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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Soon after touching down at Los Angeles International Airport Monday afternoon, President Obama made a trip to Roscoe’s House Of Chicken & Waffles before heading to two fundraising events.

It’s not the first time a president has made sure to stop at the famed restaurant — Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have also eaten there.

Obama went from feasting on chicken and waffles to a private dinner in Hancock Park where donors paid $35,800 a plate. The fundraising event was at the home of producer James Lassiter. Fewer then 40 donors dined with the President as he chatted with actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett and with former Laker star Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

obama at roscoes 1302098311 President Obama Stops In At Roscoes, Dines With The Stars During LA Visit

US President Barack Obama greets dinners after placing his order at the Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles, California, on October 24, 2011. (credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

The President was also in town for a fundraising event at the home of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, which was hosted by actress Eva Longoria.

The gathering of 100 invited guests included Latino community leaders, as well as other stars, as Obama tried to shore up a Latino voting base.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl said motorists should be prepared for blockades on major east-west boulevards linking West Los Angeles with Hancock Park. Delays can also be expected on north-south avenues that cross them.

image9 President Obama Stops In At Roscoes, Dines With The Stars During LA Visit

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“Tuesday morning, he goes over to NBC in Burbank to do the Jay Leno show, and then he flies out of LAX at 11:45,” Rosendahl said on KNX. “That will be the trick, and that exact route has not been shared with me.”

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports.

Airspace will be closed over western Los Angeles to all but scheduled commercial flights starting Monday afternoon.

» PHOTOS: President Obama’s September Visit To The Southland
Comments (73)
  1. Jose says:

    Great, the Campainer and Chief is here again raising money instead of staying in Washington and fixing the economy. We don’t want him here. All he causes is traffic.

    1. me007 says:

      “campainer in chief?” WHY IS SPELLCHECK SUCH A DIFFICULT CONCEPT TO GRASP?!?!!?!??!!?!??!?!!?

      1. Jeezus says:

        sorry, Complainer in Chief.

    2. Truthandnothingbut says:

      I’m thrilled he is here! We are very fortunate to have President Obama as our president. He is working with a hostile obstructionist congress who are doing their best to thwart him from getting our economy fixed- the one that THEY destroyed. God Bless President Obama!

      1. Kevin says:

        I hope he is a one term Presdent. People wake up. Congress didn’t destroy the economy, Obama did by doing everything wrong according to the experts He is a job killing President. 5000 AT&T Jobs,4000 NASA jobs and tons of Boeing jobs in South Carolina. He can not fix anything. He has had almost 3.5 years and has done nothing. The things that were done were done by others and he got the credit. Loser..

      2. tprice says:

        This president hasn’t worked in years, in any environment hostile or otherwise. Campaigning is not working. Patronizing Blacks and Latinos is not working. This president is an abject failure. If he were not he would not need to campaign. He wastes millions and millions of dollars on an ill-timed and increasingly ill-played game – a game he cannot win.

      3. icecream says:

        How soon many forget that Bush and Cheney demolished our economy. Starting and fighting TWO wars iis a very expensive thing to do. Barack is not perfect, but we are blessed to have him as our president. Congress needs to pull their heads out and start working to help this nation instead or sabotaging it to establish their political agenda.

    3. jw smith says:

      YES WE DO WANT HIM HERE. And the president can’t fix the economy alone. There are other power players at work there to block him(some of them global and multi-national)..

    4. icecream says:

      This is so true !

  2. Kevin says:

    Stay in Washinton D.C. and fix our Country. You did nothing in your first term, why should you get a second term?

    1. Kevin says:

      Jose – You Right -On!

      1. Johny Chingas says:

        Jose, Don’t forget, your boyfriend Kevin is here to support you…..
        Par de Maricones cochinos……LOL!!!

    2. JQ says:

      They won’t work with him in DC. I guess you’ve had your head in the clouds the last two years?

      This morning he was touting a new plan for people who are underwater on their mortgages. So, he did more in a morning than you do in a year.

      1. mar vista mark says:

        he had an all democratic house and senate from 2009 -2011. Thats why we got a lousy healthcare bill , cap and trade, and a joke of a trillion dollar stimulus that didn’t put anyone back to work.
        looks like all he does is hang out with the millionaire hollywood elites and a CEO from UBS he always plays golf with, you need to do some homework about elite obama,you think he’s going to visit occupy LA?
        the jokes on you…

    3. garagehero says:

      Kevin, you ding-a-ling….aerospace engineers and scientiists almost universally praise president Obama for having refocused our space program after 8 years of underfunding and floundering under the dis-interested bush and his republicans.

    4. Diana says:

      What did you do to help hater. dont talk about what you dont no.

  3. Matthew B. Tepper says:

    Oh no, Obama is the very first president ever to come to Los Angeles and have his motorcade block traffic. Guys, guys, Dubya did the exact same thing, and I once had to wait 20 minutes for his motorcade to go by. It goes with the job, no matter who is president at the time, so suck it up.

