LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A candlelight vigil is set for Monday night in downtown Los Angeles to call on U.S. lawmakers to put Americans back to work.

KNX 1070’s Bob Brill reports Good Job LA will pray that the need to create jobs will trump “corporate greed” ahead of the U.S. Senate’s vote on the American Jobs Act.

Good Job LA spokesman Jacob Hay will join about 200 others at the corners of Broadway and Aliso streets near what he calls the obsolete Broadway and Hollywood (101) Freeway overpass in downtown L.A.

The location, Hay said, is highly symbolic.

“Just one of the many overpasses that need fixing and that could be built by passing the American Jobs Act,” he said.

Hay said even if Congress kills President Obama’s controversial $447 billion measure, protesters will continue to make their voices heard.

“If the jobs bill doesn’t pass tomorrow, we’ll be back out on Wednesday with a larger and more aggressive protest of the fact that corporate greed stood in the way of good jobs,” he said.

Activists from Occupy LA — who have been camped out near City Hall — are expected to join unemployed workers and various locals for the demonstration.

The Democratic-controlled Senate is expected to hold a key procedural vote on the American Jobs Act Tuesday evening.

Comments (7)
  1. dan says:

    Bozo the clown would get a better from the public.

  2. Duh! says:

    So, where will all this money suddenly come from?
    $447B is a lot of money. Are they going to raise taxes again?

    1. Jim Stanton says:

      Yes, the wealthy are going to pay for it with increased taxes. Bet you and I become wealthy real quick.

    2. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

      I will never understand the hatred that Obama and Democrats have for American that work hard, succeed in their business, and make a good living for themselves and their family that they want to punish them by taking more of their money.

  3. Jim Stanton says:

    $447Billion? I have a plan that will only cost a tenth of that and get the economy, housing, and jobs rolling.

    Take 100 Million working Americans, aged 50 or older, and let them retire early. Let them collect whatever social security benefits or union pensions they’ve earned to this point.

    Give each of them $5Million with the following conditions:
    1) They must invest 20%, $1Million, in US existing companies or the creation of new US companies.
    2) They must pay off all their outstanding debt.
    3) They must purchase a new house in the US.
    4) They must purchase a new US built car.
    5) Any money left over can be spent as they see fit.

    Creates 100 million jobs
    Invests $100 Million in US companies or the creation of new companies
    100 Million Americans are debt free, solves debt problem
    100 Million new homes are purchased, helps solve housing issue
    100 Million US cars are sold
    The buying power of 100 Million Americans is increased putting more people to work making and seling the products they will buy.

    All for one-tenth the current cost of the proposed jobs bill = $500Million.

  4. Borsia Novak says:

    The problem with Obama’s bill is that it simply spends more tax money that the government doesn’t have. Further it creates no long term jobs. So just like his “stimulus” spending all we will have in the end it more unpaid debt, leaving us sitting in a deeper hole.
    The first thing one has to do to get out of a hole is stop digging. In the case of America we have to stop throwing trillions of dollars into wasted defense spending and useless expenditures like studying Mars. Almost every study that the government spends countless millions on, like which areas have the most traffic accidents, can be answered by anyone with a little common sense. The mere fact that nobody in government has that common sense shows that it is time to stop voting based on looks and charisma and start choosing the most honest and intelligent as our leaders.
    In 2012 the only candidate who “gets it” is Ron Paul. He has his faults but he would be the best choice for the nation.

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