LOS ANGELES (CBS) — As many as 30 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies have been cited for abuse incidents over the last two years, according to a report released Thursday.

KXN 1070’s Vytas Safronikas reports on the findings by the Los Angeles County Office of Independent Review (OIR) in its investigation into violence in county jails.

OIR Chief Attorney Michael Gennaco said 30 deputies have been “disciplined or fired” since 2009.

“We reviewed all allegations of misconduct,” said Gennaco. “Some of those do result in cases in which deputies are held accountable, fired, disciplined for either using excessive force or failing to report force when it is used.”

The panel’s top recommendation: the Sheriff’s Dept. must improve and expand its security camera systems in county jails to hold officers accountable for their actions and help provide evidence for abuse.

“I suspect that by the end of the year, we’ll have more cameras and more evidentiary tiebreakers to either prove or disprove allegations of misconduct,” Gennaco said.

Comments (7)
  1. Wain says:

    Why is L A County allowing inmates to wear such amazing fashionable uniforms, are those uniforms designed in France or Italy. That alone is a good reason to avoid the prison system.

  2. Timothy McGarry says:

    The picture reminds me of the Star Trek episode with Frank Gorshin.

  3. bugman says:

    Interesting,more than once a month,scary, but,stupidity puts you in jail. Maybe, our (X) Lynda lover that had to leave Africa,( our gov) can find a new sign off! Dream,Dream. For inmates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. L.S says:

    It’s About Time, Some of those Sheriff Deputies are just as bad as the people that are locked up, GOOD !!!

  5. Mero says:

    Blue and White uniforms (Clown Jumpsuit) are the most Dangerous Notorious Gang realated High Power inmates Mexican Mafia, New Structure,BGF Etc, House in LA County Jail sections called ” The Gang Module .

  6. Anonymous says:

    As a former inmate just trying to do his time and move on I witnessed fellow inmates routinely beaten, abused, and even had their lives endangered by these “officers” with chips on their shoulder. In some cases they even tased inmates who had metal handcuffs on them. It’s no wonder people go in there as thieves and come out murderers. Kudos to Gennaco for attempting to make a difference and see that people are actually rehabilitated. It shouldn’t be a place that you want to return to but it should be a place that you fear for your life and safety in. I would sign this but the same fear of retaliation while I was in there is omnipresent while I’m on probation. I can only imagine the people brave enough to report these incidents only did so shortly before they left and knew they were being released … god forbid anything got traced back to you in their custody.

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