LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Hundreds of Angelenos marched through downtown L.A. Monday night, the latest in a string of nationwide protests against what they call corporate greed and social injustice.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the tent city of Occupy LA moved Monday to the north lawn of City Hall.

“Occupy LA” put together the demonstration at First and Main streets after announcing its solidarity with a grassroots movement that began its second week in New York on Monday called “Occupy Wall Street”.

Protesters began their march at City Hall at 5 p.m. Monday and wound their way through the city’s financial district. The march was scheduled to coincide with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New York City.

“We need to stop putting all our faith in the elected leaders of the two political parties and create our own force to change things and stop being about greed and corporate profit,” said one protester.

The demonstration is aimed at the heads of the biggest banks and corporations in the U.S. in the wake of billions of government bailouts since 2008 and a growing unease about the direction of the nation’s economic future.

Looking out at the signs carrying slogans like “End Corporate Greed”, “Government for the People not the Banks” and “I am part of the 99%”, protester Jeff Bradford said the multiple issues on peoples minds are garnering the attention of the public — even if organization is lacking.

“What we’re trying to do is congeal, consolidate and sharpen that to something a little more focused,” he said.

Retirees and college students alike have joined numbers of unemployed people in the demonstration, which organizers told reporters they plan to continue for the foreseeable future.

Police arrested 700 protesters in New York when they blocked access to the Brooklyn Bridge, but no disturbances have been reported at the downtown L.A. protest so far.

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  1. Duh! says:

    “We need to stop putting all our faith in the elected leaders of the two political parties and create our own force to change things and stop being about greed and corporate profit,” said one protester.
    So they are saying that we no longer should have a free market society and should instead have a communist state where people don’t have to work hard and are just handed things by the government.

    1. Ron says:

      Duh!, can you say UNION? Isn’t it strange that the UNION was NOT added to their list of the GREEDY? Could the UNION be behind this supposed movement?

      1. Alice Ramirez says:

        Unions are also useful idiots. The real power and money behind this is former Nazi collaborator George Soros and his ilk.

    2. Styker 21 says:

      Break out the 50 cals and mow down every last worthless good for nothing. We get your point, go home back to your meager existence.

    3. Bill Benton says:

      This is propaganda, or someone who does not understant the “BIG PICTURE.” We have not had a genuine “free market” for many years, what with corporate welfare and big tax loopholes for the rich and imajor corporations. There has been huge corruption and criminal behavior on the part of the politicians and Wall Streetm along with the War Machine marching toward oblivion. We must end this NOW!!!

      1. Bill Benton says:

        I mistakenly tagged my own comment. Please ignore the complaint. I was objecting to the jerk who called for shooting all the protestors. Talk about fascism, and ignoring the U.S. Constitution!!

    4. Dquad says:

      No, that is not what he said. How about keeping corporate lobbyists out of Washington and not looking to the government (taxpayer) for a bailout when the $@%$ hits the fan!!! Paying of a politician is not a free market society or an American dream!!!

      1. Bob Theduck says:

        Sure, as soon as we kick out union lobbyists. The banks paid back their bail out money with interest. Elections on a state wide level are bought and paid for with union money (without dues paying members consent) here in California. The banks paid back their money with interest. Mad at banks? Then don’t use them!

      2. Ron says:

        EXCELLENT point, BOB T.. In a FREE market, you have a choice. But with the UNION you DON’T. Kinda like Taxation WITHOUT representation.

      3. ronPaulResource.com says:

        Gee, if only there was a presidential candidate that wasn’t beholden to lobbyists.


        Ron Paul 2012!!!!

    5. ronPaulResource.com says:

      That’s exactly what he said. It’s a sad state of affairs!!!

      Ron Paul 2012!!!

  2. Greg says:

    Duh! nails it.

    They’re utterly and completely misguided. Corporate “greed” isn’t the issue, it’s excessive government power and greed. Yet that’s what they’re proposing. Really naive, folks.

    1. Christina39 says:

      No really naive stupid Greg it’s corporate greed, it’s junk bonds and corporate takeovers and dowsizing millions of jobs so they get million dollars bonuses etc…… Yes that’s what the protesters are protesting, really naive, Greg. Obama didn’t do all this. You might hate him, but it started in the 80s. Find another scapgoat. In fact it started after World War II

      In fact, if we don’t get rid of the crook bankers, we really are going to have a revolution leading to socialisim which will ruin life as we knew it.