    As for jobs, well, tell it to Jack Pumpkinhead Boehner. He has more than a little bit of responsibility in this too.

    1. any1but obama says:

      Hey Matt met me guess what kind of “entitlement” are you on?????
      As far as jacking up the streets W. has nothing to do with it, This village idiot is out campaigning on MY tax dollars while hes running the country into the dirt.

      1. Truthandnothingbut says:

        YOUR president- DUMBYA is the one who ran our country into the dirt and unless you are a millionaire- you are routing for the wrong “Team”. I say Team because people like you treat politics like a football game- your team all the way no matter what. This is not a game. Put your COUNTRY before your political party please.

      2. Zap Martinez says:

        I think what he was trying to say, you halfwit, was that Obama is not the first, nor the last president to cause traffic jams with his motorcade. I was coming back from a KIngs game myself a few years ago, when the bushchimp’s motocade stopped me for 25 minutes….

      3. icecream says:

        ALL candidates campaign, you dipstick !!!

  4. jack says:

    The president should stop campaigning when the republicans stop campaigning.
    Obama’s done a terrific job so far. Let’s keep the republicans out of the white house til at least 2024.

    1. What? says:

      Done a Horrific Job you mean!

    2. PeteM says:

      Jack, you’re a jerk! The so called president has done more campaigning than he has worked. Oh, I keep forgetting, he doesn’t have a clue about working, so he leaves DC as often as he can. What a leader – NOT!

    3. Hawk says:

      You said it Jack!! his next stop fix the unemployment issue, he get no credit for what hes does he is trying to fix a busted USA good job so far.

  5. Christina39 says:

    Can’t believe I really voted for him! My bad! My big bad!

    1. Joshua Willis says:

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….

      1. Edgar Alvarado says:

        Hey George… you finally got it right! Oh wait, no, what’s after fool me twice?

  6. Jack Ritoli says:

    As Obama meets with his Hollywood 1% supporters once again let’s see just how the Occupy LA or Ocuupy LAUSD folks react. This should be interesting!

  7. V Conklin says:

    Must be nice to get paid $33,000 per month to campaign to keep the job.

  8. Miko says:

    Raising money in a state which has one of the highest unemployment numbers- hmmmm sounds like if you are dumb enough to be a supporter than let him take your money FOOLS.

  9. BARBIE says:


    1. Johny Chingas says:

      Barbie… Come on…. That is exactly what I am waiting for…
      Would you marry me??? May be I can get my citizenship quicker…..LOL!!!

      1. Stubby says:

        Why don’t you marry a man?

    2. Zap Martinez says:

      Hey nitwit barbie…it was the republican presidents nixon, ford, regan, bush1 and bush 2 that gave amnesty to 12 million illegals…not the Democrats!!!

  10. haozijin says:

    Unknown message

  11. mar vista mark says:

    obama became a senator in 2004, then quit 4 years later to be president, he was there and biden were there , instead of fixing the financial meltdown they watched it. Duh.
    obama is fixing nothing, except getting his friends money like solyndra.

    1. Zap martinez says:

      Yeah..a solyndra that went bankrupt because republican/bush legislation in 2006 made it possible for the chinese to flood the American market with cheap imports…..and what did that cost the American taxpyer? 500 million dollars? hey dumdum…I’m still waiting to find out what happened to the 40 BILLION from the Phony bush Energy Crisis of 2001 that bush and his cronies bilked out of California and the west or the 80 BILIION unaccounted for and missing money from the Iraq War!!! And how about those two bush wars costing us one BILLION a day???? HALFWIT!!!

  12. T Wiz says:

    He visits the rich and tells the poor that he is working for them. Yet the rich continue to get richer and the poor get poorer.

    In the meanwhile the rest of us in the middle are burning gasoline and stewing in traffic.

  13. Joel Lanuza says:

    Hes here To get more money for his re election. He doesnt derserve anotther term. It is sick that people are paying 30,000 Dollars for dinner plate and chance to see the president when families are strugling to put food on their tables. Hes wants the Latino support, hes done nothing for latinos or anyone else in this country. Hes thinking about four more years when this coutry is in a mess.

    1. garagehero says:

      lanuza, you act as if he is the first guy in history to campaign or ask for donations. Are you really that ignorant, dude?

  14. steve bischke says:

    Hasn’t California endured enough? First Moonbeam, now Obama!

    1. zap martinez says:

      Moonbeam? You mean the last administration that had a budget surplus and passed clean air and water legislation? That Moonbeam?

  15. Sami Miles says:

    Obama has had four years to make change. Yet, we have nothing to show for it. What makes anybody think another four years will be any different. Just more disappointment.

    I don’t know if anybody from the GOP will do any better in 2012, but I do know that Obama certainly can’t get it done.

    At least he seems to have made a lot of celebrity friends while in office, right?

