UPLAND (AP) — Six people have been arrested for the kidnapping and killing of a Southern California man whose body was found along a San Diego interstate this week.

The San Bernardino County Sun says the suspects were booked Wednesday for investigation murder and kidnapping in the death of a 22-year-old Montclair man who went missing on Oct. 12.

The body of the victim, whose name is being withheld, was found Tuesday along Interstate 8.

Upland police say in a news release that the victim was beaten and dumped in a field. The victim’s burned car was found later in San Bernardino.

Arrested were 46-year-old Isabel Rosas, 22-year-old Regelio Varela, 19-year-old Oscar Zuniga, 23-year-old Yussef Tafich, 23-year-old Jose Pizana and a 17-year-old male.

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Comments (21)
  1. Cheryl Cornell says:

    The more Mexican’s that sneak over the border, the more we will see here what is commonplace there. If we don’t get a fence soon, we will be Mexico.

    1. With Stupid says:

      I’m not for illegal immigration, but most of the crimes committed by people of Mexican ethnicity are from the ones born and raised right here in California. True, there are illegals who come over, commit crimes, and disappear; however, the majority of illegals I have come across have been peaceful. Not supposed to be here, but peaceful.

    2. With Stupid says:

      Varela is a surname associated with Chile, and Pizana is Italian. Neither of us has any idea what ethnic background or mix these people are. There might just be one of these people is actually of Mexican decent. The point being until you know the facts, don’t make yourself sound like an idiot. I see it as murders who will be brought to justice. I don’t care what their color or creed is.

    3. BATO 213 says:

      LIve with it whether you like it or not!!!!

    4. Tom says:

      Have you turned a blind eye to the crimes committed by whites, Cheryl? Just this week we have had news about a White guys raping a child in a restroom, a White guy Mass murdering in a salon, A white guy stealing 10K from a cafe, a white cop raping a 15 year old, a white woman sexting with a teen, a white actress who can’t stop stay legal, a White guy who was shot and killed by CHP for shooting at them, White girls who were running a “Help bury my baby” scam. Etc. etc. etc.

      Open your eyes you Stup!d Rac!st B!tch.

      1. Christina39 says:

        Have to agree with Tom on this one. There are a lot of white crazies out there, serial killers and teenagers ganging up on someone they bully. Lots of murders of parents are done by white kids. Aside from gang related murders, the really weird stuff is usually done by whites.

      2. johndone says:

        sorry buddy, things only make news if they’re exceptional. look up the stats on crime and race before you go parading your ancedotal evidence around as stats.

  2. DrBob says:

    I don’t know how much good a fence will do, but it’s for certain that the longer we coddle these illegals, the more stories like this will be all over our news. It’s time for our so called leaders to put our safety ahead of the lining of their pockets.

  3. jerky says:

    ummm….last I heard didn’t we build a fence? or you guys talking like Berlin wall fence?

    and i hate to be a debbie downer…but i can already see 2 of these names are not mexican….sooooo….

  4. RWZ says:

    Still “Latinos.”

  5. roxxy87 says:

    cheryl your ignorant & dumb race has nothing to do with crime.
    get your fact straight & stop being so dam racist. the usa in a country
    of immigrants you broad

  6. Max Leygrume says:

    They’re ALL mexicans…. get over it. Mexico has sizeable russian , Iranian and Lebanese populations…some dating back over 100 years.

    So… these sub-humans are either illegals – or spawns of illegals. An ‘anchor’ is still considered illegal , NEVER to be accepted here as legitimate.

    Just make sure you keep voting Democrat…and everything will be ok.

  7. Max Leygrume says:

    roxxy roxxy roxxy …who exactly you calling ‘ignorant and dumb’ ? First go proof-read your last post. It’s pathetic use of grammar makes me hope that english is a second language for you.

    Secondly , and thanks for the history lesson , America is a country of immigrants…LEGAL ones.

    Mexcriment is the only race stupid enough to run around my country displaying the mexcriment flag. They don’t even own American flags …but need a mexican flag? Got a thousand right here in my trunk…

    1. teddy says:

      you sir, are a moron!!! correct me if I am wrong, but the article doesn’t state that any of these individuals are in fact illegal… people like you, with such racist and ignorant comments make this country what it is. Rather than try to improve and make it a better place for our children to live and grow up in, you inject your venom like the rodent you are…. you are a true disgrace to this country…

  8. LGirl says:

    Huh, funny, immigrants is defined as someone “who migrates to another country”…wonder if all the Italians, Irish, Europeans, Germans, Asians AND Latins, that came here hundreds of years ago were ALL legal?

    Oh, and by the way….Max…means “latin boy”….Short form of Maximillian…might want to bring out one of those flags there MAX!

  9. sholmo says:

    they were all working at taco bell according to sheriff baca and his daughter lupe maria baca

    1. Tom says:

      Oh the ignorance we have within our obnoxious commenters. Taco Bell isn’t real Mexican Food. It’s food invented by the white man. Go to Mexico and ask for any item on the Taco Bell menu and you’ll either be looked at like you’re crazy, or you’ll get something completely different. Also, I see more white people there than any other race, every time I pass by.

      1. Christina39 says:

        No ethnic food is the real food of the country. Go to Italy and order a pizza and see what you get. My grandmother was from Italy and she didn’t even recognize half the stuff that’s called Italian food here. But that’s OK because it’s been modified for American’s taste.

  10. tony m says:

    im sorry to say this but you are all wrong i personally know them all and they are not illegals. one of them is my brother-in-law

    1. irving says:

      your right bro its your freind chicharron man this sucks

  11. peeps says:

    it sucks cause one of them is expecting a child a baby girl :(…Since when did this article talk about race???? Last time i checked it was about a murder. Just saying

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