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LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Al Davis, the flamboyant NFL franchise owner who brought and then removed the Raiders from Los Angeles, has died at the age of 82.

Davis passed away in his home in Oakland on Saturday morning. No cause of death was announced, although he had been in declining health recently.

Since 1966, Davis had either led or owned the Raiders, making him the longest-running football boss in NFL history.

91161735 10 Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis Dead At 82

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Under his direction, the team became one of the most successful in NFL history with 13 division championships between 1967 and 1985.

In 1980, Davis was blocked by the NFL from moving the Raiders from Oakland to LA. He sued and won an anti-trust case and in 1982, the Raiders moved into the venerable Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

But in 1995, Davis moved the team back to the Bay Area after being denied permission to build a new luxury football stadium in Inglewood.

Sports Anchor Randy Kerdoon Discusses Davis’ Legacy

In 1992, Davis was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

» PHOTOS: Remembering Al Davis

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Comments (14)
  1. Frito Bandito says:

    The team is now moving to Tijuana!

    1. mr. Tortilla says:

      They are changing the Mascot to a Donkey!

      1. cel says:

        The team is all democrats right?

    2. billbobo says:

      smell like troll city here

    3. Just a Thought says:

      How insenensitive. I’m not a Raider fan, but I refuse to stereotype. Shame on you. Is this how you show your tolerance of people? No wonder we’re ALL on the highway to hell. So sad…

  2. John Dacey says:

    At least we know it wasn’t brain related! I’m sure Jim Hill will mourn Davis’ loss, he should be the only one. Now I can root for the Raiders, not that I will, but a green light is a green light!

  3. ginny says:

    Those of us that are old enough to remember what Al Davis was all about in the early years do mourn his loss. He was a brilliant coach, manager and owner. He was also a dedicated human being that cared for his wife, who was very ill fo many years. Football has lost one of the reasons why the NFL is what it is today.

  4. By, by theif! says:

    He was a theif!
    As are all pro sports team owners! The fact that this guy ripped off so many cities bidding for the raiders to build them a stadium to play in their cities. He is not missed by me. Plus, the raiders suck!

    1. Jody says:

      Here I’ve always thought it was spelled “thief”! Well, you’re right about one thing: the Raiders do suck!

  5. Bill Gartner says:

    Remembering Al

    I’m slow to write this today because, like with so many of you, the Raiders have played a major part in shaping my life…and Al Davis has always been associated with the RAIDERS. A coach, a GM, comissioner of the AFL, a driving force which helped to merge the leagues, and for most of their existence, owner of the greatest sports franchise known to humanity.

    Like many long-time R…aider fans, I remember what life was like before “RAIDER NATION” and before “Commitment to Excellence.” For me, I will always resonate with Mr. Davis’ “Just Win” attitude. I didn’t always agree with him, but that’s what I also loved about him; he wasn’t phased by the millions of fans who criticised him.

    When people are aghast as they learn that I am a life-long Silver-And-Black fanatic, they usually ask how I can possibly like a team that is owned by Al Davis. And of course I always answer, “first of all, ‘like’ is hardly appropriate as I am bonded with the past, present and future of the Raiders; I LOVE the Raiders.” And that doesn’t come close to saying everything. I suffer with the Raiders, and I rejoice with the Raiders. But, since this is mostly about remembering Al, I say again what I have often said about him.

    In many ways, he reminds me of Fidel Castro. Not his politics, but his passion…and his revolutionary spirit. I always have thought it amazing that two such men lived and controlled their respective domain for much of the same span of world history; and they each did it with complete passion, zeal, and an unwavering belief that they were right. It’s true that the successes came at great cost throughout the years, but, when they did emerge, they were monumental.

    In Remembering Al, I think of the great Sinatra song “My Way.” Because, good or bad, love him or hate him, Al did it his way and left behind a legacy that will stand the test of time. Goodbye Mr. Davis; and yes, I will miss you.

  6. ice cube says:

    Stop givin juice to the Raiders
    Cause Al Davis, never paid us

  7. Jim says:

    All I can say is that’s gonna take an NFL caliber owner to step in and redirect the Raiders into their own vision. That means making philosophical choices and marketing decisions that will fly in the face of thousands of “Raider Nation” groupies, but nonetheless turn things around.

  8. Gino says:

    Uhmm….Raiders in LA? Absolutely and whole heartedly, NO!!! Should do the world a favor and either stay in the Bay or disappear into oblivion.

    Regardless, my condolences go out to the Davis family.

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