      1. Steve says:

        Hey Christina, Obama gave $1.5 Trillion to those “crook” bankers.

      2. :/ says:

        @ Christina – Where did Greg say he blamed Obama? He didn’t so pipe down, Sally.

      3. Bill Benton says:


      4. ronPaulResource.com says:

        End the welfare/warfare state!!!

        Ron Paul 2012!!!

      5. Alice Ramirez says:

        Companies wouldn’t go off shore or downsize of Government didn’t over-regulate, over tax and micromanage. Look at what Eric Holder’s stormtroopers did (and continues to do) to Gibson Guitar.

  3. George says:

    My God, these people are clueless. Thank you Obama for villifying Wall St and American business, when you, too are clueless about our economy.

    1. Ron says:

      YES George, that is CLUELESS w/ a CAPITAL C !!!!

    2. Christina39 says:

      Geirge: Educate us. WHO is responsible for the economy? Obama, when I was young and this started, he wasn’t born yet. So you get another choice.

    3. Dquad says:

      George , when you crawl out from under the Wall Street desk, why don’t you try looking for a clue!!

      1. Christina39 says:

        I disagree with you, I think George should stay UNDER the desk for a long time that way we won’t have to hear the world villify Wall Street. He doesn’t know what clue means..

  4. Don says:

    Americans identify with their tormentors the Koch brothers and their ilk. Their propaganda under the guise of ‘patriotism’ and ‘the American Way’ put the blame for their power over our lives on the Government. So Americans will continue to live poor and vote rich playing into corporate propaganda.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Oh but we are also being politically correct and in return for our blind loylty to them, we have freedom to be hedonistic degenerates while we get poorer, our teeth fall out, crime is rampat, we lose our homes, etc……. The American Dream is just that a dream, but you are living the “American Way” = “Politically Correct”.

    2. James D Benish says:

      Jim, You are all correct in one way or another. If you want to read articles written about the corruption in both parties.. Articles with actual facts based on research try http://codeforeblog.com/?p=667

  5. Corbin says:

    George, Greg, and Duh are all misinformed about the actions our political leaders have taken, and the goal of us protestors. Verbally “vilifying” Wall Street, while providing trillions to backstop defaulting MBS debt (obtained via fraud), at the same time turning a blind eye to any criminal prosecution (George Bush Senior Indicted over 1000 in S&L Crisis which was 1/40th the size) and allowing these crooks to continue with Business and Bonuses as usual is our ISSUE! Under Free Market Capitalism, The Frauds would have Failed and Facing Criminal Prosecution. Creating a force to end this corruption has nothing to do with communism and everything to do with Free Market Capitalism!

  6. Edgar Alvarado says:

    Corporations have slowly chipped at the American Dream through their government lobbying and outsource practices. Banks, lending institutions through their predatory practices. There is a big difference between free market capitalism and reckless and negligent greed. Government is partly to blame but to say the enormously wealthy companies, corporations, wall street and banks have nothing to be blamed for is all levels of naive or a weak attempt at deception.

    1. Christina39 says:

      THANK YOU! Americans are so brainwashed.

      1. :/ says:

        Oh, and you’re not?! LOL

  7. NWO is unfolding says:

    The protesters need to be specific on what they’re protesting. How do you stop corporate greed? It need’s to be a specific cause. How about stopping all these wars that are going on – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and soon Syria. That’s hope and change? Yes the economy is broken, unemployment is up, no jobs, and food prices are going up and up but we have to bundle all that up to 1 main cause.

    Also – to anyone who reads this post, pay attention to what will unfold in the next few days, the protests will get hijacked by Unions and the Obama machine.

    1. Edgar Alvarado says:

      Can’t see the forest for the trees huh? Hijack the protest? How does one do that? If you mean the protest might be joined by others then yes and that is one of the objects of the thing. To have others join in, do you see?

  8. http://www.infowars.com/democrats-and-establishment-unions-plan-to-hijack-ows-this-week/ says:


  9. http://www.infowars.com/occupy-wall-street-tax-proposal-is-backed-by-wall-street-itself/ says:


  10. Christina39 says:

    First Americans were brainwashed into being POLITICALLY CORRECT and then they were scammed.

  11. http://www.infowars.com/occupy-wall-street-mass-economic-riots-are-now-here-and-america-will-never-be-the-same/ says:


  12. NWO is unfolding says:

    Protesters need to keep their identity, do not let outside influence hijack your cause. This goes to the protesters here in LA as well. Do Not Let outside influence take over, keep your stance.

