LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The NBA lockout is hitting hundreds, if not thousands, of Southern California workers who rely on the Lakers and Clippers for their livelihoods.

NBA commissioner David Stern’s decision to cancel the first two weeks of the season will soon impact workers and businesses near Staples Center.

So far, games spanning from Nov. 1 to Nov. 14 are affected. The cancellations include eight Lakers games, five of which were to be played at the Staples Center. The Clippers will lose seven games, four of which were scheduled at Staples.

Further cancelations could affect more than 80 nights of revenue for local businesses.

Health care is also a concern as the labor dispute drags on because workers may no longer qualify for insurance.

The public will learn more Friday, when union leaders are set to meet with players here in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, Stern said both sides were “very far apart on virtually all issues. We just have a gulf that separates us. We tried awfully hard. We made, in our view, concession after concession.”

However, negotiations will continue, with games being canceled in two-week increments.

“I continue to believe that we’ve been more than fair and reasonable in our approach,” player’s union president Derek Fisher said. “This is what we anticipated would happen, and here we are. This is not just about dollars and cents for players. It’s about a system for our guys to operate under.”

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  1. ritchie kotzen says:

    These are the real “biggest losers”. The hardworking small time workers. Not the fat cats owners and players.

  2. Philip says:

    This is why I refuse to support any basketball team or any team whatsoever. The athlete’s don’t care about anybody but themselves. The acts that they do affect the smaller guy. The employees who are not working at the sports auditoriums are not eligible for health insurance for themselves nor for their families. I really wish that there were no professional sports such as basketball, football and baseball. That way, the supposed athlete will have to depend on their education and make a living on that.

  3. Louis Swan II says:

    How Can anyone think about more money, when the Economy is the way it is, they should juts be happy the way things are now till everything gets better for everyone, not just themselves, I can care less if their is no basketball for the entire season, I just feel for the people t hat depend on the NBA season to have to make a living. Guess what ??? I would like to have more money from my job, but the way the Economy is, I am just glad that I have a job, forget about the more money for me..

  4. Louis Swan II says:

    Maybe the NBA should all get together before having a next meeting, and go Downtown L.A. on skid row and look at the people living on the street, people that lost their jobs, people that lost their homes, people that stand in long lines just to get a plate of food and then go to the negotiation table with that what they just seen and then see if the will accept what ever offer they feel is not fair.

  5. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    ask security guards at staples how much their pai d an hour, about 9dollares an hour, LAPP about 90 dollares an hour overtime after their regular shift.

  6. T says:

    I understand they want to be paid well for what they do – they travel, they take all the risk, they are away from their families, they get the broken bones and have to live with the results of those injuries way past retirement – But there is PLENTY of money to do that with – normal blue collar people live on less than 70k a year – many of them alot less (including me) But to fight this battle to the point that they are losing more money trying to gain such a small percentage – on both ends – now causing issues with the local economy – and really they are fighting over 1 to 2% of millions of dollars – Im sorry – I just cant support that… still deciding if there is basketball – whether i will watch it or change the channel , definately at this point – wont go to a game…..we will see how long this lasts….

    1. T says:

      I forgot to add – those ” little people ” that make 70k and under are the ones buying tickets to go to the millionaires basketball games – might wanna think about that ……..

  7. URL says:

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