LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The coroner’s chief toxicologist was on the witness stand again Thursday in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Murray, 58, is accused of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death and has pleaded not guilty.

Dan Anderson testified Thursday that propofol was found in Jackson’s blood, urine and liver when he died. He did not specify how much of the drug was found in Jackson’s system.

Anderson also told jurors Thursday that lidocaine and lorazepam, a sleep aid, were also found in the singer’s body.

A Los Angeles police detective who investigated the crime scene at Jackson’s rented mansion also began testifying Friday morning.

The detective played a recoding of Murray, taken two days after Jackson’s death, describing how he administered propofol to the King of Pop. The two-hour recording has never been made public.

After giving some biographical details, the cardiologist is heard telling detectives how he met Jackson and became his personal physician for a series of planned comeback concerts in London.

Murray tells the detectives that he first treated Jackson in 2006 in Las Vegas because the singer and his children were
suffering from the flu.

A judge recessed proceedings for lunch just as Murray finishes explaining how Jackson’s personal assistant contacted him because the singer wanted him to accompany him to the London shows.

Jackson died at age 50 from an overdose of propofol. If convicted, Murray faces four years in prison.

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Comments (5)
  1. ES says:

    This goose is cooked.

  2. brett says:

    he should be given a gold star for ridding this world of a child molestor.

    1. Styker 21 says:

      Give the good Doctor a key to the city. If he did it, he rid the world of a pedophile drug addict. Now other countries where the pedophile performed his jungle music are looking in to people coming forward saying they were molested by the pedophile drug addict.

  3. Smitty says:

    This is a witch hunt prosecution, if anybody should be prosecuted it should be AEG for insurance fraud and concert promotion fraud.

    Jackson was the biggest junky on the planet, he was totally incapable of perfroming one show, let alone a series of shows, Murray is just a target of opportunity because AEG is a big political donor, if Murray hadn’t provided the drugs Jackson had the means and will to find a replacement as easily as replacing a lightbulb.

    Junkies are capable of anything to get their fix, and Jackson had pretty much unlimited resources as long as he could dupe people into thinking he could perform.

    Had the prosecution gone after AEG & Jackson for insurance fraud they both would be out tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, and the prosecution would have been a slam dunk.

    Where is the doctor’s report for the concert insurance?
    What insurance company doctor said Jackson was capable of not only performing 1 concert but a rigorous series of concerts in a foreign country?

    if Jackson could have done 1 concert he would have done one in LA or a bunch in Vegas, he was completely broke and leveerged in hundreds of millions in debt, he wasn’t even capable of doing a TV commercial. .

  4. Romansj6 says:

    you sure no a lot about junky wow as faras being a child molestor did he touch any of you . And i hope any body that post all those mess up comment kiss there MOTHER with that mouth. GOD is the only judge not any of you

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