  13. Christina39 says:

    Retired Army soldier Steven Kerns told CBS 2′s Ed Lawrence he’s…….
    Really read a history book.

  14. doc says:

    I don’t know who to believe anymore. There is so much misinformation out there. But you have to think something is awash with out system as it is now. The bailout of these corporations because “they are too big to fail” was utter nonsense. And to think the owners of this Country (the mega rich and Corporations) don’t influence our Politicians is naive. Putting a stop to their influencing Politicians would be a step in the right direction. I’m sure there are other things that can be done too. I wish I had all the answers but I don’t.

    1. Christina39 says:

      There are things that can be done, but if you think the mega rich are going to part with a dime you are wrong. When this happens, there is revolution unfortunately. Revolution is the human way to fight because humans never have “all the answers or solutions” The corrupt corporations, bankers, etc. have destroyed this great nation. We are the first nation to come to this, we will not be the last.

    2. Ron says:

      doc, add the UNIONs to your list of CONTROLLING machines that PULL the STRINGS of our POLITICIANS.

      1. Rebecca says:

        Unions are just businesses, not good not bad. Their existence acts as a counterbalance to shops that would much prefer not having to worry about the conditions of those they have working for them. Before unions we had child labor, unpaid overtime, no breaks, and miserable working conditions. Workers would burn to death in shops that were locked from the outside. So we need unions. However when unions get too big (like any business) they too become bullies. It is all about balance

      2. Ron says:

        Rebecca, pull your head out of the SAND. The UNIONS ARE too BIG and BAD. They have the DOMINANT influence on the DEMOCRATIC politicians and they ARE BIG BULLIES !!!!

        Where have you been, out of the COUNTRY? You sound like YOU are stuck in the PAST. We NO longer need the UNIONs for the reasons you mentioned, because we NOW have minimum wage laws, labor laws, overtime laws, safety laws, etc., etc., etc.

      3. Rebecca says:

        Yes, unions back the dems and big business backs the repubs – its called balance. We need both – just like we need more than one branch of government to prevent any one part getting too powerful, and we need at least two parties to give voice to more than just one segment of the population. Unions can be very corrupt – any business can be when it gets too powerful. Hence the need for balance. My dad was a lawyer for a large oil company – he was not a fan of the unions, and he and I used to discuss this issue, and he made a lot of sense. It was he who pointed out the essentially neutrality of a union – that it is just a business, only that business happens to be affording workers a voice via unity.

  15. Waking TheSheepleUp says:

    Martial Law incoming…plain and simple. It’s what the Obama regime wants, riots in the streets, mass protests, etc. Big Sis will be flying drones over your homes, FEMA camps will be your new home and your State will be a Police State while Big Brother commands to put the people down.

    1. Christina39 says:

      How old are you? 12? I think you are either too young or too stupid to post. Maybe you are narcisistic and doing really well, but if you look around you, the country has been going to hell for quite a while, way before Obama. Trust me on this. Joblessness, no health insurance for many, escalating crime rates, lose of homes………………………..

      1. Waking TheSheepleUp says:

        But he’s continuing to take the country to “Hell” (Mr. Barry Soetoro) as you put it. Your hope and change was false and I understand your angry that your false savior couldn’t deliver instead, he continued the wars and is beating the drum for more (syria). Your Savior (christina39) is putting the country up for failure. Obama is part of their plan.

      2. Ron says:

        Christina39, so YOU are part of the OBAMA/UNION machine !!! What has OBAMA done to improve YOUR situation? He will be running for RE-ELECTION, but he has not done a DAMN thing for the PEOPLE, other than WASTED over $500 MILLION on a solar company, that has FAILED and since laid off the 1100 workers. HE hasn’t a CLUE on what is necessary to improve our ECONOMY.

      3. Christina39 says:

        TO: RON AND WAKING THE SHEEPLEUP. OBAMA HAS DONE NOTHING TO HELP US. HE IS THEIR MOUTHPIECE. But stop blaming the whole thing on Obama because it has been a long time coming! I saw it beginning in Los Angeles in the 80s with businesses consolidating and what they then called “Efficiensy Experts” getting big big bonuses for consolidating and people losing their jobs and pensions, corruption in companies, loss of health insurance. Layoffs were rampant as companies consolidated and there went your life down the tubes and your money into the hands of the crooks.

