HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — Police are searching Scott Dekraai’s Huntington Beach home for clues and evidence following a shooting rampage he’s accused of being behind at the salon in Seal Beach where his ex-wife reportedly worked.

Officials are talking to friends and neighbors looking for his possible motive for shooting nine people, and killing eight of them.

The final shooting victim is in critical condition at a hospital in Long Beach.

Juan Fernandez, reporting for KCAL9 news, spoke to neighbors who described Dekraai as a good man —  loving father and good neighbor and devoted husband. An “extremely shocked” Stephanie Malchow described him as “super friendly.”

His ex-wife’s co-workers, however, painted a different picture and told KCAL9’s Stacey Butler that she was afraid of him, that he threatened her with guns in the past and that she had a restraining order against him.

Reportedly, the two were in the midst of a bitter custody fight over the couple’s son, Nicolas. She wanted to spend more time with her son.

Fernandez reported from outside the home where Dekraai now lives with his third wife, Mindy.

He reported that Dekraai is 42, has no criminal history and neighbors are shocked that he would snap.

He declared bankruptcy is 1994. Dekraai also reportedly lost a leg in a tug boat accident in 2004.

It is unclear is second wife Michelle is among the dead or the lone survivor of the carnage.

Comments (24)
  1. Jessenia Martinez says:

    Really? Did we really need to know that he declared bankruptcy in 1994?

    1. MD says:

      The bankruptcy was just the beginning of his downward spiral. The tugboat accident didn’t help matters either.

  2. J. Lee says:

    A tragedy which requires coverage. However why inject into the news an interview with a pro gun registration person? Then broadcast only his comments of the failure of registration of ammo.
    I see no relationship of ammo registration and a man with no criminal record shooting people. Obviously, registration of guns or ammo would not have stopped this madman.
    The reporter then talked about the past attempts of registration that have failed.
    This is clearly biased reporting and should be labeled as an editorial and not news.
    Once again CBS fails in reporting.

  3. mike hunt says:

    nice knockers on the girl in the interview!!!!!

    1. Pat McGroin says:

      Yes Indeed!! NICE!

    2. E Peel says:

      Actually, the shooter’s knockers are even bigger than hers, if you’ve seen the pic of him with his shirt open.

    3. nicenockers says:

      Hell ya….the shooter’s neighbor is STACKED!!!

  4. Al-CIAda says:

    Just another OC arsehole.

  5. ELLIE says:

    that woman looks stupid trying to justify this man killing 8 people. thats completely ridiculous. DO YOU THINK HIS EX WIFE WAS WRONG IN WANTING MORE CUSTODY OVER THEIR SON. he was obviously unstable and a horrible person. She sounds completely and utterly ridiculous. his ex wife was a GREAT person and did nothing but care for her son. RIDICULOUS.

    1. stephanie says:

      No one is justifing what he did!!

  6. M. says:

    Another cowardly idiot with guns. Man enough to shoot unarmed women; very impressive. Are you macho enough to kick puppies, tough guy? The fact that he killed everyone suggests that he was actually stupid enough to think he could have gotten away with it by minimizing the ex-wife as the obvious target and eliminating the witnesses. Although it ended tragically she certainly was on the right track when she divorced this pathetic P.O.S.

  7. duh says:

    From a guy with no criminal history to future death row inmate. Way to throw it all away, and ruin untold numbers of lives in your wake. Nothing is worth this much anger.

    My deepest condolences to all of those family and friends who are now grieving. I wish anyone, anywhere, could say something meaningful to you right now. It can’t be me, I got nothing right now but disbelief in my heart. I grew up in the late 70’s surfing the SB jetty and Sunset. That little area down there is a big part of my history. I hope eventually you all can recover and move on. There will never be an answer good enough for this.

  8. Bj Reynolds says:

    uh oh, here comes 20 more years of lawyers and your tax money!

  9. j says:


    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.
    My dog was poisoned to death, a stolen car was run into the front of my house, gang members are harrassing me, I get death threats, BB guns are being shot at my car when I drive, my car is being tampered with, money and jewelry has been stolen out of my house and these corrupt DOD employees are using torture as a punishment.

    They have been harassing me for 20 years.
    Typical D.O.J. Investigation.

    1. robert harrington says:

      i agree the department of justice sucks they cost me my job i cooperated with them then after the investigation later i lost my job for no reason at pechanga casino they had so much corruption going on there that they had to bring in investigators working with the doj. but no protection for the people that cooperated fully. never again would i cooperate with the god damn doj they suck

  10. John Earl Mair says:

    So Sad These Kind of Events Happen….

  11. Katie Stanton says:

    The neighbor who was badmouthing the mom who was killed needs to have her head examined. How dare she say such things about a woman she obviously doesn’t know. What is clear is that this Scott DeKraai is NOT a nice guy and he is clearly the shooter having been caught in body armor. This is irresponsible reporting. I can’t believe these people singing the praises of a killer and badmouthing a victim. Disgusting.

    1. stephanie says:

      First of all I was not bad mouthing. I dont know her! i ONLY stated what he had said to me. But yor too dense to know the difference,. what happened was a major tragedy and I feel awful for EVERYONE affected! I in no way think what he did is right or still think he is a great or nice person!! I am sure you never have found out your live next to someone who would do something so horrible and I wish I could say I never did, so how can judge when you have no idea the way appeared…

  12. MERO says:


    1. nicenockers says:

      JAJAJAJA For real!!!! Damn white people are crazy….but they sure got some biggo chi chis la vecina!!!

  13. Arnold Cheeznigguh says:

    I’m sure he was “super friendly” to her. If my neighbor looked like that I’d be super friendly, too. Probably super-duper friendly!

  14. stephanie says:

    People love to run their mouth and talk everything out of context from how it was actually said!! What has happened is horrible and extremely sad!! I would have much rather of not come home to a bunch of news cameras but people love drama!!! SAD SAD

    1. nicenockersbutstupid says:

      Probably prefer to keep your cameras in the bedroom. I understand that. Now shut up you stupid beoch and show us your tits as an apology for your insensitive diatribe.

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