MONTEREY PARK (CBS) — The arraignment was postponed Wednesday for a Monterey Park yogurt store owner who allegedly kidnapped and attempted to murder one of his employees.

Robert Lee, 37, is charged with kidnapping to commit rape, as well as attempted murder, in an alleged attack on one of his workers.

The victim says Lee lured her up to a storage area on the morning of Aug. 24 and bound her with tape before locking her, nearly naked, in a box.

She says she awoke face down in an adult diaper with a collar around her neck after being beaten. She was hospitalized after she managed to free herself and get help at a nearby business.

Lee was arrested that same day. His felony charges carry maximum sentences of life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors allege the crime was committed because Lee had just sound-proofed his storage space.

He surrendered his passport in court Wednesday. Lee’s arraignment has been reset for Nov. 21.

Comments (6)
  1. Oligano says:

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  2. Stop regulations says:

    Sounds like a good way to keep the rest of the employees in line.

  3. Di553NTR says:

    So is this a marketing ploy FAIL for a soundproofing material company?

    The last sentence suggest that he just wanted to test his sound proofed storage… NOT sexually abuse and rape a HUMAN!

    1. Anon says:

      He sound-proofed his storage space because he had put the victim in there and did not want anyone hearing her. Thankfully she managed to escape. Can you imagine her being in there suffering especially with no one being able to hear her. This guy deserves many years in prison and help.

      1. Thomas says:

        “The crime was committed BECAUSE Lee had just sound-proofed his storage space.”

        That states that he sound proofed his storage space before committing the crime, and that he had to commit it because he sound proofed it. Why is sound proofing legal if you have to commit a crime right after?

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