SoCal Sailors Busted For Smoking ‘Spice’ Aboard Ship Used To Bury Bin Laden

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — The U.S. Navy has busted dozens of sailors stationed in the Southland for using illegal drugs aboard its ships — including the same boat used to capture one of America’s most-hated enemies.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports over 60 sailors from three San Diego-based commands are under investigation for using synthetic drugs.

One of those commands was the USS Carl Vinson, where Navy officials said nearly 50 sailors aboard the submarine and floating dry dock either sold, possessed or used the counterfeit marijuana called “Spice” along with other drugs.

“‘Spice’ is an illegal drug,” said Capt. Greg Hicks, Navy 3rd Fleet in San Diego. “It’s a drug like marijuana that inhibits and does some harmful things to our sailors, and we just can’t have it in our Navy.”

The USS Carl Vinson is the same Nimitz-class supercarrier from where Osama bin Laden was reportedly buried at sea back in June.

Hicks said any recreational drug use by sailors is a violation of the Navy’s zero-tolerance policy.

“It’s inconsistent with our Navy core values of honor, courage and commitment, and the use of illegal drugs just will not be tolerated,” he said.

All sailors involved will be discharged from the Navy.

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  • Mo

    So I guess all sailors are west coast or east coast based on the headline. Oh, a lot are Hawaiian, too.

  • alex

    The follow up scandal about forcing people out using trumped up charges to draw down enlisted numbers will rockzorz the world – at least one of them will get rich blowing the fake story about Obama buried at sea wide open.

    Now if only they would fire so cal cops for steroid use, at least they are armed and have to deal with the public.

  • TheWindrunner


  • shoe lace

    i wanna smoke some “spice”…. :)

  • bugman

    this BS will hurt us in the long run.Who came up with this
    issue with our ships,next we took out the wrong guy.Love our gov’t..Vietnam vet,I can tell you stories, bye bin laden if it’s true!!!!!

  • Wizard Gynoid

    erm. the Carl Vinson is not a submarine. It’s an aircraft carrier and was the same aircraft carrier that handled Osama Bin Laden’s body. Get your story straight.

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