LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Several “Occupy Los Angeles” demonstrators are being forced to pack up and move.

The roughly 700 protesters and 400 tents are starting to take a toll on the lawn of City Hall.

The city’s Department of Recreation and Parks says crews haven’t been able to properly maintain nearly two acres of grass and tile walkways.

“This has been a very peaceful demonstration that’s putting stress on the grass. We’re worried now about the stress on the trees,” Jon Kirk Mukri of the Department of Recreation and Parks told CBS2.

It could cost upward of $400,000 to replace the lawn.

Activists have also agreed to move to support the local farmer’s market, which has a permit to operate in the same area.

Officials have already spent $45,000 worth of overtime for general services.

Eight LAPD officers have been monitoring the protest around the clock.

Comments (13)
  1. trouble in paradise says:

    400k to replace the lawn………………and who is going to pay for that? These idiots? I say make THEM repair the lawn, after all they did the damage

    1. Christina39 says:

      Ask them. I think we all need the work that was taken away by corporate greed.

      Too bad about the lawns. We will all fix it when we get our pensions that the crooks took away.

  2. Andrew F Castaneda says:

    Antonio Villaroigosa should pay out of his own pocket. He encouraged this mob and the consequences left behind.

  3. Vik says:

    400k to replace the lawn… I saw that lawn. It is the same size as my back yard and i replaced it last year. Total cost was 12k. If you are going to pay governmental parasites 400k for 12k worth of work , don’t be surprised that we are going broke.

  4. whatever says:

    yeah because the lawn is so much more important to think about

    1. Duh! says:

      Well, DUH!!!. That is a no brainer.
      I guess you do not care that these Occupy people are taking away someone’s job.

      Unless you are saying that you are volunteering to replace the lawn and pay for the government services needed to support these people.

  5. paul says:

    get-out of the parks americans. so the illegals can doo-doo their job. LOL

  6. Silly Me says:

    Call us illegals or any other names you want…BUT thanks to us people like Paul…drive around clean cars, eat out of clean plates, sit on clean toilets….and have vegetables on their plates….I’d like to see “Americans” in a washing cars, picking vegetables and fruits…washing dishes or scrubbing toilets !!!!

    1. Go Away says:

      So do you think that before we got infested by so many “roaches” like you that we didn’t have fruits or vegetables? Do you think that all of our cars were dirty and everyone’s lawn was over grown? That we had dirty dishes and filthy toilets???…Seriously?

      Before your plague, we had teenagers working in the fields as summer jobs, mowing lawns, washing cars and delivering papers. These were called “starter jobs” NOT careers. We had those with little education more than willing to be janitors and maids. And you know what? They made descent money….AFTER your infestation, these jobs went to the lowest bidder eroding their value tremendously. Teenagers now can’t find these starter jobs because 50 year old aliens are working as cashiers at McDonalds and what’s the point of working in the fields when you guys have driven down the cost of labor to ridiculous levels? Don’t even get me started on the destruction of our construction worker market and the horrible craftsmanship that has followed….

    2. Christina39 says:

      Yeh I never thought of that. Before the Mexicans were here all the toilets were filthy. My plates were, well never mind, I didn’t even use plates. What are plates? I couldn’t recognize my car because it was too dirty to see.

      My grandmother picked vegetables you idiot and she was from Europe. My father picked crops as a young kid.


  7. Corruption says:

    Occupy wallstreet is about corruption and there is no bigger corruption than Los Angeles city hall. So city hall is shutting down the protest because of the grass! Ok city hall let corruption go on so the grass will not die. I wish the people would break into city hall and drag everyone out of there and hang them. We need an Egypy and Libyan rebellion which means killing our leadership. We live in a dictatorship.

  8. Silly Me says:

    Go Away: I can’t stop laughing…Hahahahahahaaaaaa !! Made your blood boil, HUH??? I LOVE IT !!! You will NEVER get rid of US !! Get it, NEVER !!! Enjoy the rest of your day….Sweety :)~

  9. William George Keeping says:

    Yes the got $ 400..000 for the grass and tree’s; But they do not have it for the poor people do they,make’s one wonder about much money they really have .

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