Traffic Ticket ‘Amnesty’: Calif. Offers Half-Off Discount To Delinquent Drivers

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Drivers who have put off paying their traffic tickets for years may be eligible for a discount.

State officials are offering a 50 percent reduction in fines for unpaid traffic tickets throughout the state of California.

The discounts will only apply to traffic citations that are at least three years old. Parking tickets, DUI citations and reckless driving cases are ineligible.

If drivers pay off the balance of their fines during the first six months of 2012, they will only be responsible for paying half the total amount.

“This is a win‐win,” according to Ron Overholt, Interim Administrative Director of the Courts. “People have a chance to clear up what they owe to the court at a discount, plus the court and the counties desperately need the money. We hope people will take advantage of this money saving offer.”

The discounts could potentially save drivers hundreds of dollars per citation, while bringing in millions in much-needed revenue to the cash-starved state.

For a full list of requirements and other details, visit the California courts website.


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