Missing Boy Found Safe In West Hollywood

BURBANK (CBS) — A 15-year-old boy with autism, who had gone missing after boarding an airport shuttle bus from Bob Hope International Airport in Burbank, has been found safe in West Hollywood.

Cameron James Smith was onboard a Delta Connection flight to Salt Lake City when the plane returned to the gate at 10:30 a.m. for unknown reasons. He then exited the plane with other passengers and later left the airport.

Multiple agencies throughout the day had conducted a search for Smith.

The teen had been traveling alone, according to airport spokesman Victor Gill.

Smith, who lives in Pasadena, was on his way to Salt Lake City where he attends a special school. His mother had gotten him safely to the gate this morning where he boarded a SkyWest Airlines flight, which is a Delta connection.

“At some point the aircraft turned around with some kind of a mechanical problem and came back to the terminal. The problem was such that the plane was emptied moving the passengers back into the terminal and this boy at that point in time was unsupervised and left the airport,” Gill said.

“He walked out of the hold-room area, through the baggage claim and out onto the street here. He got on an airport parking van and just rode around the roadway circuit and exited that van at the main entrance to the airport, which is at Hollywood Way and Thorton Avenue.”

smith exiting Missing Boy Found Safe In West Hollywood

(credit: Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority)

The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority had been notified of the situation around noon Wednesday.

Police from LA, Glendale, Burbank and airport police all aided in the search.

The 15-year-old was found about 6 p.m. said Brian Lutz of the Sheriff’s West Hollywood Station.

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  1. rich says:

    why was he traveling alone??

    1. Mike says:

      Since when can a minor not travel alone moron!
      And Julie – totally agree with you. Most Caucasians are
      use to being spoon fed all their lives and when they
      become an adult and are forced with some responsibility
      they get agitated or want to place the blame on other
      people. I’m sure they will file a frivolous lawsuit against
      the airline. And very true what you said about asians…lol
      I use to work at the mall and that is the only race I knew
      for a fact would not give any of us a problem when it
      came to credit cards. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE 🙂

      1. J Y says:

        Mike, it’s not a matter of a minor traveling alone. But the article says he has AUTISM. Makes you wonder why a minor with autism is traveling alone.

        @Julie Well, I’m Korean so..Thanks!

      2. Spelling & Grammar Police says:

        Um, it’s USED to being spoon-fed and USED to work at the mall. With a “D” at the end. I’ll leave the punctuation alone for now.

      3. bugman says:

        Hey Mike, My parents farmed the land which is called Little Saigon now. My uncle owned the land @ GG blvd and Magnolia in Garden Grove.I see Asians all the time on buses going to casinos,I, work for some for property maint, I just Question,How they can buy so much property and the Gov dosen’t do anything and Makes you wonder,who runs this country? And a Vietnam Vet,all I can say is we are in deep caca,I wish I had where they get the money from ! And I wasn’t SPOON FED!!!!

  2. Jon says:

    Julie, you’re a moron.

  3. Iris says:

    Yes Julie, you are a moron.

  4. Stella Lindsay says:

    So, great news and all, but how about mentioning how he was found, since that’s kind of the whole point of the story?

  5. USC Trojan Grl says:

    LOL all i have to say is Julie U ARE RIGHT when it comes to asian people. The only bad thing about them is that they can’t drive but when they smash into someone they ALWAYS have FULL insurance unlike other races that I wont mention hee hee And the best neighbor is an Asian neighbor without a doubt. Very tranquil people who don’t loiter outside their homes or businesses. I live in Arcadia and use to live in Walnut so I know what’s it like to be around them

    1. Spelling & Grammar Police says:

      You USED to live in Walnut. USED, with a “D” at the end. GEEZ! And you’re supposedly from USC??? YIKES! But that’s not nearly as disturbing as your racism. What is WRONG with people????!?!?!

  6. iain says:

    ” just road around” ???? No, it’s “rode”. Can nobody at CBS spell correctly???

  7. JUAN N says:

    i dont see west hollywod, hollywood way is in burbank.

  8. Spelling & Grammar Police says:

    Thank goodness this child was returned to his family safely. But he RODE around the roadway circuit, not ROAD.

    1. What a dumb@ass says:

      shut it up you troll

  9. Spelling & Grammar Police says:

    You meant “Not Filipinos; THEY’RE more like Hispanics”. There are many more writing and psychological issues here, but there’s not enough time for all that…

  10. To Spelling & Grammar Police says:

    Get a life.

  11. oh please says:

    @ Spelling & Grammar Police. You’re a total moron. I agree with the previous comment ‘Get a Life’

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