      4. Rebecca says:

        Why do you want to call Obama a savior, false or otherwise? He has been president for 3 years. He cannot make law. He is subject to the congress’s votes. He was handed a country in crisis – a crisis that took decades to create. It is absurd to think that he or ANYONE could fix what took so long to break, in so short a time. Reagan raised our debt ceiling 18 times while he was president. 18 TIMES. Obama has raised it but 3 times so far, and yet everyone is screaming that he is is the most spendthrift of all. I understand the upset, but this is out of proportion to the facts.

      5. Ron says:

        Rebecca, so YOU believe that OBAMA deserves 4 more UNPRODUCTIVE years? Everything he has tried has FAILED. WE CAN”T afford to wait another 4 years to have the same FAILED attempts and OVER $500 MILLION WASTED on JUST one ILL ADVISED loan to a solar company(that failed with 1100 jobs LOST).

      6. Rebecca says:

        Ron, first of all stop shouting, its annoying. Painful as it is for you to accept not everyone agrees with you. A lot of the debt you are speaking of was carry over from the Bush admin because he refused to actually acknowledge his own spending, so he would just put funding for the war (that he started) as an emergency appropriation – in other words, creative bookkeeping. Nothing is as clear-cut as we would like. Secondly our president is dealing with a congress who’s leader, Boehmer has publicly stated his primary goal is to make him a one-term president. Not the economy, not jobs, not healthcare. Since we don’t live in a dictatorship,that kind of attitude from a congress can be problematic when it comes to getting things accomplished


        thats right girl !!! the economy went sour on a republicans watch ! and now the republicans are blocking any progress from being achieved ! so they can make it look like, obama failed the people !!!! “draconian shlt-bag”!!!!

      8. Ron says:

        @Rebecca, Democrats control the U.S. Senate and The U.S. Presidency.
        1) Current Party Numbers: 112th Congress, 1st Session
        House Senate
        Democrats 192 51
        Independents 0 2
        Republicans 242 47
        Vacancies 1
        So don’t blame the Republicans for the continuing failure of Obama and the Democrats to turn our economy around.

        2) Here in California the “Democrats hold a 25-15 edge in the 40-member State Senate at the start of the 2011-2012 session. The Democrats have been the majority party in the Senate continuously since 1970″. And in 2010,” the California Democratic Party swept all the statewide offices being contested, maintained its 34-19 edge in the 53-member U.S. House delegation.” “As of January 10, 2011, Democrats hold all eight elected statewide constitutional offices:

        Governor: Jerry Brown
        Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom
        Secretary of State: Debra Bowen
        State Controller: John Chiang
        State Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
        Attorney General: Kamala Harris
        Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones
        Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson (this office is officially non-partisan and Torlakson was elected as a non-partisan)”, according to the California Democratic Party.

        And with the Democrats CONTROLLING our State of California, we have a 12.1% vs. U.S. 9.1% unemployment rate. Jobs are still leaving the state because of the Democrats failed policies and constant attempts to increase our taxes. So stop saying that it is the Republicans fault, the Democrats have proven they fail miserably, even if they are in FULL CONTROL of the government.

        3) And what about our HUGE unfunded pensions for government employees that was CREATED by the UNIONS and supported by the Democrats?

    2. Rebecca says:

      Here are some things Pres Obama has done:
      The fair pay act for women, expanding children’s health insurance, new hate crimes legislation they said could not be done, tobacco regulation, credit card reform, student loan reform, the stimulus — which in addition to helping pull this country back from the brink of a great depression, was also the largest tax cut ever, the largest investment in clean energy ever, the largest investment in education in our country ever. There was also a little thing you may have heard of called health reform. Also, Wall Street reform, the improvements to the new G.I. Bill, the most expansive food safety bill since the 1930s. And a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Now, you may not LIKE everything he has done, but he has succeeded in getting them done.

      1. Tom says:

        So let me get this straight. You are for paying $5 a month for using a debit card, not having access to credit, being limited to how much student loans you can get. Oh yeah, and an adminstration that sues a US company (Boeing) for hiring people because they are NON-Union. Wall Street reform just increases fees on the regular joe….pension funds and mutual funds.

