit when you don’t get your way!

      1. Excheerleader says:

        Actually i am one of the girls who quit and we didnt just walk off the team because of lack of commitment. We are constantly being put down and told we have no common sense. They coach by intimidation and have already had a formal bullying complaint filed against them from girls on the team previous years. We werent going to put up with another year of it so we took a stand and stood up for ourselves. This program has only gone downhill and with these coaches its only getting worse. I know from experience. Obviously this was edited and the full story was not shown but no one really knows except for us so we dont appreciate your rude comments. This was something important to us and we gave it up. No one just quits something they love for no reason.

      2. Tim Lucas says:

        I think it’s great that a stand was taken right or wrong and to back that up with action. There is strength in numbers and if you proceed do so with full commitment. If you are wrong, it only ads wisdom. If you are correct then you will be bathed in righteousness. Continue on, never give up.

    3. offthewall says:

      To BW,
      I would hardly call 17 year old’s kids, they are young adults, but they are certainly acting like kids…. little kids who cry when they don’t get their way. How pitiful!

    4. davidL says:

      These are KIDS. They don’t need to go to a stupid dance that has nothing to do with their obligation to fulfill their commitment to attend cheerleader activities. The kids need to stop up and do the right thing. These selfish idiot girls need to learn that in the real world, you just can’t skip out on an obligation to go to a dance.

    5. Michelle says:

      WOW, an extremely similar thing happened to me in 2009 as a varsity songleader on tesoro pepsquad. GIL RAMIERZ AND DR.BURCH DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR STUDENTS AND HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL PUT THESE “PROFESSIONAL, NEW COACHES” BEFORE EVERYBODY. I saddens me that this program has only gotten worse and what use to and SHOULD be an enjoyable, rewarding experience is being destroyed. This is a high school pepsquad,the people who are suppose to care are causing the most pain on these girls, it just isn’t right and they don’t deserve to have jobs.

      1. to2009Songleader says:

        The more people that speak up the better…it’s never too late. It’s in the districts hands now, please go to the district to help this case out.

  4. Alan Di says:

    How will humanity go on? Can you imagine life without the cheer squad?

  5. SC says:

    Since when did Sue Sylvester work at Tesoro High School?

  6. Josh Butts says:

    I’m glad this is news. Let everyone know what a bunch of a-hole coaches they are.

    1. ath says:

      Josh Butts…explain your comment and validate it!

  7. bh says:

    What’s sad is the girls made the decision to quit and now the parents are trying to continue the drama and blame the coaches for their lack of commitment to the tam. So you wanted to go to another winter formal dance rather than compete in a national competition in Florida with your team? Then quit and move on, the coaches did nothing wrong, how can you allow someone to be a captain of your team who brings discordance and drama to the squad by insinuating that all the girls feel the same as them. On the news, they just came off as selfish brats that didn’t get their way.

    1. Embarrassed 49er says:

      as a former csulb 49er, your choice of attitude is a disgrace. First off, seniors have so much on their minds on what college to choose, what major they want to pursue and to celebrate their senior year. It is a one time offer. The coaches should have an underclass captain on board in case of this, just as long it is not a consistent problem.
      Your word choice needs some change and betterment rather than make excuses. It is a shame for some folks to display the arrogance you have displayed.

      1. bh says:

        How is that arrogance? Anyone that has been part of a competitive team or a club sport knows that your loyalty and allegiance lies with your team. If they just wanted to have fun their senior year, they shouldn’t have agreed to be part of a team that they know goes to several competitions a year. No one would fault them for that decision.With any sport, sacrifices are necessary. Most girls know that it is a special honor to compete in Florida and do not look at missing the dance as a sacrifice. It is a good idea to have an underclassman as captain to represent the whole team better. Maybe that would have thwarted all the drama.

    2. Excheerleader says:

      Our parents did not do anything to continue this. The coaches did do some wrong things. We love all the girls on that team and we realize that our decision affected them. But we are doing this because of coaches who are sucking the fun out of a HIGH SCHOOL SPORT that is all about SUPPORTING THE SCHOOL AND OTHER TEAMS. It had nothing to do with not getting our way. People dont quit for no reason. The fact that they made no comment made them look stupid.

