By Lisa Sigell

WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — You have seen the lean, tone bodies of ballet dancers, but have you ever wondered where they get them? Well some dancers are teaching classes in L.A. to help you get your own “ballet bod”.

“Jumping, skipping and hopping – it’s lots of fun. It’s like when you’re a little girl, you get to pretend to be a ballerina,” said Jump Class student Rachel Daily.

At Ballet Bodies in West Hollywood, where classes are a mix of Pilates, cardio, and ballet, they turn regular bods into ballet bods. Jump is all about lifting your body and your spirit. It’s like ballet on a trampoline with everything from pliés to swan arms.

“The jump class is a cardio class that combines different jump moves to burn the maximum amount of calories,” said Ballet Bodies Trainer Amy Rosoff.

“We’ll go from doing dance moves on the floor to jumping around on the trampoline to kickboxing moves sometimes to jump rope. It sort of changes every week a little bit, so you kind of don’t know what to expect,” she explained.

If you cannot make it to jump class, you can always create it on your own at home by purchasing a trampoline, some weights and maybe a jump rope. You can even save some money by finding them used.

Then get moving.

“Even old-school exercises like jumping jacks and jump rope and ending with plank pushups – that’s a great workout,” Rosoff said.

As for results, students swear by all this jumping around.

“Especially in the bum and in the legs and the arm section is great too with the weights for the wrists,” Daily said.

For more information on the classes visit


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