      2. Alice Ramirez says:

        Not to mention how YOUR savior’s AG, Eric Holder, sent his stormtroopers to raid Gibson Guitar on the spurious context that they were using unapproved wood. Company was informed that, had those frets been done in the wood’s country of origin, they wouldn’t have been raided (Obama’s send jobs offshore policy evidently) Is it a coincidence that (a) Gibson –the only guitar company so persecuted –is the only guitar marker to donate to Republicans and (b) uses non union-thug labor? I think NOT! Had Gibson donated, as the other major guitar-markers had, to Democrats instead, this wouldn’t have happened.

  16. Christina39 says:

    TO: Rebeca YOU ARE PREACHING TO THE CHOIR. I totally agree with you. Obama has become the scapgoat for the crooks. For some reason, it seems acceptable to blame Obama for eveything past and present. Obama is nobody.in this problem!

  17. Christina39 says:

    TO: Ron, you are really pathatic with this union obsession. Find an anti union website. Where do you live? In a town of 100 people?

    1. Ron says:

      So YOU ARE UNION. Just like the UNION, you are trying to DENY the PEOPLE the RIGHT to FREE SPEECH !!! The UNION needs to be included in this topic.

      IT IS EVIDENT that this is just a front for the UNION to further their AGENDA, DISGUISED as a PROTEST of the DISGRUNTLED.

      1. Rebecca says:

        Ron, not everyone who fights for the little guy does it because they will gain financially. A lot of us care about each other and think that the stronger each of us is the better our country is to live in. We don’t think places like Mexico, where the labor is cheap, the rich are mega-rich and everyone else is poor, are great places to be, even if we are part of the well-off.

        Hi CHristina!

      2. Ron says:

        “Ron, not everyone who fights for the little guy does it because they will gain financially.”
        Rebecca, I believe in helping the poor, displaced and those that suffer from disasters. But that is a job for Private organizations not the Public’s Taxpayer money.
        So get off the computer or use it to raise funds for your selfless causes, but don’t drag every taxpayer into your causes.

  18. swhitS says:

    IMay Day 2011 LA, CA Illegals marched downtown LA arm in arm with SEIU wearing red shirts, waving red flags and signage saying “support communism”
    Pictures here http://pajamasmedia.com/zombie/2011/05/06/seiu-drops-mask-goes-full-commie/

  19. Mateo says:

    Calm down people. Someone of you have mistaken this website for Fox News. The people protesting are concerned about our country not just a few elite. I am an independent, however, there are only two types of folks that vote Republican. The fortunate and the ignorant. And most fortunes don’t last forever. The most important thing is to educate. There are plenty of non-partisan sites on the internet. The US has the greatest income disparity of all Western countries. Since the 1980s the income gap has widened considerably. In order to maintain the facade of our standard of living, the goverment has used debt to fill in the gap where the middle class used to be. We can no longer afford to do this.

    1. Rebecca says:

      there are only two types of folks that vote Republican. The fortunate and the ignorant.

      Mateo, that was elegantly put.

      1. John says:

        No, there are those that understand that lower taxes and better tougher penalties against crime are beneficial to the country regardless of our personal situations. We need more enforcement of laws, including corporate law. That has no0thing to do with politics.

      2. Edgar Alvarado says:

        Politics has everything to do with everything in this country. Politicians come up or write the laws. Politicians sign them in to laws. Political appointees evaluate the constitutionality of said laws and enforce the laws Corporations use their wealth to help elect all these politicians and later bully them with their armies of lobbyists. My question to any of you working up a froth over Obama is, how is getting rid of Obama going to help?… exactly.

      3. Ron says:

        Edgar, I am certain that the 14 MILLION unemployed can answer that question. The 6 MILLION long-term unemployed are desperate for relief. They want ANYONE that can succeed in providing JOBS for them, to RESTORE their FINANCIAL well being and SELF-Esteem.

        Obama and HIS administration has FAILED. The 14 MILLION CAN’T and DON’T want to wait 4 more years, for more of HIS MISGUIDED attempts and WASTEFUL spending.

  20. Ron says:

    @Rebecca, it sounds like someone is speaking out of BOTH sides of her mouth !!! ” there are only two types of folks that vote Republican. The fortunate and the ignorant.” and yet you imply that you are one of the fortunate and well-off by saying …” even if we are part of the well-off.”

    Are you running for a Democratic office?

    1. Rebecca says:

      I am not sure where the disconnect is for you Ron – I vote democrat, unless I really like a candidate from another party. These days the republican party has gotten so crazy I’m not tempted by anyone they float.