      1. bh says:

        who contacted the news if not the parents of these students??

      2. justa mom says:

        AGRED 100%
        Proud that you are standing up for yourselves.

      3. justa momma says:

        Since this has been ongoing for years it could have been a parent whos complaint wasn’t heard last year or in previous years. This is not something new and the school just lets it continue, the competition is just the half of the drama

      4. Excheerleader says:

        We were told it was an anonymous caller. We did not call the news!

      5. dramahater says:

        The way the cheerleaders spoke made them look stupid. one rolls her doe eyes and another can’t even complete a cohesive thought. Let it go and move on with your lives.

      6. grow up says:

        The coaches certainly look more professional than you kids do, simply by making no comment.

  8. patrisha murray says:

    is this a comedy skit from Saturday night live? the parents should be so embarrassed that their teaching their children that this is important in life

    1. Sue Sylvester is at tesoro says:

      Its important to teach your kids to have dignity and not be bullied by adults. Patrisha, do you allow people to constantly put you down, bully and manipulate you? I doubt it, and neither should our kids?

      1. grow up says:

        You should be embarrassed that you choose not to have your kids respect the teachers!

  9. justa mom says:

    **shouldn’t have to deal with

  10. carlos says:

    Wow, looks like some rich girls got their parents to get the evening news to mess with some coaches. Didn’t even file a complaint with the district or the school, huh? Sounds like these brats can’t get enough attention. Hopefully, the school sticks to their guns, and doesn’t leave the coaches in the lurch.

    1. justa mom says:

      they did go to the school…find out your facts first and they have gone to the school for YEARS…many people have and it’s just ignored.

  11. She must go says:

    The vast majority of students and parents that have been involved in this program has left with bitterness and bad memories due to the tactics of this coach. She is unprofessional and speaks poorly of team members and their parents.

  12. Excheerleader says:

    Girls who are still on the team were told by the coaches that they are not allowed to talk to us. Im pretty sure they are not allowed to tell people who they can and cannot talk to.

    1. highschoolsports says:

      I have 3 kids who have played high school sports. What a not pleasant experience. My kids have experienced some pretty bad stuff with coaches. One guy cusses the kids out at length. One time I clocked it for 17 mins. First preseason game of the year. F words, name calling, slamming doors, throwing equipment, threats, punishments, bullying etc etc. MANY have gone to the athletic director, and principal. Nothing is ever done. Another coach said ” I will cut your legs off!” and “I will cut you into tuna!”. What kind of grown up says these things?
      NOW I do have my first playing sports in college. The coaches are GREAT!! Nice supportive and educational. No bullying and belittling. Can’t wait til the other 2 are out of high school.
      I hope you girls can put it behind you. They are bad coaches, there are many of them out there that have no business working with kids.

  13. Excheerleader2 says:

    All of you who are bashing us don’t understand what really happened. It is not all about competition. If any of your daughters were in our position of getting bullied and put down by their coaches, I guarantee that you wouldn’t just let it keep happening. We’re not spoiled brats who didn’t get our way, it’s much bigger than that. This has gone on our whole high school cheer careers and we needed to do something about it. We didn’t contact the news they called us because they received an phone call from someone.

    1. drama hater says:

      ok, then give specific examples of what the coaches did that was so bad, so everyone can understand exactly why you quit

      1. Excheerleader2 says:

        If you hate drama “dama hater”, then stop posting comments. There’s so many things that happened over the years that have lead up to this we’re not going to waste our time trying to explain to you something you have nothing to with.

    2. drama hater says:

      exactly what i thought you would say, excheerleader2

    3. grow up says:

      Get a life ….and then learn about doing your job and making a commitment!

