LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Three women, Conrad Murray’s girlfriend, the mother of his youngest child and a dancer, testified Tuesday in the Michael Jackson death case.

Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s 2009 death. One of his exes, Sade Anding, and the mother of one of his children, Nicole Alvarez, were asked about their conversations with him prior to the pop star’s death.

KNX 1070 Reports: Murray’s Former Girlfriend Testifies

michael jackson trial Prosecutors Accuse Conrad Murray Of Phoning Girlfriends While Jackson Was Dying

One of Conrad Murray's girlfriends, Sade Anding, says he called her on the day of Michael Jackson's death and became distracted on the phone. The cocktail waitress from Houston said she tried to call Murray back, but he didn't respond. (credit: CBS)

Anding, a cocktail waitress from Houston, says he called her on the day of Michael Jackson’s death and became distracted on the phone. She says she tried to call Murray back, but he didn’t respond to calls or texts after she realized he had put the phone down.

Alvarez says Murray lived with her and their son in a Santa Monica apartment during the months leading up to Jackson’s death. She was planning on following Murray to London for Jackson’s final concerts and testified that she knew Murray would be making $150,000 a month.

Phone records show Murray made several calls — including some to Anding, Alvarez and dancer Michelle Bella — during the final hours of Jackson’s life.

Dr. Richelle Cooper, who authorized the decision to pronounce Jackson dead at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center, testified Monday.

She says Murray told her he had given Jackson a sedative, lorazepam, but never mentioned the anesthetic propofol.

michael jackson conrad murray1 Prosecutors Accuse Conrad Murray Of Phoning Girlfriends While Jackson Was Dying

Conrad Murray's live-in girlfriend and the mother of his youngest child, Nicole Alvarez, was asked about her conversations with Michael Jackson's physician prior to the pop star's death. (credit: CBS)

Cooper said Jackson was “clinically dead” by the time he reached the hospital. She said she advocated pronouncing him dead at his home when she received radio calls from paramedics describing his condition.

“My assessment when he arrived was he was clinically dead and given the time – it was about an hour – I thought the attempt at rescue would be futile,” Cooper said.

KNX 1070 Reports

Attorneys from both sides, as well as their spokespeople, aren’t allowed to discuss the case outside of court due to a gag order that was imposed last week.

CBS2 legal analyst Steve Meister says the defense will have to prove that Jackson was given proper care.

“You can argue that under some circumstances, perhaps it’s reasonable to use propofol under proper supervision. Did they have those things? And if not, they’re digging their own grave.”

Comments (24)
  1. Steve says:

    He is still Doctor Murray ?

    1. L.S says:

      Correction….Dr. Quack Murray.

  2. lala63 says:

    “a dancer”? hahahah …. hum … you mean … like with a ballet troupe? Hahahha.

  3. steveO says:

    Tell it like it is. Most strippers call themselves “dancers”

    1. L.S says:

      So True. More like Dancer / Stripper.

  4. PatricParamedic says:

    Richelle Cooper was an excellent witness, but as an emergency professional myself, I’m a baffled as to why she didn’t take the opportunity to clarify the difference between “clinical death – as in a stopped heart – and “biological death – as in an unrevivable brain..

    The fact is, “looking dead” means nothing to those of us who resuscitate people for a living.There are 9 signs of “obvious death” and Jackson showed no signs of them at all.

    In the end, one major flaw in the EMS system is that a private, non-emergency MD on scene, is invariably allowed to take charge if the patient.

    And the fact is, very, very few doctors have a clue how to manage a true emergency, and are generally absolutely incompetent compared to a Paramedic.

    1. rich says:

      i might agree with you if the emergency at hand was say a GUN SHOT WOUND, CAR ACCIDENT WITH MULTI INJURIES but this was a CARDIAC emergency and this doctor was a CARDIOLOGIST so one would ASSUME he would be the best person to have on the scene when your heart stops

      1. PatricParamedic says:

        Rich –

        Unfortunately, you would be totally wrong in that assumption.

        In a cardiac arrest scenario in the field – a cardiologist is pretty worthless, for any number of reasons, including the fact that – in the absence of a rhythym – he has nothing to play with. No abnormal heartbeats, no axis deviations. He has no lab work. This clown could have bought a field LifePak portable heart monitor/defibrillator and a crash cart, and he didn’t even do that.

        In the first moments of the emergent situation – as this case was – M.J. would have been far better served by a basic EMT who knew what the hell he was doing.

        Conrad Murray was totally out of his league treating Jackson at all with drugs he knew nothing about. And he was as clueless as a 5th grader when Jackson stopped breathing.

        Trust me: the last person any critical patient needs when 911 is called – is a doctor – UNLESS, that doc is an ER doc who has spent at least some time on an ambulance.

        And God knows a doctor on scene is the last person a medic wants to see when he or she shows up.

  5. PatricParamedic says:

    Steve asked:

    “He is still Doctor Murray?”


    Yes, Steve, and he will continued to be honored with that title regardless of the outcome of this case.

    We live in America, you see, where the medical tail wags the dog.

