City Council Votes To Support ‘Occupy LA’ Protesters


LOS ANGELES (CBS) — After nearly three hours of public comment dominated by Occupy Los Angeles demonstrators, the City Council voted Wednesday to support the movement calling attention to what activists say is a growing gap between the nation’s rich and poor.

The resolution sponsored by Councilmen Richard Alarcon and Bill  Rosendahl supports the “peaceful and vibrant exercise in First Amendment  Rights carried out by `Occupy Los Angeles.”‘

An amendment by Councilman Paul Krekorian also thanked Los Angeles  police for handling the demonstrations in a professional way.

Dozens activists who have been camping on the lawn of City Hall for the  past 10 days addressed the council. Despite the resolution, many verbally  attacked the lawmakers, accusing them of being allied with big banks and of  perpetuating inequality.

Part of the resolution calls for accelerating a “responsible banking”  ordinance in which banks would be scored based on the number of home loan  modifications accommodated, the number and location of branches and how they  contribute to affordable housing.

The Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the Central City Association  object to that idea.

The participants  describe themselves as “99 percent” – a term they say refers to Americans struggling to pay bills while the income gap between the rich and the middle class widens.

“This is about scaring the people who are running the show into listening to us, dealing with us in a positive way, and sitting down with us,” Las Vegas resident Bill Fisher told CBS2’s Kirk Hawkins.



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  1. JanCorey says:

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  2. TheWindrunner says:

    WT double F?

  3. jim says:

    YES L.A.!! I LOVE IT!

  4. whazup says:

    JanCorey, stop whining

  5. Alan Di says:

    Apparently our city council hasn’t enough to do. They waste our time and money voting on things that are none of their business. How’s that boycott of Arizona going?

  6. wobbles says:

    Great. Another homeless camp in downtown L.A. The only difference is these a re a bunch of spolied rich kids so they’ll drink slightly less.

    Sure makes me want to visit and spend money there.

  7. Kenneth Whoridaz Whitfield says:

    I am happy that the city council is showing support but if they are truly trying to help people then why are they trying to draft a resolution to abolish boarding homes and sober livings in the city of Los Angeles

  8. Doug says:

    Some people just love greed and that is why we have politicians.

  9. Jack Nicholson aka JanCorey says:

    The insane are running the asylum.

  10. Kenneth Whoridaz Whitfield says:

    The movement needs to be careful who they allow to endorse them as it clouds the message and takes them off task 🙂

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