    4. grow up says:

      Excheerleadeader2..give specifics

  14. drama hater says:

    Its pretty simple to figure out who is behind all this pot stirring….the same person who created needless drama in our pep squad booster meetings last year complaining about everything from spending money on a banquet for the girls and how moneys were handled and budgeted. goodbye drama, not sad that you are off the team. leave the remaining girls alone so the ones that want to be there can enjoy the rest of their season. go find a hobby and good riddance

    1. Tree Hugger says:

      What are your thoughts about students charged with bullying, taking a dump on people’s lawns, and getting caught for shoplifting? Should they stay on a team or be removed? Did you say stay? Because they’re good family friends? Oh, OK! You ment to say removed, because such behaviors should have consequences and not be rewarded by putting them on the Varsity team…The plot thickens. And who is stirring the pot? There is no booster club this year… More power to the “Head Coach” to have full control! It is more simple to keep it “CHEERLEADING” duh, to promote school spirit and have fun! Not to stomp out each individual’s spirit because they’re pawns. These are kids! Learning to stand up for themselves and not be mistreated by childlike behavior from the adults/coaches, oh my bad, the cheer coach is kid, uh…adult, no kid, oh well, should be applauded! Since it’s obvious you haven’t stood up for yourself, you can crawl back under your “Hater” cloak, keep on judging others like a good bully and coward so you can feel better about yourself.

      1. Cheer Moms need lives says:

        the coach may be a kid in our eyes but he presents himself with maturity. I can’t say that about most of these parents posting on this article.

      2. peace says:

        It seems like the problems with other students should have been addressed at the time these infractions occurred, why are you bringing it up now? what does this have to do with the quitters? and just maybe you don’t have all the info to know why girls weren’t kicked off the team, oh i forgot you know everything….

  15. get over it says:

    OH PLEASE, this is not rocket science, it’s cheer and a bunch of spoiled brats who are just mad they did not get their way, and parents who make it worse by encouraging the drama.
    Don’t you all have more important things to spend your time on?
    Get over it already and move on to something like ….maybe school work.

  16. Roger Thornhill says:

    This story is nothing. Stay tuned for next week, I’m calling KCBS because at my grocery store, the checker twice put canned food on top of my bread. I’m offended, and of course, that means a story!

    1. get over it says:

      Totally agree. CBS should be embarrassed for even doing a NON story on this.

  17. Karma says:

    Drama hater, funny but that person stirred the pot at the coach’s request and has the emails to prove it. You must not forget that your coach was not exactly liked or respected by her board. You Wilkins figure her out too. She is a snake

  18. Karma says:

    And, do you support her turning her head when there are girls on the team that, by their own admission, have recently been arrested?

    1. Karma says:

      Everyone. On that team had more than a handspring. They cut the 2 seniors that didn’t. You should get your facts straight.

      1. um... says:

        excuse me i had a handspring and almost a tuck….and i was cut because?

    2. grow up says:

      And this is important that you embarrass someone… because???????????

    3. the 5 losers says:

      she had level 1 tumbling. don’t forget she turned her head for the ungrateful quitter who had bad grades and now is on tv sad because she can’t cheer, she quit. Go work on your grades you’ll need it to count your money for your ticket to the dance.

      1. Alisomom says:

        As an outsider I think it is indicative of a problem when there are so few upperclassmen. All the other schools in the district have teams loaded with juniors and seniors! Nuu said. Tesoro administration needs to look at this closely

    4. Aliso sucks says:

      i believe Aliso needs to stay out of this since they caused drama last year.

    5. justa momma says:

      GW how can you compare being arrested to having no tumbling??

  19. kosher says:

    love theme bimbos cheer me up . Stupid as it gets

  20. grow up says:

    It appears the girls CHOSE to quit the team and CHOSE not to honor their commitment…H-E-L-L-O!!!
    A single school dance was more important to them than a commitment made to the team and their teammates.
    You should be Disgusted by that!

    1. shhhhh says:

      grow up, since you are clealy uninformed about this you should refrain from commenting. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about…it’s not about a dance..

  21. I support the coaches says:

    It’s disturbing to see quitters in letterman jackets especially when they want to be recognized as a sport. Yet they choose to attend a dance over a National Cheerleading Championship in Florida aired on ESPN. Enjoy your dance and let the ATHLETES enjoy their time in Florida.

    1. not a quitter says:

      i agree!

