LONDON (CBS/AP) — David Beckham’s income from personal sponsorship deals rose 30 percent last year, signaling the enduring strength of the Los Angeles Galaxy player’s brand appeal.

According to figures released by Britain’s Companies House, revenue for the company that handle Beckham’s endorsements was $23.9 million in 2010.

In 2009, Footwork Productions received $18.3 million from companies including sportswear manufacturer Adidas.

The accounts also showed that Beckham received $18.6 from the company compared with $14.6 million the previous year.

The 36-year-old Beckham’s Major League Soccer contract with the Galaxy expires in November.

There are numerous reports that indicate that the British star will return to England to join Tottenham after the season ends.

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  1. wgaf says:

    I’d do him for free.

    1. Qyangcllu says:

      was a lot worse than what don Imus said. I did not bileeve that Imus should have been fired for what he said, but he was, so now the only fair thing to do to JV and Elvis is to fire them too. If Imus was booted for a simple little phrase that was not intended to hurt the members of the Rutgers basketball team, then surely the abusive racist and sexist language spoken directly to Asian Americans deserves the firing of the two. Unfortunately I don’t think that Elvis and JV will be fired or this story will receive significant national coverage. The Asian American community, as usual, won’t care enough to make a big deal about it, even though it is. I say that it is a big deal not because of what the two said, which was still bad, but because people think that they can attack and make fun of Asians without consequence. If JV and Elvis had called Black owned businesses and done the equivalent to Black employees they would have been off the ar faster than Imus. Currently in our society it is socially acceptable to make fun of Asians (as well as whites), but it is not okay to say anything about Blacks or any other minorities. Either no one is off limits or everyone is. I would prefer the former, but in light of Imus’ firing, JV and Elvis must go to, or it will be completely obvious that there are huge double standards in America when it comes to racism.

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