  21. Robert S. says:

    We are off to visit the “Land of Depression”, and no matter your belief, or political stance…..You have the “ticket” in your hand.

    1. Christina39 says:

      So very true!

  22. Truth says:

    This protest is not about communism @ all. If you got off your butt and stopped typing on the computer and came out to take a look you would see that. We are taking in all kinds right now, but in no way are we condoning or rallying for communism. If some people have that belief that is their choice, but this demonstration is about the greed of the few in the this nation that has brought the majority of the good citizens to their knees.

    1. Christina39 says:

      It’s unfortunate, but anytime you want to stop greed, crooks, conmen, etc, there are all these people who come out of the woodwork and call you a communist. Some people don’t realize communism is an economic system totally run by the government and stopping crooks, greed, fraud, extortion, etc. in your government is about stopping crime. Stopping criminal activity among some rich has nothing to do with communism. Some crooks brainwashed people into thinking “communism” anytime their criminal activities got threatened.

  23. Independent says:

    I think that this is so not to have balance, and justice in this country. We have the Tea Party and the Occupy LA, and they both have good motivations. The Occupy LA actually makes a serious point because unfortunately poverty is increasing in this country.

  24. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    This protrst should include Double Dippers like Bernard Parks raking in $268k a year from his LAPD pension plus $179k a year from the LA city council, and few others on the council

    1. Alice Ramirez says:

      The protest should also include this president’s wife taking ultra-lavish and ultra-expensive foreign vacations on the taxpayer’s dime. And dumping mega amounts of money into “Potemkin Village”-type “Green” companies that then fail. If they were protesting ridiculous expenditures by this Regime, I’d be out there with them.

  25. Christina39 says:

    TO: Edgar Alvarado. Obama is a good scapgoat. He may not be helping at all because his hands are tied. But ignorant people, unaware that the country is really run by Wall Street, crooked bankers, etc. think he has a magic wand and he is going to wave it and make everything perfect.

    1. Just Some Guy says:

      Nothing in any country’s economy happens overnight – that’s why things are done gradually; think of the example of trying to turn a very large ship…

      College econ speaks to _major_ attempts at changing large economies taking no less than 18-36 months to be measurable, and only then if nothing else significantly derails its progress.

      What we are living through right now is what the previous presidential/economic team instituted – short term gains at the expense of future gains, a drop in oversight over those that created value for their shareholders at the expense of families, and the instigation of a never-ending war with an ever-growing price tag that has drained the resources of this country beyond measure.

      I don’t think the protests can be measured in ‘normal’ terms any more than the protests of the 60’s (anti-war, anti-crime, civil rights) could be measured in the terms of those that came before them. Today’s world operates on the terms of the internet – scattered, imprecise and full of discussion, ideas that come and go, ideas that are accepted. What we are witnessing is the waking up of a generation, much like what the parents of the 60’s protesters witnessed – it didn’t make sense to many of them, either, and one heard a lot of things like ‘America, love it or leave it’ because it’s easier to posture something on an all or nothing basis. Criticizing the protestors because you don’t understand their means of expression doesn’t make that means of expression wrong, it just means you don’t understand it.

      I’m almost 50, have kids and a job, but am supporting 2 other households of family members either permanently disabled or unable to find work that allows them to not have to borrow money or hock their valuables to pay for food. I am the other 99%.

  26. gunsmoke says:

    Look at what these idiots do next: http://laprotest.on.nimp.org

    1. Christina39 says:


  27. Richie says:

    People need to educate themselves about economics and if you don’t have
    a clue—-don’t mouth off worthless slogans. It is amazing people believe
    the no good politicians which are the cause of most if not all our economic
    problems. If you want things to get better, you have to make sure to repeal
    all the anti-business regulations and high taxes we put on US companies
    who employ tens of millions of Americans. The ignorant want to increase
    taxes and entitlements. Look to Europe and see Portugal, Greece and Ireland
    all bankrupt and Spain and Italy not far behind and we want more socialist
    and liberal policies by Obama and the Democrats? These shills who are
    demonstrating are slitting their own throats but, slitting the throats of their
    fellow Americans. Use your heads and open an economics book! We are
    a global economy now and if you want a job, we must ensure that our
    government stops its anti-business policies! These shills demonstrating
    will not bring jobs in but, encourage more businesses to move abroad.

    1. Alice Ramirez says:

      You are SO correct!

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