SACRAMENTO (CBS) — Gov. Jerry Brown signed off on a flurry of legislation over the weekend after working through 142 bills on his desk before a midnight deadline on Monday.

The bills cover a wide variety of fields ranging from health care and vaccinations to alcohol use and firearms, including:

— AB499, which lets minors as young as 12 get vaccinated against a sexually transmitted virus known as human papilloma (HPV) without parental consent.

— SB746, which makes California the first state to make it illegal for teenagers under 18 to use tanning beds. The ban goes into effect Jan. 1. Currently, children 14 and under cannot use tanning beds in California.

— AB144, which makes it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed and unloaded gun in public or in vehicles. Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, D-Pasadena, authored the bill that requires violators facing up to a year in prison or a potential fine of $1,000 when the law takes effect on Jan 1.

— SB126, which will allow California to punish agriculture employers found to have violated union election rules by letting regulators automatically certify farmworker unions as a penalty.

— SB946, which will require health insurers to provide coverage for children with autism or other developmental disorders. Insurance providers currently can deny coverage of development disorders because they are classified as an education service.

— AB131, which lets illegal immigrants apply for state-funded scholarships and aid at state universities. Brown signed the first half of the California Dream Act in July, when he approved private scholarships and loans for students who are illegal immigrants.

— AB1112, which authorizes the Office of Spill Prevention and Response to raise fees for any oil spill prevention fund and increase inspections of high-risk vessel-to-vessel petroleum transfers.

— AB438, which would require private companies to prove they will save taxpayers money before they are allowed to take over operating a public library.

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Comments (6)
  1. John Estrada says:

    Jerry, you signed AB131 into law? What an stupid thing to do.

  2. shaun says:

    I agree with John Estrada, it is a very stupid thing to do.

  3. noneoff says:

    Why are allowing illegal immigrants to apply for state funds when my to kids, who born in California were turned down for state funds. You are putting illegal immigrants ahead for California and US citizens.

  4. brian says:

    giving money to illegals….ridiculous

  5. Amy says:

    I’m 100% white and I would rather give money to illegals then spend trillions, yes trillions of dollars on the never ending “war on terror”. Why doesn’t anybody whine about that? These are TRILLIONS and guess what? It’s just a matter of time until be get severely bombed again and again and again and again and again. Let’s stop acting stupid and understand that american citizens are not going to want to pick strawberries, mow people’s lawns, wash people’s cars, clean people’s houses etc. Point being, the benefits of having and supporting illegals in the US outweigh the negatives.

    1. Illegal says:

      Wait until they run you over.

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