LOS ANGELES (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has issued a proclamation declaring Sunday as Steve Jobs Day in California.

In issuing the proclamation Saturday, the governor wrote that the products that Jobs introduced “changed the way the entire world communicates.”

The commemoration comes the same day Apple is planning a memorial for Jobs at Stanford University. The Wall Street Journal reports invitations have gone out to Silicon Valley luminaries and other people close to Jobs.

Apple tells the newspaper that the Sunday evening event is private.

Jobs, who co-founded Apple Inc. and was the mastermind behind popular gadgets such as the iPhone and the iPad, died Oct. 5 at age 56 after struggling for years with pancreatic cancer.

The journal reports a small private funeral was held a week ago.

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Comments (2)
  1. Life Soldier says:

    How about the Gov. proclaiming Sunday “Let’s fix this awful financial situation our state is in” day instead.

  2. mary burlington says:

    jerry brown sucks i regreat to vote for him, he is a fake governor plus he is to old to make wise descisiions he needs to be retired seat 24 hrs a day..not making wrong like the dream act, maybe he wants to live more than 100 years and he wants the support of illegals in california. so step out brown tooooooooooooo old.

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