‘Dream Act’ Over? Opponents Say Demand For Petition ‘Off The Charts’

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Southland celebration of the passage of the California Dream Act could be short-lived.

Union members, activists and college students came together at a labor hall in the Westlake district Thursday to celebrate the passage of the bill that gives children of illegal immigrants access to state college aid.

But even as supporters are claiming a political victory, one Pasadena group is already moving to repeal the measure.

The voters hope to collect enough signatures that could lead to a repeal of the controversial measure by putting the issue on the 2012 ballot.

“People want to sign this,” said state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. “They’re coming up to petition gatherers and they’re saying, ‘Do you have the Dream Act petition’?”

Donnelly, who is the author of the proposed ballot initiative, said the opposition isn’t just limited to local voters.

“All across the state, we can’t keep up with the demand, it is absolutely off the charts,” he added.

Labor leaders, however, were quick to voice their support for what critics have said is a financial giveaway at a time the state is in desperate need of cash flow.

“We stand with the young people to be able to have a right to higher education regardless of their immigration status,” said Maria Elena Durazo of the L.A. County Labor Federation.

Petitioners have already distributed over 100,000 petitions, Donnelly said. They need to collect over 500,000 signatures by Jan. 6 to get the initiative on the ballot.

  • ES

    How does Jerry figure that we can afford this for illegals? What’s going to happen upon graduation and they can’t get a job because once again they are ILLEGALS!!!! Who will foot the bill then???? Thanks for nothing Jerry. Now, where can i sign this thing?

    • SUN

      This is like inviting the wolf into your house instead of keeping it away. Honest taxpayers cannot pay the bills of ILLEGALS, when they have to pay for their own. Let Jerry if he has enough start a charity for IILLEGALS.

  • Tim M.

    Check out this quote from the Rep from the L.A. County Labor Federation., “to be able to have a right to higher education regardless of their immigration status”. The right is not theirs, the “right” is for legal citizens!

    • Ron

      Tim, is it any wonder why Maria Elena Durazo, rep of a UNION association believes that we LEGALS should pay for HER ILLEGAL relative’s benefits?

  • Todd

    I would vote to repeal this Nightmare Act.

    They should circulate a petition to impeach idiot Jerry Brown while they’re at it.

    • kevin

      I’m right there with you and looks like I’m going to have to search for the someone who has the repeal paper work for the nightmare act… I would sign to impeach Jerry EXTREMELY fast… Get him out of here before he puts us even further into debt and returns us to the stone age…

  • Sid

    What about the right of the Legal citizens of US?? Do they have any right over their own money and where it goes?? We cant even pay for legal citizens for their education!!

  • Janet

    Where do we find the petition to sign?

    • Jim Stanton


  • Ro Diaz

    Why don’t they start a petition to kick out Gov. Brown ??? He signed the law. Go to the source of ” the problem “

    • Janet

      In order to recall Brown we need to have a candidate to run against him and enough signatures to enable it to happen.

      • Ron

        Janet, an empty office would be LESS DAMAGING than the current occupant.

  • Michael Hemphill

    If you go to any other country and want to attend college there, you have to pay for it. There are no applying for governmental support for foreigners, you have to pay the full load.

    Our state should not be using political motives to insure votes. Guarantying financial support to illegal immigrants when that is not available for every citizen of the state is egregious.

  • Tony F

    The Moment I cannot wait for: Jerry Brown asking for more “Revenue” in the coming months! How can he ask for revenue with a straight face? If the State has money for educating illegals it certainly must be doing well….

  • Caace1

    The idiot leading the County Fed should get her head examined.
    Tim M., they DO have rights. They have rights to be in their OWN country and NOT be in the US illegally!
    Hopefully this demand for justice gets to GM so they’ll get a clue about their not supporting John & Ken! I’m going to Boycott GM until they change their position on illegal activity and them supporting OUR rights as US citizens!

    • ALG

      Caace1 – are u saying that GM (GENERAL MOTORS) will not advertise on John & Ken? or they are just not supporting JOHN & KEN?
      Let me kinow, I’ll give them a call on MONDAY.

  • L_T

    Gil Cedillo is a complete idiot.

    • david barron

      I’d call him a ‘LEECH’

  • L_T

    Dude, crawl back into your rat hole.

  • ES

    and while you’re at it, please at least learn how to spell in your language.

  • wobbles

    Nobody is denying illeals college. Alot of us just think it’s unfair to steal from our taxes to pay for it. Let them do what we have to do, and work their way though college. If legal residents who need help are inelligible for tuition assistance even if they are poor but their parents who they don’t live with make too much, how in the world can you justify handing out money to illegals?

    • Stern Basqueroots

      Illegal aliens should be deported, Period! If they go through the proper channels to get a VISA to come to the US for an education, they should pay Out-Of-Country tuition that is much higher than out-of-state tuition!