    2. mnm says:

      They didn’t choose to attend a dance over a National Cheerleading Championship, if you read the article and did your research, you’d see that the students simply expressed their opinions and shared with their coach that they’d rather go to the dance, but they’d still give their all to the competition. I’d be fed up to if I was abused and had my position as senior captain taken away. They did what was best for them, and ensuring their mental health is far more important than some cheer competition, if the coach really cared for the team, she would have shown it.

      1. MNM Got it! says:

        DING DING DING…you hit the nail on the head.
        END OF STORY!!

  22. Sue Sylvester is at tesoro says:

    It’s not about a competition. It’s about mistreatment by coaches. Those girls never said they wouldn’t go. They just said they preferred not to as did 4 other girls that did not quit. Pep Squad is to support school teams. If the focus is competition then don’t call it a pep squad. And if your mission statement says youbare role models than you need to take a look at the character of some of your members.

    1. HATERS to the Left says:

      ummm i’m pretty sure that every school has a team that cheers at games and competes, their called PEP SQUAD dumb ass! I feel bad for the coaches, they are being called bullies yet what these parents and girls are doing is bullying them!

  23. 5 quitters can suck it says:

    spoiled selfish brats…they need to know that it’s stupid if they think this is the worst thing to happen to them. they are a disgrace to cheerleading!

  24. Spy Radar says:


    1. HATERS to the Left says:

      I think it’s obvious on Facebook.

      1. M for magic is the spy! says:

        it’s the magic…we all know it!

    2. M for magic is the spy! says:

      *It’s the magic girl

      1. . says:

        she is happily following through with her committment, she is not a spy or a snitch… stop pointing fingers when you have NO clue,

    3. .. says:

      she’s a SPY and a SNITCH!!!!!

  25. Karma says:

    ML is not a snitch nor a spy. she’s friends with everyone

  26. Old titan says:

    You all my want to keep in mind that no alumni came back for Homecoming last week. My daughter left in 2010 and has nothing but disdain for the head, power hungry coach. She has ruined the spirit of so many young women. Her peers and the seniors from last year are proud of the fact that someone has finally stood up to this. I would never allow my other daughter to be objected to this coach.

    1. Excheerleader says:

      don’t worry Mama Grabar no one wants her on the team!

  27. cheer moms are power hungry says:

    The cheer coach is the best thing to happen to Tesoro. I’ve never seen Tesoro cheer or song look as good as they do now! Keep up the good work coaches! 🙂

  28. Al-Qaeda says:

    I am angry at cheerleaders.

  29. pda says:

    justa mom needs to justa get a life outside her kid!

    1. honestly says:

      If y’all have a problem with this news report why don’t you just stop watching it, stop wasting your time commenting, and move on with your lives.

    2. JustAKid says:

      You obviously don’t understand, although I hope you soon will. A child IS their mother’s life and their number one priority.

  30. Hahaha says:

    Speaking of tumbling neither of the juniors have much and would not have been on that team if they hadn’t driven the talented juniors away. They were the only 2 juniors that even tried out.

  31. Jags68 says:

    I hope none of these cry babies join the military, I would hate to see them cry when they find out it’s not a club med vacation. If I cried like this when I was playing Jr Hockey because I did not like what the coach said I would of never gone as far as I did. I bet these same cry babies are the one’s who bullie other kids who don’t look like them or dress like them. If this has been going on for a long time, and every year then why do you still try out?????

  32. Cougo says:

    This is horrible news !!! Who is going to represent the school in Florida by jumping up and down and wiggling their butts?!

  33. Haha says:

    haha you guys are real mature adults calling 17 year olds spoiled brats and cry babies when they’re just sticking up for themselves. Try acting like the mature 40 years olds you should be.

  34. jags68 says:

    @haha yes they are spoiled brats and cry babies. For one they claim this has been going on for year’s. So if that is the case they new about it before they tried out. So now they want to cry about it. So how are they going to handle it in the real world,. When there boss jumps down their throat for making a misstake that cost the company lot’s of cash??? cry to their mommy and daddy..

  35. Football mom says:

    Only sport in the school with no booster club. Can you say power hungry, control freak coach Has been af odds with every booster board so she did away with it.

