Police Investigating Double Murder In Yorba Linda

YORBA LINDA (CBS) — Officials are investigating the murder of a man and a woman who were found dead in an Orange County home.

Police Wednesday afternoon identified Eder Giovanni Herrera, 24, as a suspect in the murder.

He was arrested five miles from the crime scene in a traffic stop around 6 a.m., Sgt. Jim Griffin of the Brea Police Department said.

Brea police received a 911 call around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday about strange noises coming from a home in the 4200 block of Trix Circle in Yorba Linda.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports.

Blood was found in the home’s entryway when officers arrived on the scene.

“They backed away from that entry and continued their search around the house. They went around to the back of the house and from that viewpoint, they could see through the slider glass doors and they observed two adults down on the ground, unresponsive,” Sgt. Griffin.

The victim’s identities have not been released. Authorities say a woman and her two grown sons had been renting the 3,200 square foot home for about a year.

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  • Cisco

    I am sure when they interview the neighbors you will hear :this type of thing does not happen in our neighborhood” Will you people wake up and realize this can happen anywhere and no neighborhood is immune to this type of thing. Geez, take off the blinders!

    • The Big Logic

      What they mean by that statement is no one that lives in their particular neighborhood would do such a thing, which is probably accurate. These crimes are commited by outside vermin who come into their area to perpetrate the violence. One of the negative consequences from anti profiling policies that tie the police hands, and give license to these vermin to roam free in the better areas. California is a bastion of libloonacy, and continues its insane politics even in the face of all evidence contradicting the logic of what they are attempting to accomplish, whatever that is. This has Nigra activity written allover it.

      • User 00

        Both of you are way off. I live in Yorba Linda and what that woman was basically saying was that she was shocked because there has not been any real murder cases like this in Yorba Linda for decades. As for you, “The Big Logic”, don’t be some biased idiot that expects everything to be done by a certain ethnicity. Anybody could be a suspect.

  • Golfer Man

    Well that’s not true either there was a father who killed most of his family in the apartments across from Nixon Library in YL around three years ago or so.

    • cycle dude

      There also were the murders at the “Carls Jr” home. (owned by a relative of the owners of the restaurant chain). That happened this year and with in walking distance from this incident.

  • reclector

    well tbats not entierley true either,I remember……..everyone has their own opinion,its very tragic none the less

  • Shadow

    I think all of you are correct in your own way. We have lived in Yorba LInda and surrounding area for the past 30 years. This type of behavior dose not happen in our town, but it can happen. I’m sure that the residents of Seal Beach are saying the same thing about the murders in their town. Violance can happen in any city, but it is a rare occurance. Yorba Linda is a GREAT city and protected by a very good Police Department! Be very thankful folks!

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