LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE (CBS) — A Los Angeles sheriff’s dispatcher helped a panicked motorist stop her runaway car.

The woman was behind the wheel of a Ford Escort on Monday when she her accelerator got stuck as she drove at about 25 mph on Foothill Boulevard with her 4-year-old daughter in La Canada Flintridge.

The woman dialed 911 and told dispatcher Richard Engersbach she was approaching a red light and couldn’t stop the car.

“She was driving a Ford Escort with (her) small child as her passenger,” said Lt. Angela Shepherd of the Crescenta Valley Station. “The female began to panic on the phone, because she was approaching a red light and her vehicle would not stop.”

Engersbach told the driver to put the car in neutral and turn off the engine. The car slowed down and came to a stop before it reached the intersection.

“Due to his quick thinking and calm demeanor, he helped the caller stop her vehicle, which prevented a serious traffic collision and possibly serious injuries or even death to the caller and her child,” Shepherd said.

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  1. Conrad says:

    Clearly, the DMV driver’s license test is too easy. Also, did she get a ticket for using her phone while driving?

    1. lala63 says:

      Doh!!! Exactly!!! How stupid would you have to be to not know how to stop a car. That is easier than making a cell phone call while driving! GAWD!!!

      1. Adolfo says:

        I would say she is Asian… just saying… lol

  2. QWERTY says:

    ” The woman was behind the wheel of a Ford Escort on Monday when she her accelerator got stuck as she drove at about 25 mph…” PROOF-READ YOUR ARTICLES! YOUR SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION SUCKS!

    1. doogie says:

      What’s up with news columnists these days? How come no one edits their articles before they get seen by people? Seems like any Jack can be a news writer now. Maybe I should have my 3yr old work and replace this stupid writer! LOL

  3. bart says:

    no, typical female like you. she was not even hsipanic you idot. even if she was, not everyone is mexican you stupid ignorant.

    1. Frank says:

      Yah not all are mexicans, some are mexicants! Dumb beeners taking over

      1. Buttehead says:

        Huh Huh Frank and Beans Huh Huh Butteheaad

    2. jimmy Bob says:

      :hsipanic ? Idoit ?

  4. Xen says:


  5. Chris says:

    It’s one of the things that should be in BOLD and CAPITAL LETTERS when taking the DMV test. Place the car in Neutral and turn off the engine and also add that if you have power steering and power brakes that you will need to apply more pressure to the steering and braking since those operate when the engine is running…..But they DO NOT teach any one that……I dont get it!

    1. Steve Smith says:

      When was the last time your accelerator was stuck? If you listen to the tape it took the guy way too long to tell her what to do. Lucky she didn’t wreck

  6. Adolfo says:

    You forgot Toyota LOL… and I for one have seen a asian in a escort LOL

  7. dan says:

    Frank…are you having a bad day…or are you constipated. ? You sure sound like you are . So much hatred in your heart.

  8. Steamboatsig says:

    There are no Asians in La Canada driving around in Ford Escorts.

    1. Adolfo says:

      That’t how they afford to live in La Canada… LOL

  9. Jim Johndon says:

    It took over a minute for the dispatcher to tell her to put it in neutral and shut off the engine.That should have been the first thing to tell her.He is no hero He was asking her what color her car was and a lot of useless information>He needs a bit more training or the next one very well might have an accident while he wastes time

    1. Licka Madiq says:

      Jim, the dispatcher is not at fault. You can thank our country’s litigious society for requiring the “useless information.” One may also argue that the agency that initially took the call prior to transferring it over to the Sheriff’s dispatcher should have instructed the caller on how to stop the vehicle.

  10. James Jones says:

    Easy on the racism Frankfooter. Is that synonomous for Weenie ?

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