      There is no reason for our citizen & legal immigrant students to be displaced from an education or have to compete with illegal aliens for our own tax dollars!

      STOP the DREAM Act! STOP AB-131! VIVAN LAs RAZAs Legal!

  • alg

    Governor Brown would have never signed this DREAM ACT bill if he had been younger. It shows how feeble his brain is. Someone really sold him a bill of GOODS.
    What you all should be doing is RE-CALLING the author of that bill. I believe he is a MEXICAN AMERICAN. and his cohorts. We should also be RECALLING governor Brown.
    In the meantime where do I get a hold of that ballot measure. I’ll sign it., and encourage others to sign it too.
    What Gov Brown and others have done is spit in the face of American Citizens who MUST ALWAYS COME FIRST above anyone else in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    What do you think all these protests are about. Not just about jobs.

  • pinchegringo

    Arriba Pedro!! Just don’t burn down the carwashes and the taco stands, me gusto.

  • Stern Basqueroots

    ES, you may be asking too much. Pinche mojado, You’re the type of criminal ALL of us that immigrated legally dislike with a passion! Are you too dense to know that is considered terrorist language?

    Immigrate legally. Follow the US immigration laws and be law-abiding from the start so you don’t have to worry about who is going to have to pay for your education, welfare, deportation or family that you may have left on both sides of the border!

    For now, you deserve jail time and then deportation to Calderon’s Palace at Los Pinos en la Ciudad de Mejico. He can give you a job there so you can enjoy his beautiful home and wonderful economy.

    • ALG

      Stern, what the hell are you talking about. Do you know this person, really?
      What did he say except to agree with you.?????
      If you are Basque, go back to your terrorist activities in your native land in the region they call SPAIN. There they will kill you, I can assure you of that.

    • Voice o Wisdom

      Hey Stern, you left out ,learn to speak English,assimilate into American society and culture,denounce the country you came from and swear allegiance to the U.S.A. and try not to act like you came from a third world cesspool.

  • Jose

    Stupid Liberal’s!!! This state is in a financial crisis. We already pay around $7 billion a year to support illegals in California. When will the people of California wake up and vote these clowns out of office!!! The school system is one of the worse in the country. Who runs it? Latino’s… Gloria Molina. Deport illegals and get rid of these Liberals in government!!! WAKE UP CALIFORNIA!

  • Tiffany

    I WILL SIGN THE PETITION to overturn the Dream aka….The Nightmare act. Do not let Mexicans go to school in America, if they are illegals. Send all Mexicans back to Tijuana, if they are here illegally.

  • hot over more taxation without representation

    I almost never sign petitions – but I WILL SIGN THIS ONE. And, if it makes it on the ballot, you can be sure it will pass. This won’t even be close…. oops – I forgot, the illegals don’t have to register to vote, someone has already done it for them…. I guess even their dogs get a say…. I have three cats, can I get absentee ballots for them????

  • Joanna

    Hey everyone, you can sign and get more info by going to stopab131.com

  • Joe

    There are hundreds of thousands of people outside the U.S. who have been waiting 15 to 20 years for their immigration petition to be approved. They came to America believing that doing things the legal way is the right way.

    That belief is shattered when all of a sudden a bunch of illegal immigrants are cutting in line and DEMANDING that they be issued green cards and also FREE COLLEGE tuition! This is outrageous!

    The problem of many states in the U.S., specially California, is we are spending so much on people who are not legally entitled to receive the support of the government. We have become the milking cow of illegal immigrants. Our laws are now resting on sandy soil instead of solid rock.

    The U.S. citizens and LEGAL immigrants of this country needs to stand up and fight against the continuing disrespect towards the rule of law and also the wasteful spending of tax dollars on illegal immigrants who are not entitled to receive financial support. Stop the waste!

    The rule of law creates order and prevent wasteful burndens.

  • Alex

    Repeal and recall jerry blow. I stood in in immigration line for years before I became a resident. Even after that had to pay 1 year non resident tuition. Lets be fair to everyone

  • Igor Doublebubblevich.

    am loking where to sign this petition, as for recalling the 73 year old bald effeminate governor, this being GaY state ,he will be a mayor in Barstow, theres no way this delicate duck will ever go away.

  • l robert

    yah where do you sign , i will against new law . jerry [BROWN ] that money could be used to hire alot of people , make jobs , we give illegals mexicans way to much money as it is , plus brown also stopped welfare from requiring fingerprints to get food stamps etc , whats up with this ….so ilegal mexicans can get easier fraud ,

  • Stubby

    Why is it that anyone who supports this Dream Act always has a Spanish surname? Of course Maria Elena Durazo would support this ridiculous insult to the California citizenry. Let’s overturn Jerry’s attempt to give away the store to illegals. I’ll sign the petition. No more freebies or entitlements to illegals, their illegal children or their anchor babies. Enough is enough.

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