FULLERTON (CBS) — Residents in Fullerton are renewing their call for the chief of police to resign after his paid medical leave is extended for another two months.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports the extension comes as officials hire a doctor to look into Chief Michael Sellers’ medical condition.

Sellers, who was supposed to return to work Tuesday, is reportedly still suffering from stress and high blood pressure and will continue to collect about $19,000 a month in salary.

Under his contract, Sellers could be eligible for up to 12 months of paid leave — a revelation that has left some local taxpayers outraged.

“No, there’s no way! No way that someone is going to be able to get that amount of medical leave,” said one man.

“Is that crazy or what? I think he should step down and save himself some embarrassment,” another resident said.

City Council member Sharon Quirk-Silva told KCAL 9’s Stacey Butler the cost to taxpayers is only part of her frustration.

“In essence, it leaves us with one-fourth of our command staff less,” said Quirk-Silva, who fears the city will be unable to move forward with interim chief Kevin Hamilton.

The embattled police chief left on paid medical leave at the height of the Kelly Thomas controversy this summer.

Hamilton will continue as acting chief in place of Sellers while the city conducts its own investigation into his medical claims.

Comments (31)
  1. Mike Griffiths says:

    Wouldn’t you think that someone in this position would be EXPECTED to handle stress? If not, maybe shouldn’t be in this job! Abuse of taxpayers continues… Private sector wouldn’t be nearly as generous!

  2. T says:

    He’s a piece of Sh$# Chief will burn in hell…………The working class is getting raped…..Country-Policy-politics…………………

    1. T says:

      i didnt write that – somebody is using my ID

    2. The real T says:

      Comment above written by someone other than

  3. citizen says:

    Law abbiding cops. Who rip the cith off.

  4. Maury says:

    Blood pressure my @-ss. This spineless parasite should be hung, along with those other six devils that participated in the public execution of that homeless man. These low-life parasites are a disgrace to the badge.

  5. Infuriated says:

    Please do not forget HIS disability salary is TAX-FREE compensation!!!!! Didn’t know that , did you!

  6. FU says:

    Born and raised citizen of USA Mr. Sellers…. Not surprised at all… Can hardly see anybody that can survive on their salary alone… Well he’s a cop, he’ll get away with it… Count on it… all this fuss over why he did it and all the BS investigations will be forgotten shortly after everybody involved gets a piece of the score… Remember this story well for the next time you accuse hard working immigrants who have clean records and want to obtain citizenship and pay TAXES…

  7. uhoh says:

    Finally a comment thread everyone agrees on. LOL..

  8. A!! says:

    You are dumb! It’s his salary divided by 12 months. So he make $230,000 per year. Why are you outraged? Is it because you wish you were making as much as he is? As for private sector, look at Wall Street. Their salaries are way higher than this guy. Sellers is a jerk and doesn’t deserve to be on medical leave but he found a way to get out of having to deal with the controversy. He is a coward!!!

  9. Vik says:

    Why are you so surprised? We have corruption on every single level of our government. My school has a principal who is out of her mind literally. She collects 150k per year and can’t be fired cause she is black. Just like that.

    1. Tyrone says:

      Blacks unemployed in the U.S. is at 16.7%, Whites 9%.

  10. kmac says:

    Why isn’t he just on disability at 60% of salary amount- like the rest of us get on short term leave??

  11. Phil says:

    Where was this outrage when unemployment kept getting extended for 6 months at a time? It’s the same exact thing–they’re both ridiculous.

    1. m says:

      phil, the instances aren’t quite the same. the unemployed are in their positions due to job loss. sellars has NOT lost his job, he opted for medical leave which obviously he will extend as long as he can before having to resign, or retire. if not mistaken, his medical leave will not adversely impact his years of service, so he hasn’t much to lose unlike a person collecting unemployment benefits.

  12. m says:

    he should experience stress and high blood pressure because he knows his pitiful, spineless management of the fullerton police department had gotten him in a hole so deep his only way out is medical leave. there’s no doubt chief “coward” sellars will stay out as long as legally/medically possible, then resign.

  13. Ken says:

    Actually Phil, it is completely different. Sellers covers up murders, rapes, police brutality and then some all for the lofty price of 19k a month. I wasn’t aware that unemployment paid out 19k a month and while I can only presume, I imagine most of those unemployed do not have the same qualities as Sellers.

    1. Phil says:

      I’m not even sure where you’re trying to go with this, but it’s really simple: They are getting paid for not working.

  14. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    still below Bernars Parks retired LAPD chief raking in $268k per year and to supplement his income he rakes in another $179k per year from LAcity council. don.t ya just love cops and their B.S. life on the line job.


    kick that shlt-bag pig out of there!! just like what the cops do when they see a homeless person sleeping in a parking lot!!!!!

  16. watchitgo says:

    All public agencies should be required to make public the salaries and benefits such as this extended medical leave on an annual basis to a citizen review board. When money was flowing through everyone’s hands these costly programs were boosted to unreal levels and it was not questioned. There was a time too, when employees had self respect and would not consider robbing the public like we see now. The key word now is greed and don’t look back!

    Every time you go to a store you see new packaging, ie, coffee… is now not 3 lbs, but a few ounces less for more money. Ice cream, Coke is now in a 20 pak instead of 24 for more money! That is just what we get with high level public emplioyees, a lot less for more money! I guess they think we can’t count, or they hope not anyway. The consumer/ taxpayer is being taken to the cleaners regularly and most don’t recognize it.

  17. swhitS says:

    Perhaps this city and country really needs to go down the tubes, then maybe people will get the idea to research each and everyone of them thoroughly before putting them in office. Statistics speak louder than any voice.

  18. shoe says:

    This just makes me wanna hurl.

  19. P. Whalen says:

    All this stress leave is a precursser to going after full disability retirerment. It is called “Chiefs Deases” and is very common in law enforcement and fire protection at the upper levels. Remember when LA County tried to give the Sheriff’s widow disability retirerment after he died of cancer?

  20. Lawrence Wiiz says:

    ..suffering from stress and high blood pressure and will continue to collect about $19,000 a month in salary.

    Warning: Reading the above line may raise your blood pressure and stress level.

  21. John says:

    This man is ripping you off, just like he’s gang bang ripped off the life of that young man.

  22. Chief says:

    When i get back, this whole thing will have blown over, and i’ll be shuffling paper again for $ 230K/year. Sweeeeet.

  23. Chief says:

    do you guys have any more homeless people i can beat up, its become an addiction of mine

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