COLTON (CBS) — A boy used his skateboard to rescue his mother as she was being attacked by two vicious bulldogs in Colton.

“I smacked it, and then I smacked it on the ground and then they backed away,” said Anthony Rodriguez, as he showed how he swung his skateboard to hit the dogs.

Rodriguez and his mother were walking down a residential street in Colton when two American bulldogs broke through a couple fences and came rushing at them.

The dogs attacked the boy’s mother, Gina Palumbo, biting her chest and leg.

bulldog attack Boy, 11, Saves Mother When Bulldogs Attack

Anthony Rodriguez, 11, fought off two bulldogs with a skateboard after they broke through a fence and began mauling his mother on the sidewalk. (credit: CBS)

“They bit my leg and ripped it open pretty good,” Palumbo said.

As the dogs attacked her, Palumbo said she was more worried about her children’s safety.

“My little girl and my little man, I was just worried about them,” Palumbo said. “I told [my son], ‘Stay away!'”

The precocious 11–year-old instead felt compelled to protect his mother.

He started swinging his skateboard, first striking the ground to scare the dogs with the sound. When that didn’t work Rodriguez starting smacking the board into the bulldogs until they backed off.

The two dogs have been quarantined. Authorities have cited the owners for having unlicensed dogs and breaking the leash law.

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  1. wondering says:

    Way to go, Anthony!!!!

    “Authorities have cited the owners for having unlicensed laws and breaking the leash law.” — unlicensed laws, huh??? The proofreader must have had the day off. There are way too many mistakes in newsaper articles and magazines. Don’t they have competent people working for them anymore?

    1. Don says:

      They probably rely on the computer spell checker and don’t even have a proofreader. The word “laws” looks good to the computer so it goes right over it.

    2. Robert says:

      “The two dogs have been quarantined. Authorities have cited the owners for having unlicensed dogs and breaking the leash law.”

  2. j says:

    The FBI and DEA use gang members to harass suspects. Several corrupt DEA and FBI are angry that I complained to the San Francisco Attorney General’s office. I complained that they where fabricating evidence and stealing from me. For pay back they poisoned my dog to death. Osama Bin-Laden likely died a more human death than my dog. But that is not enough.

    One of many occasions…on Oct 17 2011, 7:30PM at the “Milpitas Great Mall” in Milpitas California, corrupt FBI and DEA where using gang members to threaten violence against me because I will not let them get away with stealing from me.

  3. william says:

    We need to destroy all pit bulls and bull dogs…there are too many stories about dog attacks

    1. ac says:

      I agree, they scare me!

      1. Chuck Sorrow says:

        There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. This is a problem of training. Pit Bulls and other types of bull dogs get a bad rap because of a few people that train them to do bad things. One of the worst breeds for biting is the Chihuahua.

    2. Jacck says:

      What needs to be done is to destroy the irresponsible pit and bull dog owners…idiot.

    3. Rick says:

      “OOOHH.come on man if you realy think that ,your an ide$%&^$. o its s.never mined DOGS have rites to ,and come out of it.

    4. Emily says:

      Actually, pitt bulls and bull dogs don’t really attack that much more than other dogs. The problem is the media only reports these attacks because it improves ratings. A little girl was attacked by a lab last month and while she was in the hospital the local newspaper wanted to do a story on it, until they found out that the dog wasn’t a pitt bull, then there was no story to report. All dogs can be vicious, a decade ago all you heard on the news were stories about rottweiler attacks, this is just the new scapegoat for news sensationalism

  4. Thomas says:

    Bulldogs are small and slow. Had these been pitbulls, the story would have been a lot different.

    1. Russ says:

      Thomas, have you ever even seen an American Bulldog? They are anything but small or even slow.

  5. cloudnine says:

    Brave little man!! Mom should be very proud. As for the dogs I feel for them. It’s not their fault that they have idiot owners. I think if someone who has ownership of a dog that can cause damage & it does. The punishment should be jail time!!! & Fines starting at $5000.. These idiots should have more to face than a stupid little fine!!

  6. Teresa says:

    You Go Lil Man. Such Bravery. ThankGoodness They Didnt Turn On You or Your Sister. You Had God At Your Side. I Dont Think Could Have Done What You Did,Im A Big Chicken & You, Well Let Me Say *You Are AWESOME!!!* Your Mom Must Be Very Proud Of Her *LIL MAN!* CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  7. Jose Brazo says:

    Our American bulldog attacked our male rott. The bulldog won, It took holding on to the bulldogs back feet and beating him on the head with a tree branch. The branch broke three times and the bull dog got spun around by his back feet before he finally let go of the Rott. The Rott had his neck skin ripped pretty bad. The bull dog has always been a tail wagger and like a lap dog, but when he attacked the Rott, it was like his brain shut down. He drove a piece of my sons shirt thru his big leather belt at the start. Luckily no people were hurt. But it was a horrific show. I think these dogs have an inbred ferocity that only comes out rarely. He ambles around and does not look like a fast dog, but when he attacked it was like lightning.

  8. sheepdog says:

    You’re a totally mis-informed, ignorant person. Any animal that has been brutalized, trained to be a fighting dog or merely abuse in any way will react accordingly. The owners responsible for the animal abuse should be destroyed along with the ruined animals.

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