...If you didn't see it, you wouldn't believe it.

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Not for those with a fear of heights. These hot-tub partiers in Switzerland spent  the equivalent of 100 round-the-clock days setting up this stunt, and then, another six assembling the parts. I think I would have spent longer than six hours setting it up. Anyhoo… the real number you want to see is: how high up are they? Even hanging down from the bridge, they’re still about 450 feet … a footbal field and a half … above splat level. I’m trying hard not to use the word ‘morons.’

For the record, the UK’s  Guardian newspaper says 25 of them took the, um, plunge. (I count only about a dozen.  -Ed.)They stayed in the tub for a couple of hours. Just long enough for the warmth to wear off, but not –I’m hoping– the vodka.

(Photo: The Guardian)


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