LOS ANGELES (CBS) —A statewide reduction in Medi-Cal payments may soon leave millions of Californians without adequate health care.

KNX 1070’s Jan Stevens reports a 10 percent cut is likely to add even more hurdles for participants in the taxpayer-funded program.

Dr. David Barron of Primary Caring of Malibu says extensive paperwork and low reimbursement totals already make it difficult to provide care to Medi-Cal patients.

“It’s really unfortunate because if they cut it even more, maybe some of these institutions will have to say, ‘We simply can’t function like this anymore,” said Barron.

Hospitals who depend solely on Medi-Cal for funding could soon face severe cash shortages.

“Whether it’s state or federal or county,” said Barron. “But the Medi-Cal itself is just fatally flawed, there’s simply not enough money to take care of the people that it’s providing for.

An estimated 7.5 million poor and disabled Californians are currently covered by the program.

California spends $14 billion on Medi-Cal, which is the state’s Medicaid program. The cuts are expected to save the state more than $620 million.

Comments (4)
  1. ES says:

    Let’s cut Medi-Cal and support the “DREAM Act”, right? The F!@#@#$ priorities! This state has officially gone to S h 1 T!!!

  2. alg says:

    WELL, MAYBE IF THEY WOULD STOP TAKING CARE OF THE ILLEGAL ALIENS FIRST,they would have enough money to care for the rest of the 3rd class AMERICAN CITIZENS.
    attention protestors. Demand that all illegal aliens be deported immediately from every state in the Union. That should be DEMAND NUMBER ONE.

  3. Kelly Meyer says:

    I have a similar issue with a disability policy I paid for. They send so much paperwork to fill out that I am unable to fill it out and nobody else can do it. I have been deemed disabled for 2 years now and have headaches and shakes constantly. The insurance company wants me to give them notes daily of my headaches and what meds I take and activities I do to make it better. Maybe they should spend there time and money on stopping the illegals from getting all our funds!!!!!!!

  4. KDM says:

    It is sad what yhe elders have to deal with. I would like more info on his matter

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