    As one who investigates physician misbehavior, I can assure you doctors are the only professionals who regularly are re-licensed after convictions for Homicide. (take a peek at the case referenced below)

    So you are very welcome to jot this down for future reference:

    Conrad Murray will be back playing with other peoples’ bodies for fun & profit in an extraordinarily brief period of time. And the state medical board with relicenses him will do all in their power to prevent his patients from ever learning of his history of bad medicine.

    And trust me: in 5 years, with the typical U.S. citizen’s attention span of a firefly, most of his patients won’t even recall the Michael Jackson case.


    America? The finest medical system in the world?

    Maybe it’s time we stop wagging the flag for a while.

  6. RJ says:

    I am a former paramedic with the LA city fire department, and I agree with you 100%.

    1. PatricParamedic says:

      RJ –

      I honor your service to the community.

      In San Diego for years, there were so many incompetent doctors we used to call the Drs. Death, and came up with some pretty creative ways to keep patients away from them.

      Be safe out there.

  7. cindy says:

    if he gets his lic back assuming he loses it in the first place i can’t imagine someone being silly enough to go see him again.

    1. duh says:

      Sorry, going to multi-post here to try and figure out why this comment system won’t accept my whole post…

      Why would that be silly? For all intents and purposes, he seems to be a perfectly capable cardiologist. He got greedy and decided to entertain the idea of becoming a ‘legal’ drug pusher to a celebrity with money. He started providing ‘medical services’ that he’s not trained to do, nor does he have the right equipment to do it with. He’s a cardiologist..

      1. duh says:

        When Michael went into arrest, Murray panicked. He literally became a deer in headlights. In 17 minutes, he sat contemplating how everything within his reach (easy $$$) was evaporating. He immediately went into ‘survival mode’ and decided that if MJ lived or died, it didn’t matter, as what was going on was going to be exposed.

      2. duh says:

        He had to cover up as much of his wrongdoing and involvement as possible. The time he spent doing all of these things for HIMSELF, instead of getting MJ help led to a situation where no one could possible save the victim. He literally killed MJ by doing NOTHING. Take away all of these bizarre circu-mstances that might cause anyone to panic, and he’s still a well-trained and valid cardiologist.

      3. duh says:

        again, my apologies… it seems the word circ-umstances has a bad word in the middle of it and rejects your post… amazing they filter such a stupid word, but let all of the racism and hate run rampant. We move on…

      4. cindy says:

        he is clearly NOT a good cardiologist or he would have been able to start michaels heart again seeing as how that was the problem here THE MANS HEART STOPED FROM DRUGS i would think a good cardio doc would know how to handle that and this one clearly DID NOT

    2. PatricParamedic says:

      Cindy –

      Just because a whole ton of us are interested in this case, doesn’t in any way mean everybody is.

      Trust me: Americans have a very short attention span. You plunk Conrad Murray down in a small clinic in a little town somewhere five years from now, and damned few would even know who he used to be.

      Take a look at all the “support Murray” nuts outside the courthouse. This goofs think Murray is a wonderful fellow who could do no wrong (lying to other doctors & paramedics isn’t all that important, you see)

      They’d be more than happy to have him treat them.

      Answer me this: In the last few years, 5 U.S. doctors have been released from prison for Murder and got their licensed back. They were all treating patients almost immediately. The Nat’l Practitioner Data Bank – which tracks these wackos – keeps it’s files secret, so patients won’t know how much legal doo-doo their docs have stepped in over the years.

      What exactly do you know about YOUR doctor?

  8. LIKE, OMG! says:


  9. doc says:

    4 girlfriends? That says it all right there.

  10. MACK says:

    PatricParamedic and RJ,
    If you look at KTLA.com, you will see a thorough report about the events at the emergency room. CBS 2 doesn’t give much details. They leave out the small details which transpires during this regretful event. I’m sure Dr. Cooper gave the courtroom the definition of “clinical death” on the stand. But it’s up to the editor to input the information.
    On KTLA.com, there is a lot of dialogue between Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Murray inorder to save M.J. There is compromise in one part before officially terminating the procedure to save a life. It also explains the use of propofol is used in the hospital setting. It needs to have the equipment like the cardiac monitor, oxygen, BVM, intubation tray, a nurse, doctor and emergency personnel in case something does go wrong. CBS 2 doesn’t mention all this. It just focuses the major points.
    If you also go to the L.A. Times section it too gives a description. KTLA and L.A Times are both owned by the Tribune. I’m sure they seen the EMS report and the M.D.’s report from UCLA. It also gives a description for both L.A. City Fire Paramedics describing Dr. Murray’s actions while on scene and surveying the area around M.J.’s body. If you want a good detailed report – then go to KTLA.com and L.A. Times.

    1. PatricParamedic says:

      Mack –

      Thanks for the info.

      Fortunately, I’ve gotten some pretty fair background from the medics who were on-scene. I also know a few folks at UCLA, and we’re actually working on a book that explores the unbelievably incompetent doctors that Medics frequently deal with on EMS scenes.

      It’s also interesting, in that few people realize that when a physician makes a serious boo-boo on a patient in a clinic, they call Paramedics to treat the emergency in their own offices.

      Happens everyday.

  11. miahmdparash says:


    It’s a nice article it will help my research.


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