Three Seniors Hospitalized After Accidentally Eating Marijuana-Laced Brownies

HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — Two 71-year-old women and an 82-year-old man who accidentally ate brownies laced with marijuana had to be treated at a hospital Monday.

They ended up in the emergency room at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian after they unwillingly ate the brownies at a mutual friend’s memorial service on Saturday afternoon, Huntington Beach police Lt. Russel Reinhart said.

The three complained of nausea, dizziness and trouble standing, he said.

The friend who was being memorialized used to eat medical marijuana brownies, so someone made them and put them out for mourners without announcing what was in them, Reinhart said.

Though “medical marijuana is not the crime of the century and it’s nothing new,” Huntington Beach police posted news about the seniors and a Friday night holdup of medical marijuana deliverers on the city’s Facebook page because of the U.S. Attorney’s announcement that authorities will begin to crack down on dispensaries that make a profit off the drug, which is illegal, Reinhart said.

Federal authorities announced Friday they plan to crack down on medical marijuana collectives throughout the Southland that are operating as for-profit businesses.

California voters legalized medical marijuana in 1996, but only for people with a prescription, and anyone cultivating it must operate as a nonprofit.

  • Hardmoney

    Were there any leftovers?…just wondering.

  • Art Ghecko

    It’s really unfair to spring pot brownies on the unsuspecting, especially the elderly. They would misinterpret the symptoms as something seriously wrong, instead of just the desired result of ingesting pot. Dizziness is not a laughing matter if you don’t know why you’re dizzy, and suspect a medical problem. They probably would have enjoyed the experience, had they known in advance what the experience was going to be…!

    • bounce

      Not everyone enjoys being dizzy, even if they know it beforehand.

  • zeekdizzle

    Art Ghecko i agree they shouldn’t have gave the elderly those brownies

  • Mel

    should be arressted

    • jway

      Give them a break – they’re old people!

  • Stevve

    Yeah. They ate them accidentally. Right.

  • ginny

    As someone who is highly allergic to to it, if I had unknowingly eaten one they could have been mouring my death as well. I can’t even be in a room where someone has it. This is not something to take lightly.

    • jway

      The same could be said of peanuts. And they shouldn’t be illegal either.

  • jway

    It should be pointed out that the three people *didn’t* get sick off the brownies, they got high and didn’t know what it was.

  • Rowan

    Some of us are actually incredibly allergic to marijuana. Anyone who puts of laced food should be charged. If someone like me had been there it may have resulted in death.

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