    1. Meow says:

      GEE Football mom..looking at the jealous comments and the rants on here, it’s no wonder the boosters were done away with. What a giant cat-fight.

  36. Basketball says:

    Only sport with no booster club. Can you say power hungry, control freak coach. She has been at odds with every booster board she had so she did away with it.

    1. offthewall says:

      Basketball & Football mom –
      Obviously coming from former boosters who just can’t give up.
      Maybe there is a reason there is no booster club…
      Because most are a bunch of power hungry controlling mom’s who think they should run the show.
      No wonder these girls have they same attitude that they should be in control, HMMM wonder where they learned it from.
      So Sad

      1. Basketball says:

        What about girls that are taught there are no repercussions for vandalizing their teammate’s home and then getting caught shoplifting.

    2. THS alum says:

      The current coach was once a cheer mom who was president of the boosters. She had no coaching experience at all.

      1. Another alum says:

        And was instrumental in making the coach’s lives hell and getting them fired! What goes around comes around!

      2. whatawasteoftime says:

        THS alum …Get facts straight before posting comments.

      3. THS alum says:

        My facts are completely correct and true!

      4. whatawasteoftime says:

        THS alum…..better go back to school

  37. SC says:

    Who is this power hungry coach that everyone is calling out?

  38. Another alum says:

    And she ran every coach off and got them fired. I guess what goes around comes around

    1. alums should be ashamed says:

      Another alum …………how pathetic these people are that have no life other than trying to hurt the young kids currently involved by putting down such a great program.
      GET A LIFE!

      1. bragelina says:

        You support coaches that allow vandalizing, stealing, bullying as part of being a role mode? We all know what standards you have!! Below the bar! So good for you that you support the coaches and their ill wayzzzzz! Why don’t you concentrate on the girls on the team instead of the ones who quit? You’re putting way too much effort on those who aren’t even there!

  39. Peacemaker says:



    “What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth.”

  40. Another alum says:

    We have seen it with our eyes and heard it with our ears for years. And if she doesn’t run your daughter off you will too. Just like all of us that didn’t cone back after last years debacle.

    1. peace says:

      most of the girls don’t like robin, we all know that. but the only reason my daughter can ever give me about why is how strict she is. she gets on them about talking too much or forgetting their jacket or having the wrong color bow. she is trying to teach them responsibility. maybe the moms that don’t like her had girls that were alternates last year which wasn’t a positive situation and hopefully will not be repeated. maybe their daughters had other activities that they thought she should be understanding about. i think most kids don’t like a strict teacher when they aren’t good about following the rules or working hard. as a parent it seems that she always has the girls and teams best interest at heart with the decisions she makes. could someone do a better job? probably. would i want her job dealing with 50+ teenage girls, no way…teenagers are not the easiest to deal with- they think they know everything, are entitled, and should get to do what they want. they need a tough person to reign them in….we will see what happens in the future, but we all need to remember that no one is perfect.

      1. THS alum says:

        No one is complaining about the rules about clothing and such. This problem has nothing to do with that.

  41. idon'tgetit says:

    why do people keep bringing up vandalizing and stealing, aren’t these issues for the police to deal with? if they were guilty, then why weren’t they punished by the law? maybe we should look at why law enforcement doesn’t punish small infractions by minors, rather than expecting a cheer coach to do something about it. if we are looking at illegal activities, maybe we should also look at one of the quitters moms being arrested for DUI for example. nice example for their daughters, shows great character and morals

    1. THS alum says:

      What an ugly person you must be to say something about a parent!
      The girls on the team ALL understand that they are role models for the school. They are told that they can be kicked off the cheer team if they make poor choices and get into trouble. If the girls really did do some of the things mentioned, then they should have been kicked off. The parents are not part of this at all. I actually know how you must be to have brought this up. Shame on you!

      1. enough is enough says:

        so the girls quit because they were on the team with a shoplifter?? no, i think they have forgotten why they really quit and are just pulling anything and everything that the coaches have ever done wrong to make themselves feel better. what is sad is all this drama is just taking away the school support of pep squad and taking away from the hard work and effort of the girls that have chosen to continue with pep squad.