    1. Zap martinez says:

      Four years??? I thought he took office in 2009? Let me see…2009, 2010, uh 2011, uh…….sami….do you realize that only two other presidents in history have taken office with so many problems to solve? Lincoln, FDR and Obama. thats it. Just three, total. Since it took bush 8 years to almost destroy our country and the world, dont you think its going to take Obama more than 2 1/2 yrears to fix?

  16. RALPH says:


  17. Pratt Robert says:

    Well he comes here to make money, not any thing to do with with his job, to a city on the verge of going broke, because of illegal personal, on work , over payed city n goverment n school personal….at 35,ooo.oo dollars a plate to eat with him. He’ll leave not look back ,,,,and wont leave the city one dime for any of the money we put out to baby sit his a $$. so when the time comes think about how he came ,took an left….not one dime for you are any one you know.

    1. garagehero says:

      Do you mean PERSONNEL? What is illegal personnel?

  18. Zap Martinez says:

    —National Debt when Bush left office over $11 trillion
    —Federal Budget deficit when Bush left office, $3 trillion
    —Unfunded mandates under Bush, $2 trillion
    —Federal employees in 2000- 10.2 million, 2006 14.4 million
    —Number of unjustified, preemptive wars costing $60 billion per month under Bush- 2
    —Net jobs gained in 8 years under Bush—ZERO
    —Net job losses in Bush’s last 2 years of the Bush administration- 3.2 million
    —Total jobs lost under bush…16 million
    —Making sure neocons never get to do this to America again…priceless

  19. Zap Martinez says:

    What the chest thumping loud-mouthed halfwits cheney and bush couldnt accomplish in EIGHT YEARS with 3 TRILLION DOLLARS and the loss of 8000 American lives, Obama , the quiet man from Harvard, has accomplished in just 2 1/2 years, with only 90 billion and not a single American life lost. BRAVO!!!

  20. Garagehero says:

    Wow…Ronald Reagan couldnt get Gaddafi and little georgie bushchimp couldnt get Osama, and now OBAMA’S got ’em both! Weeeeeeee! I’m tickled pink!!

  21. Garagehero says:

    Never before, except back in WW2 when the American Nazi party actively sought the downfall of our country, has a organization sought the downfall of country as these teabggers and republican obstructionists have. Back in WW2, FDR threw these Fifth Columnists in jail. I think we should do the same!!

  22. Zap martinez says:

    The Democrats…the party of DO-ERs.
    republicans…the party of filibusters!!!

  23. Cecilia says:

    Did the President comment on the young man’s marijuana leaf shirt?

    1. Art de Peau says:

      I’m sure the deep fried fried with sides of deep fried suits the guy in the t-shirt just fine

  24. wgaf says:

    I like my coffee just how I like the president…hot, black, sweet with just a little cream! Yummy!!! I want a taste!!!

  25. Gary says:

    Hey !…He want’s you to vote for him because of the great job he’s doing !…HA !!!!! HA !!!!!!

  26. Bj Reynolds says:

    ate at roscoe’s? health food, this is NOT. good luck with that obesity campaign mrs. obama!

  27. Jack says:

    He is good in reeling big dough for himself, he is clueless about how to create jobs.
    We need a calibur of classy president who ‘s really speaks for all American not blaming others for his gain in politic.

    1. garagehero says:

      With the GOP and teabaggers hellbent for leather in destroying whats left of our economy,( finishing the job that the imbecile bush began), and despite the other catastrophes inherited from the previous administration, he has created 1.7 million jobs, all in the face of GOP obstructionism. Of course, one has to subtract the 200,000 or so jobs killed by the teabaggers and GOP with their Bogus Debt Ceiling fiasco a while back. Were on the way back, jack, despite right-wing anti-American minions like yourself.

  28. Silly Me says:

    Johny Chingas- You are so funny….!! Thanks for the laugh….Hahahahahaaaaa!!!

  29. luvenlust says:

    38k thousand dollars a plate/this is ridiculous
    he is so out of touch with modern americans
    he is a celebrity more than a dman president
    dont call me a racist u hatemongers cause im blacker than tar baby soap
    down with the stupid president who i voted for

  30. Hardmoney says:

    Every morning, the first thing I do is check the news headlines, looking for the the details of Obama’s death. Nothing yet, I’ll check again tommorrow!

    1. Zap Martinez says:

      Ask not for whom the Karma tolls…

  31. WalterandCindy Alv says:

    Obama is a joke, just like everyone that voted for him! AL Gore rules!!

    1. Gile Arkinon says:

      Do you mean a funny joke, or an awful joke, like you two halfwits…

  32. Betty Phillip says:

    Wy does the weather woman dress like a floozie on the 5:00 news. Why not wear business attire like all other reporters on TV.

    1. garagehero says:

      She’s not a floozy…just drawn that way…

  33. copd guy says:

    Can you say “Jive Talkin'”

  34. l fehr says:

    did he bring his back up , the ie CLINTONS … clintons are the ones who started our economy crash rolling ,, ,http://articles.latimes.com/1999/may/31/news/mn-42807

  35. montreal black escort says:

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