Police: Rifle-Wielding Suspect Fatally Shot In NoHo

NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Authorities say a rifle-wielding suspect has been fatally shot by police in North Hollywood.

Los Angeles police Capt. Peter Whittingham says authorities received several calls about 5 a.m. Sunday reporting that a man was shooting into the air at Vineland Avenue and Valerio Street. Upon arrival, they confronted the suspect.

“The individual had his hands behind his back,” he said. “The officer told him to show his hands. He did and, in the process, pointed a weapon, which is a rifle, at the officer, and an OIS occurred.”

The suspect, who was shot multiple times, was transported to Northridge Hospital Medical Center where he was declared dead.

The deceased was identified Sunday afternoon as Julio Sandoval. His family said he was the one who made the 911 call.

Some neighbors told KCAL9’s Joy Benedict that Sandoval was not holding a weapon at the time he was shot. Some family told her Sandoval only had a BB gun.

They also told her the father of two was recently distraught over a failing business and tough financial times.

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  • Sylvain Cecile


    • Chris

      Good? How about Great

      • Marissa

        He was a bad Mr Balls

  • wow

    You get what you ask for

  • M

    Guns! The killing of America!

    • Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot

      I am a big supporter of Gun Control…Breath….Relax….Aim…..Slack….Squeeze…

    • Jeezus

      the killling of america is due to the stupid people, not the tools they use. Like you, to say such a comment proves youre one of the problems. You probably are the same person saying a bait car is entrapment. Guns arent the issue here, it’s a stupid person. End of story. Considering the area, it’s likely a stupid immigrant with a shady culture behind him.

      • Jeezus

        I never said it matters, but in fact it does matter in this case, JS-cause it sounds like he is an immigrant who felt too responsible for not making the american dream come to fruition in his own eyes and so he went suicide by cop as a foolish way out

      • Jim Stanton

        Doesn’t matter what race he was. It was suicide by cop. End of story.

    • azuresees

      Sorry…Not guns…Idiots…Did a spoon make Rosie fat?

  • HollywoodSaint

    I also sometimes get reality mixed up when I play GRAND THEFT AUTO 4….Nico Bellic

  • mike

    that is the best news. The responsibility of your actions!!

  • Hardmoney

    My Best Regards to the officers involved.

  • bounce

    “Dad shot, killed by cops” is how the story is tagged on the main page. That sets a very inflamatory tone and downplays the seriousness of this incident.

    The guy repeatedly fired a rifle, prompting several 911 calls and then apparently pointed the rifle at the responding officers. He is entirely responsible for what happened next, and that may well have been his intent (suicide by cop).

    Regardless, the headline used on the main page is irresponsible and misleading.

    • Jim Stanton

      Headline should read; “Depressed local businessman commits suicide by cop”

    • The Media Sucks

      Well said Bounce. This is a very misleading headline. Typical for Los Angeles reporting organizations. Just because he happens to be a father doesn’t excuse his actions.

    • Karen

      Thank you for clarifying. I was wondering why he was shot until you posted the facts. Geez, maybe you should have reported the story instead of the person who wrote this one.

  • Damond

    BANG…you dead!

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