  42. another alum says:

    Because the team mission statement says that the girls should be role models…Vandals and thieves are not role models. If a girl is in trouble with the law she does not belong on this team. PERIOD! This will be looked into by the administration.

    1. idon'tgetit says:

      was she is trouble with the law? i never heard anything about this….and neither has my daughter. was an arrest made on these charges? it seems completely separate from the issue at hand, however

    2. . says:

      i can’t believe you are waisting your time “another alum” talking trash to something you aren’t a part in anymore. you graduated move on. get a life!

    3. joreilly says:

      The parents of the girls that quit should worry about their own households. There is an old saying… “People who live in glass houses should NOT throw stones”


    a quitters mom arrested for a DUI…I love it!!!

  44. another alum says:

    YES, there was an arrest and they told some of their teammmates.

    And to Peace, there are many more reasons that they don’t like her. They are used to strict teachers and coaches, but manipulative tactics and pitting girls and their moms against each other is much more than that.
    There was a lot going on behind the scenes last year that you may not know about. She was using certain moms to be her mouthpiece at the booster meetiing because she was supposed to present a neutral front. Bottom line is she needs to go and so does he. He is a kid and ill equiipped to deal with 30 teenage girls

    1. . says:

      they are the best thing to happen to this program. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it last year but you must admit you all looked better than you have in the past. you placed better at nationals too. get a life!

  45. another alum says:

    You too, will learn that she is a snake…peace out!

  46. whatawasteoftime says:



    “What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth.”

  47. hahah says:

    shut up yourself…this is an open forum

  48. Parents stop trash talk now! says:

    Gosh these parents are so sad and pathetic to spend their day online trashing other students, students for goodness sakes. Who does this? I have no connection to this story, but coaching teams for years at the high school level, if a team or sport loses most of its upperclassman, that is a red flag to the school that there is a bullying problem or other serious problems by both by the coach and crazy, jealous moms who would step on another girl’s throat for their daughter to be the popular cheerleader. Parents, step away from bullying on the computer. If students say they are be bullied, it is only fair that they be heard and then school investigate.

  49. Hardmoney says:

    When I was in high school, the main focus of the cheerleaders was having sex with the varsity squad…has it changed? I remember several of them being caught…ahh…achieving their goals.

  50. honestly says:

    If y’all have a problem with this news report why don’t you just stop watching it, stop wasting your time commenting, and move on with your lives.

  51. Peacetrain says:

    Ex Cheer Leaders, get over it. You were demoted, not kicked off the team. You decided to quit and not honor your commitment to be on the team. This doesn’t look good on your college applications when you explain that you quit because you disagreed with teachers/coaches.

    1. THS alum says:

      Some things are more important than what you can put on your college application.

      1. Peacetrain says:

        Yes, like teaching your kids not to quit because they disagree with someone.

  52. Michael says:

    Quick solution… change the date of the school dance so the girls who show school spirit all season aren’t penalized for supporting their school in Florida. Everybody wins.

    1. John Estrada says:

      Change the date? Hell, that would take an act of congress.

  53. enogh already says:

    People…it’s not about the dance…This was just the last straw after a culmination of things. It’s none of anyone’s business. It’s not about the other girls left on the team nor about the if it doesn’t involve you then just move on!!!

    1. enogh already says:

      As the girls should do…you quit…it’s over…MOVE ON

      1. Enough already says:

        They have moved on. I believe the parents are dealing with the district administration. So just go away…it’s in the hands of the people that will check into the situation now. You don’t need to come here and copy people’s names and inflame the situation

      2. Yessss says:

        It’s about time someone looks into the complaints about this coach at a higher level than the school. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. People don’t make this stuff up out of the blue

  54. John Estrada says:

    Good decision girls because the “Senior” experience is far more important that a cheer leading competition. I applaud you for taking a stand… especially against vindictive coaches. Anyone who remembers high school has to know they exist.

  55. I'm Over bout you says:

    ANy one hear that San Onofre had a leak today???

