Police: 2 Suspects Sought In 7-11 Robbery In West LA

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police on Friday asked the public to help identify two men suspected in a convenience store robbery in West Los Angeles.

Early in the morning on Oct. 6 at around 5 a.m., an employee and a store manager were working inside a 7-11 store located in the 11600 block of Wilshire Boulevard when two African-American males entered.

One of the suspects — who both appeared around 20 years old, approximately 6 feet tall and about 150 pounds — ordered an employee to lie face down on the floor.

Surveillance video shows the suspect then dragged the manager from the front of the store to the area behind the cash registers.

Once the suspect and the store manager were behind the cash registers, the suspect ordered the manager to open the safe. When the manager said that he could not unlock the safe, the suspect demanded that he open the cash registers.

The manager complied and the suspect removed an estimated $200 from one of the registers. Both suspects then fled the store.

Both suspects are considered armed and dangerous and were last seen wearing white plastic painter’s suits, gloves and painter’s masks covering their faces.

Anyone with information on this crime is urged to call West L.A. Robbery Detectives at 310-444-1520, or for anonymous tips, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).

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  • DeeDee

    They were wearing masks, gloves and painter’s suits. So how, exactly, is it known that they were Black?

    Did one of the victims see a little skin? If so, how would they know if they were Black kids, Hispanic kids, Indian kids, or some other race?

    Was it their voices? If so, again, how was it decided that they were Black? Because so many kids speak that way out in public when with their peers. I see it all the time. They think it’s cool.

    Or they could have deliberately spoke that way, just to be mistaken for Black. In fact, they could have applied make-up under their masks for the same reason.

    • Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot

      DeeDee….is that short for DumDum.
      The robbers were wearing “Painter’s Masks”, painters mask only cover the mouth and nose, leaving everything above the nose in clear view, so put your race card away.

    • The Big Logic

      You can tell them by their mannerisms, their movements, their typical MO, and by the way they talk. Thier color is the least identifiable method of telling blacks from any other 2 legged beings. Even they know they’re much different, why don’t you?

  • TheWindrunner

    If they were completely costumed, with full masks, you could still tell them apart from any other race, simply because of their movements. It’s also very likely that at least one of them said “MF’er I’ll kill yo as*!

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  • Jeff

    Good thing they were not wearing hats.

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