LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Education officials have approved a resolution calling on schools to actively discuss violence and teen dating. The Los Angeles Unified School District’s efforts come two weeks after a 17-year-old girl was fatally stabbed by her ex-boyfriend at a South Gate high school.

The resolution calls for Superintendent John Deasy to appoint a prevention coordinator to work with schools, parents and the community to teach students about violence prevention, including dating abuse.

The programs would include educate students on topics such as healthy versus abusive relationships, prevention activities and interventions in response to incidents of dating abuse.

The resolution notes that the programs will be implemented “if funds are made available.”

cindi santana LAUSD Calls For Dating Violence Awareness In Schools Following Fatal Stabbing

The victim, identified as 17-year-old Cindi Santana, died at Saint Francis Medical Center hours after being stabbed during a lunchtime fight at South East High School in South Gate.

The board’s vote came on the heels of a Sept. 30 stabbing at South East High School. Cindi Santana, 17, was stabbed multiple times during a lunchtime argument. She died later that day at a hospital.

Her ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old Abraham Lopez, was arrested and charged with murder. Lopez had been arrested days before the attack for allegedly threatening Santana and her family. Prosecutors declined to file any charges, citing insufficient evidence.

Santana had been granted a restraining order against Lopez but school officials had not yet been notified.

Comments (19)
  1. sil says:

    It’s sad that it took this young girl’s death for LAUSD to react to teen-dating violence..

  2. Steve Goodelle says:

    Yeah, once again we are doing something reactive instead of proactive.

  3. WHO CARES says:


  4. Mehilangelino says:

    I think its fine for kids to date, but there needs to be student awareness for when things get out of hand.

    The big one is that the LAPD or whatever enforcement agency should have warned that this thug was a threat to that girl and made sure school police had photos of him everywhere, period.

    Secondly, this thug and his impulsivity, and mentality, is cultural. His parents, family where, are gang bangers, his friends are gang bangery thugs. Hispanic gangs as we know, have known them are a Mexican sub-cultural thing, the culture nurtures this as part of “brown pride”, its a cultural identifying thing. Can we change cultures? Impossible, THEY have to change. Will they? Never.

    Hate to say it but its got to be said in absolutes.

  5. Henry says:

    What happened to academics? Personal issues should be dealt by parents, and IF you don’t have the time to properly teach your children…STOP having children.

  6. The Big Logic says:

    Some Third World cultures cannot assimilate to civility. Latinos shouldn’t be one of them as they are basically civilized, except for a small minority that distorts the perception of the whole. They are not Nigra, and should stop trying to be like them, as there is no long term glory in the destruction of your youth.

  7. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Damn that girl was beautiful similiar to the hot latin girls doing the news in LA> The guy is UGLY, fat, bumpy complexion< no wonder she wouldn.t want anything to do with him.

  8. Ray says:

    Would it be better to teach them reading writing and math skills leave their love life outside of the classroom it has no place for it.


    Poor Chicaca lost her virginity to this guy and died in the hands of her 1st love..

  10. White Boy Matthews says:

    Most Girls are stupid, they date the wrong guys and ended up a loser too.

  11. Disown your kids if they disobey says:

    Stupid chicks dating the bad boys who threatened ’em & their families. Dumb chicks!

  12. Dumb Loser Kids says:

    Why didn’t the police prosecute him after he made threats to her & her family? If someone’s making threats, that is a crime noh?

  13. Sexy Roxy says:

    Should’ve ran when she saw him, instead she argued with him which made it worse. He only came for 1 thing. She’s just plain stupid.

  14. rjsmitty says:

    Typical son of an illegal alien.

  15. RWZ says:

    What about the obligatory car wash to pay for everything?

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