  56. shame on you says:

    I personally know all five of the cheerleaders who quit and i can honestly say not one of them has a mean or vindictive bone in their body. I agree with the comments above, its obvious that some of these posts are from moms who are clearly jealous that they themselves are still not on the cheer team. But even as a 16 year old i know better then to even think some of the things they have written. Im disgusted that it has come to this and i will continue to support these girls. If we can take one thing out of this whole situation it is that mean girls often grow up to be mean orange county housewives

  57. THS alum says:

    This program has gone down in the last few years, so I really do hope someone from the district is looking into things.

  58. To all the ingratefuls at Tesoro says:

    I just happened on this story on CBS and want to comment…shame on all of you moms and cheerleaders, you are all just so pitiful. Moms attacking kids attacking moms who are attacking teachers, over CHEERLEADING..Seriously?????
    You are the lucky ones to be getting an education in the first place, and in such a priveledged community. You should say your prayers for this every day.
    Let your school and the teachers do their jobs for God’s sake. They aren’t paid enough to deal with the likes of you all.
    If your not happy with things, go to college, get a teaching credential and then go and change things up, until then SHUT UP!
    Look for the good in your life. You know not what you have!

  59. Myob says:

    Sorry, but this is not a story about cheerleading. It’s a story about girls that got tired of a power hungry coach and her manipulative ways, and had the self esteem to walk away. Mind your own business

    1. To all the ingratefuls at Tesoro says:

      You all opened this to comment by making this story public
      As I said…..
      If your not happy with things, go to college, get a teaching credential and then go and change things up, until then SHUT UP!
      There is your solution!

      1. Peacetrain says:

        MYOB, To all the…is correct. If any of these girls become coach, let’s see how they react when their girls and their moms begin to disagree with them and quit the team. What goes around, comes around.

  60. Myob says:

    Oh ok. Whatever you say. That’s a great solution….lol

  61. shhhh says:

    and furthermore, they did not committ to being constantly put down and criticized and ridiculed

  62. Elcee says:

    Geez, if I had a dollar for every time somebody used the word “bully” or “bullying” in this forum, I’d just about have enough money to live in OC.

    Life isn’t fair. The world is a tough place. WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN.

    Sounds like some spoiled brats need to grow up and learn choices have consequences and some priviledged helicopter moms need to get a life and let their daughters learn how to handle some life issues on their own.

    1. Geezzzz says:

      And you need to stop forming opinions when you are not privy to the real issues

      1. Elcee says:

        You assume I don’t have all the facts just because I don’t agree with you?

        Princess, the sooner you learn the axis of the universe doesn’t run through your backside, the better off you’ll be.

  63. MM in OC says:

    The real problem is the school chose to have a dance during the same time as a sporting event. This would never have happened if it was a football or basketball game. Dance and cheer teams are rarely considered equal to male sports in high school. That’s the real tragedy.

  64. Z Ron says:

    POwer Hungry coaches at this school need to be dismiised or humbled. You need to file a FORMAL COMPLAIN against these coaches so that the school district, principle and the media can go to it and get a clear story instead of he said / she said.

    When the media is in front of these coaches, they are not going to play the POWER GAME and be BULLIES at all. They will either admit they made a mistake, or go down and be disciplined.

    FILE THE FORMAL COMPLAINT NOW! Do not let these coaches get away with it.

    1. Geez says:

      I believe a group of parents did that earlier this week

  65. TV Viewer says:

    This would be a great episode either for the OC or the Real Housewives of Orange County

  66. Hey there Dr. B says:

    Maybe the way to get the attention of the administration is to get the word out that when testing comes around…just bubble in any design they want. Then when the API scores are down, the administration will learn to care about ALL aspects of their students not just the test scores…

  67. TexasForever says:

    Poor babies….!
    Idiocracy is here.
    I wonder if these nitwits can read and write?

  68. Marie says:

    I understand that cheer is a huge competitive sport especially in more affluent areas, but come on…this is news? Really? At least that squad can afford to travel to comps. in the first place. There are tons of cheer squads in less wealthy areas that can’t even afford uniforms let alone comp. fees. Perspective, people of Tesoro High, perspective.

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